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I forgot to let you know that I got the black Omas 360, and it’s very nice indeed! My best wishes for Christmas and happy new year! PKB 12/21 
The Black and the Green & Bronze Oversize Equipoised Wahls have arrived and I’m just astonished! I’m over the moon, in fact!!  I don’t think I quite put together how truly “oversized“ these models were! They feel simply DIVINE in the hand! And the weight….man, the weight of these pens is superb! The nibs, oh man, these beautiful Wahl nibs….They have just the right amount of flexibility to make me really, really happy and are, in my humble opinion, true writers nibs! 
I haven’t even inked them yet, I’ve only just removed them from the box, but I wanted to touch base with you to give you my first impressions, and also my eternal thanks! You’ve got a customer in me for life!!  Words aren’t enough, thank you for your patience and commitment to making sure I’d be happy with the pens, it really means a lot to me. 
Again, thank you for taking such good care of me!  Happy Holidays to you, Myrna, and your entire family! Most Kind Regards, DS 12/21
I just received the Krone Moses and the Krone Moses Magnum pens, all is perfect. Thank you very much.  All the best, AM 12/21

Hello, Gary. The Montblanc 642 arrived a couple of days ago, and it’s great. Thanks very much.  GH 12/21

I have received the1949 celluloid Montblanc 146 fountain pen. It is perfect! Thanks again. Best regards. JD 11/21

I got the Soennecken 111 Superior, it’s wonderful, thanks! BL 11/21
But I have a question , it’s cork seal or silicon seal ?
The Pelikan M600 and the Conklin Endura arrived in great shape today. Perfect as always!!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and Myrna! Cheers, DS 11/21
The Zenith, Waterman overlay Safety pens and the Waterman 504 all arrived safely. I am very happy with all of them. I hope you and Myrna have a great Thanksgiving. I still need to buy a turkey!  All the best, AE 11/21

Thank you so much, Gary. I received the Montblanc 204 Safety and the Montblanc 214 in Coral Red this afternoon and they are in incredible condition. Many thanks! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday. HM 11/21

Got the Conklin “Zebra” today—stunning! RD 11/21

All of the pens are really just in superb condition.  I didn’t quite know what to expect with the National Pen, but I am very pleased with the finish and the giant nib. RH 11/21

The Waterman’s 52LF in Red Ripple arrived today.  This is an absolutely gorgeous pen!  And that Christmas box, wow!  Thank you and regards to Myrna. All the best.
NL 11/21

The Omas Milord pen arrived – I really like it – thanks much! RS 11/21

I can’t recall whether I remembered to tell you or not, but my Doric Wahl desk pen writes as well as it looks. I’m so happy with the desk sett purchase. LS 11/21

The first year (1939) Waterman 100 Year pen is yet another beautiful pen!  The pictures do not do justice to the blue Lucite.  Quite spectacular. RH 11/21

The 1930’s Wahl Black Chased Hard Rubber pen and pencil set arrived yesterday.  Very nice, thanks.  JM 11/21

I just used the extra-flexible nibbed NOS Waterman 18 Sleeve-filler and Waterman 58 pens – they’re amazing in condition, smoothness and flex.  Thanks so much tor selling me these masterpieces. Kind Regards,  JM 10/21

I received the Parker Vacumatic Major pen today and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. KB 10/21

The Montblanc blue & stainless steel ballpen arrived today just as you described it. Thanks very much. I love it. AS 9/21

Just got the Waterman 55 music nib today, it’s a real work of art and joy to write with. Thanks so much for putting it with the lever filler! Kind Regards, JM 8/21

The Green & Bronze Wahl Equipoised pen finally arrived this morning. They retained it for more than a week at customs. It seems our government is trying to get every single Euro cent they are legally able to. It is a really beautiful pen, much more beautiful than pictures usually show. The Green-Bronze celluloid is simply outstanding! I never had seen this finish in person. This particular pen is rich of bronze shades, what results in deep light effects. The condition of the pen is incredible, as ever! This is, so to speak, my first “rare” pen apart from a Senior Vac and a Vacuum Filler I got two and one year ago respectively. Thank you very much for everything and, in particular, for your patience. I wish you and and Myrna a wonderful summertime! JA 8/21
I received the 14K White Gold Montblanc 98 Ballpen in good order!  Nice pen, this one is in better condition than my Yellow Gold model.  First time I’ve seen a full White Gold pen (they sold this model in sterling as well) and it is a great addition.  Thanks to you and Myrna! Cheers, PH 8/21
Love the Waterman CF Demonstrator fountain pen, Gary! It’s beautiful.  Thank you,  Chris 8/21
I have received the Nakaya fountain pen. Nice! Thanks again, JD 8/21
Well, I guess perseverance does pay after all. I will admit that I was disappointed when my first choices in the catalog were already sold, but the two Wahls I just received are certainly no consolation prize!  The Oversize Deco-band is stunning and the Standard Signature seems like a new pen.  I don’t know how you do it! Thanks again. BH 8/21
The Oversize Parker Vacumatic arrived today, thank you for the fast shipment.  It’s a beautiful pen and I look forward to writing with it.  Stay safe and all the best, NL 7/31

