Vintage Pen Catalog – Sale Reminder!

We just wanted to share a reminder that the remaining items in the following vintage pen Catalogs are 10% off! Click one of the following: Catalog #73 | Catalog #74 | Catalog #75 | Catalog #76 Or go to: There are some wonderful vintage pens to be had, including a Wahl Eversharp Oversize Deco Band (in #75/item #243), a stunning Montblanc in one of Montblanc’s rarest celluloids (in #74/item #2), an extraordinary Waterman sleeve-filler in sterling …

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Parker Duofold Ink Well Desk Set

Take a look at this great 1935 Parker Duofold button-filler fountain pen and ink well desk set! The base is incredible, in bronzed metal, and has the factory imprint ”PARKER DUOFOLD” on the bottom front. It measures 13 ½” x 7″ x 2″, with a slanted face, an ornate die stamped floral design, and surface storage compartments. The trumpet is black hard rubber. The base originally held a daily calendar. As that is dated, it is …

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Perfect Pieces – Counter Top Display Case

If you need the perfect piece to display your pens, this Anonymous/Parker counter top display case, circa 1920, is fully operational and quite interesting, although the case and trays are a little threadbare. The rear door is hinged, unlocked, with no key. This display case measures 25 ½” x 9.5″ x 4″, and has three wooden trays – two vintage and one more modern reproduction. All have the ”Parker Lucky Curve” reproduction label. A great piece …

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On Point With Go Pens #39

What is Superchrome ink? Superchrome was a special ink created exclusively for the Parker 51. Parker made several claims about this ink: it dried three times faster than ordinary ink of the time (such as Waterman), it had a dye content three to ten times greater,  and was said to have eleven times more resistance to fading than government standards.

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Parker ”Big Red” Rollerball

Although this 1970 Parker ”Big Red” Rollerball in Yellow is no longer available from Catalog #77, it is interesting to see how a vintage pen, mint in box, can still be a great gift or a perfect addition to a collection. This one was configured to use Parker Rollerball refills, was new-old-stock, and even had the original price label with the box. Refill was included, so it was ready to go. It’s a great size, …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 75 Rainbow

Catalog #77 is full of extraordinary pens – especially Parkers! This 1973 Parker 75 ”Rainbow” is a cartridge/converter-filler in 18K gold-fill concentric rings, and as you can see, in varying shades of gold. It was a very complicated and difficult manufacturing process that resulted in many rejects, and in turn, an excessive manufacturing cost. This gave way to a very short product life. Given this, these 75 ”Rainbow” pens are very rare today, especially to …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Vacumatic

This 1945 Parker 51 Vacumatic-filler set in India Black has a 14K solid smooth gold cap, clip, and bottom tassie. The barrel imprint is deep and crisp. This is a new-old-stock, mint in original box, with a fine nib. This is a very classic, elegant set! To fill a Vacumatic-filler correctly, it takes several strokes (sometimes up to twelve), pausing briefly in between each stroke. If you remove the nib from the ink with the …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker Black Giant

This 1918 Parker “Black Giant” is an interesting pen. A lot of vintage pens tend to be on the smaller side, so this one definitely stands out. Have a look at it (Pen #10) next to the other pens! It’s a wide pen. The “Black Giant” eyedropper-filler here is in Black Hard Rubber. Parker’s first “Giant,” the “Red Giant,” introduced in 1909 at $10, failed because the cap was too brittle and Parker was losing …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker Snake

Long before Danitrio made the more modern Snake, the snake motif was also produced by manufacturers Waterman and Parker. Parker produced this very successful Snake in 1908. This 38 Snake eyedropper-filler is Gold-filled on black hard rubber. The eyes are emerald, making this pen even more unique. Parker ordered George Heath, a skilled designer of jewelry, to cover a pen with a snake motif, with the motivation of having something eye-catching to get his salesmen’s foot into …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Princess

A name like that already suggests a rare and special pen! This 1950 Parker 51 Princess Demi Aerometric-filler is gorgeous. It is the smooth gold-filled finish, with a cap surrounded by 12 rectangular clear glass crystals. According to Zazove & Shepherd in their Parker 51 book (2004, p. 71), “The rarest Demi in existence…was designed by Don Doman and introduced in the mid west USA. Only a limited number were made and it never went …

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