I have requested a few more pens – please let me know. The Waterman Model 7 Red Ripple with the color-coded “Black” nib is every bit as good as it is touted to be. However, the star is the Montblanc 342 OBB – the nib is so soft and smooth!! Thank you again. Very best, KM 7/21 

Here’s a writing sample from the Waterman artist nib, it is an extraordinary pen:

Kind Regards, JM 7/21

Heading out for dinner, got the black hard rubber Montblanc 20 today, love it, great first vintage Montblanc for my collection. CG 7/21

The Waterman “artist pen” is lights out. Definitely closer to new-old stock and a beauty to write with. Thank you so much for setting it aside!  Warm Regards, JM 7/21

My very first Waterman nurse’s set arrived today. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for starting me down this path–I’ll be looking for the varieties, and since mom worked 3-11 shift — I’ll be on the hunt for the elusive green jeweled Esterbrook! Finally, what do you use to polish these pens? These things shine! Kind regards, TB 7/21
The 1950 Waterman Citation arrived today and everything about it is glorious. I’m so very, very pleased. I’m new to vintage pens and as you might imagine my first stop was eBay–where I got burned. I don’t begrudge those two eBay purchases, they are part of the cost of my education, and those pens are off  for repair where they will eventually come back to me and be available for my use.  But it’s nice to find a few dealers like you who stand behind their goods , and who I can have confidence in. I have confidence in you, and I’ll be back. This pen is especially special to me: one, it’s a Waterman, and two, in 1947 my dear mother was in nurse’s training in a hospital in New Jersey. She just died in May, at 93, and among her papers I found letters written in fountain pen that describe her adventures. I wanted a pen that she might have used to write those letters. So, a collection begins. Thank you again and I will be doing business with you soon. Also, I apologize in advance if you get some pretty new-collector-questions from me! Kind regards, and Happy 4th, TB 7/21

Received the 2 glass lid storage-display cases today and am very pleased with the product and the secure shipping! Thanks for a great transaction. BD 5/21

Thank you Gary! The Waterman 78 is excellent!  Like you described,  the nib is has almost no flexibility, but it is still very nice.  Much obliged!  All the best, GB 5/21
The Montblanc Fitzgerald LE fountain pen has arrived and it is beautiful, thank you!  All the best, HT 5/21
The Moss Agate Patrician arrived safely – thanks for using FedEx. I was hoping that this would be an impressive pen based on the price, and I was not disappointed.  The pen is very beautiful and in superb condition. I don’t know how you find such perfect specimens.  I also wanted to thank you for developing my interest in Waterman pens.  From the red ripples to the Patrician, they are fast becoming my favorites. I look forward to adding more to my collection (with your help, of course). RH 5/21
I just wanted to mention that the pen arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for the beautiful Parker 75 “Florence.” ES 5/21
Thank you so much for sending the Waterman book and the Montblanc 149 so promptly. I’m looking forward to getting into the book, and the pen is already a dream. Best, GB 5/21
Just a quick note to let you know I love the 1950 green Pelikan 400!  I love the weight, the ink flow, and the nib.  Of course, it is beautiful as well. LA 5/21
The mint oversize Jade Triad set arrived safe and sound.  Wow! Worth every penny. Well, a LOT of pennies, but still I’m definitely over-the-moon happy.  It will be hard to let go of the pencil.  Actually. I don’t collect them, but this is clearly a pencil to build a serious collection on! Thanks so much, WS 4/21

I just got off the phone with my sister, she loves the Waterman Moss Agate pencil pencil which was her birthday present.  It’s her daily user for her agenda, etc.  DB 4/21

I wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the new-old-stock Parker 51 Plum set. Best regards, PKB 4/21 

The Parker pens arrived today, and they are all very good. They also managed to survive the Postal Service. The box had a large dent with a broken area on one side, but nothing inside was affected. I love the Parker 23H Hexagonal pen, and the Parker cable twist straight cap is very interesting, unusual among Parker eyedroppers. And the sterling silver Parker 34 is perfect. What a great group!  AE 4/21

The Aurora Novum arrived safely and it is beyond my expectations – subtle and beautiful. I have written with a modern Aurora Optima for some years now and have come to love this pen as a real workhorse that I never tire of using.  The Novum is my first vintage Aurora and I am excited to use it. RH 4/21
The Parker prototype ballpen has arrived – very nice.  Many thanks, GH 4/21
I just got the Waterman #2 pen in Translucent Blue in my hands today.  I would like to let you know that I am very pleased with the experience of buying from you.  And the pen is a really beautiful blue translucent lucite and also it writes amazingly nice, which I didn’t expect from such an old pen. Thank you Gary! PB 4/21
May I say that the NOS Montblanc 142 is an incredible pen! Although I did not ink it and for the moment I don’t intend to, I have to thank you for the opportunity to have it.  Wishing you a nice weekend. JB 4/21
Today the Montblanc 149 arrived safely.  I wish to express my happiness for the wonderful pen. I always wanted a Platinum-Trim Montblanc to add to my collection.  SB 4/21
I received the Parker 51 Vacumatic set with the “stacked coin” caps yesterday (that was fast!).  A beautiful set and compliments to catalog 95!  All the best to you and Myrna. NL 4/21 

I am following up on this email. I just wanted to say first that the 1995 Emerald Waterman Patrician set has been a wonderful addition to my daily life. I love it. Thanks for the sale. MS 4/21 

The prototype Parker 75 sterling silver Cicele with the diamond inset into the top tasse and the deeply engraved six-pointed star in the bottom tasse has arrived and it is exquisite as ever. Thanks so much. DC 4/21 
I hate to gush, but… thanks again for my quarterly thrill with your Catalog 95.  The pens arrived yesterday in good order.  The Wahl “Rosewood” is absolutely beautiful and the Waterman Ink View is very elegant (perfect for those subdued business meetings).  I know the Sheaffer was an “add alternate”, but it is also a knockout. Thanks again for the top quality of your offerings. BH 4/21
The Montblanc 342 and Waterman 52 set arrived yesterday, pens/pencil look fantastic!  The Waterman set is going into a case and the MB is going with me to the office. Best, TR 4/21 
Just wanted to let you know I received the Wahl Eversharp Equipoised pen and the Waterman Book and I am thrilled with both! The pen is in much better condition than I had expected and the book is tremendously informative. Thank you both very much! With regards, JN 4/21 
The Wahl Tempoint pen and the Waterman Safety from 1902 arrived today (1902, wow!). Two incredible pens.  I figured out how to extend the nib on the Waterman, however, how do you fill it with ink [with an eyedropper]? All the best, NL 4/21
Great catalogue (#95), sorry I missed opening day.  I will be looking forward to Catalog #96!  Very much enjoying a Pelikan 400 that my sister got for me for Christmas from your catalogue.  Hope you and Myrna stay well in these trying times. Best wishes, MC 4/21

Your slotted pen trays are an exceptional value.  Easy to cut and fit for the drawers in my old Gerstner machinist chest.  Thank you! LF 3/21

I received your beautiful Parker 14 sterling silver overlay, many thanks !! JH 3/21

Love love love the Waldman fountain pen!  VT 3/21

I received the early celluloid Montblanc 149 just now. Beautiful. Thank you. We’ll keep in touch. Be safe.  HT 2/21

The Waterman Emerald-Ray Ink-Vue and sterling silver “Filigree” 452 1/2 Overlay pens arrived today.  I could not be happier.  I am so pleased that you introduced me to these classic Waterman pens.  They really are just superb. As always, thanks for your guidance and suggestions. RH 2/21
The Parker Victory arrived today (that was fast!), it is inked up and a smooth writer!  Thank you so much.  Stay safe and take care. NL 2/21l

I received the Waterman Red Ripple “Hemisphere” desk set on Friday. It looks great! Thanks very much. RF 1/21

The Parker Blood-red prototype, Parker 45 golden Lady spiral and the mint Parker 51 Buckskin set  Brocade arrived quicker than if they had posted from the next town! All hail DHL!  They’re all marvelous and I am very pleased – as is usual when I buy from you. 
The Gold Lady 45 is a perfect match for my silver one – and as with my silver one, the box still had the original soft pouch in the box (that used to substitute for the lack of clip). You hadn’t mentioned this in the description so it was a nice surprise. They often disappear of course over the years. Meanwhile the Buckskin set is as clean and crisp as ever. (Just a special Dove Grey set to go now to complete my Vacumatics). Anyway thank you as ever – it’s always a special experience to unpack a Lehrer delivery. Best to you and Myrna and bye for now. DC 1/21

I just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the Visconti Divina Maxi . Thank you. RP 1/21

Well, another beautiful pen arrived. I did not realize how downright attractive the Parker Vacumatic would be. Thanks for a great “fountain pen” year. I look forward to the new catalogs in 2021. RH 1/21
Just a quick note to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you for today’s delivery of your Waterman book!  Also, thank you for the surprise gift of a Parker Jotter and gel refills!  All the best, JS 1/21

The Waterman LeMan Opera Ballpen and Pencil arrived this am and they’re lovely.  Many thanks. We’ll all need a lot of bubbly tonight [New Year’s Eve] to drown out 2020. Here’s to a better 2021🍾🎺🎂🎶 JO 12/20

The two rare Montblanc 08 Ballograf  ballpoints arrived today – very nice. Many thanks. GH 12/20
The Parker 51 desk set was received today and it’s a beauty!  Thank you as always for the prompt shipment. Best wishes for a safe new year!
NL 12/20

The Montblanc 642 arrived late last week. It’s a lovely pen and writes very well. The green striated barrel is in excellent condition.  Thanks again for all your help. I hope you and Myrna have a wonderful Holiday Season. Best Regards, PF 12/20 

Got the first batch of pens today, Gary.  Thank you so much again, the mint-in-the-box Waterman 52V blue green set is incredible! JR 12/20

The Montblanc A-iii and the Soennecken Tower have arrived safely and write beautifully! What a lovely Christmas gift for me. I am using them to pen down my thoughts on 2020. Thank you and Happy holidays! MW 12/20

My NOS Waterman Cleric pen came yesterday.  I will use it today  as I work on my Christmas sermon. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. GS 12/20

I received the black Eversharp Skyline and it is a smooth writer! Thanks again and happy holidays! NL 12/20

Well, I am completely sold on Parker Duofold. These could easily be my “take to a desert island” pens. I thought I should get one of the original big red versions and I see you have one in Catalog 90. Still available? ( #35). Also, I am so happy with the Waterman 32. Great fun to use! So I looked online for a book on Waterman pens and was surprised to find out that you were the author. Is your book still available? [Answer: “Yes.”] BH 12/20
I just wanted to let you know that the Omas Ogiva Vision demonstrator arrived safe and sound late this afternoon. It writes beautifully and will be one of the stars of my collection. When we spoke last Friday, you warned me that the delivery time would likely be 1-2 days longer than normal. It turned out that it was actually 4 days longer. So, as you send out other packages, you may want to manage people’s expectations about USPS time frames. Thank you for the wonderful pen and Happy Holidays! TS 12/20
Gary, I finally got the Snapfil fountain pen today (USPS took a week) and I really do like the combination of pen, box and instructions. Should you get any other Sioux City (General Manufacturing, Houston, Snapfil & Jiffy) pens or pencils, feel free to contact me for I collect them. Have a Merry Christmas!! RM (from, of course, Sioux City 🙂 )
I love all of the pens I have purchased from you. It is a real pleasure to receive pens that are actually as they were described. Look forward to my next purchase. BH 12/20
The red Waterman 100 Year pencil arrived perfectly packaged as always, and in pristine shape. Thanks again for another wonderful addition to my collection! MM 12/20

Got the pens today – fantastic. Wanted to touch base to see if you had any more information about the Montblanc with the slide-locking lever-fill. It’s outstanding. Have you seen any others like it? I looked in Collectible Stars but can’t find the lever, although it is clearly stamped Mont Blanc.   It has a factory stamp/engraving on the pen “Adler Spezial” which translates to eagle special. As always, thanks for the speedy service and beautiful pens. Best. RS 12/20

I received both pens yesterday.  The Diamond Medal is absolutely gorgeous!  The Eversharp is inked up and in my current rotation of pens.  A beautiful catalogue, as always. Best wishes to you and Myrna for the holidays! NL 12/20
Received the Parker 51 and love it! Although the Broad nib does not look like a Broad, it sure writes like one!  Thanks again for letting me know about this pen! RD 11/20

Dear Gary, pen received!  … another WONDERFUL ITEM to my Montblanc Collection! The pen is amazing. I always wanted one of the very first generation of Montblanc with the White Cap! Thank you and all the very best, LMV 11/20

I just wanted to thank you again, for your help in shipping the pen trays to me in Australia. I wanted to let you know that the trays have arrived safely and they are perfect for my pens! Please continue to stay safe during this time! Kind regards, TN

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful pens that I received from you! The Tower Superior (Soennecken) pen writes like a dream, and it beggars belief that a 1940s pen could be so meticulously engineered! The Sheaffer Snorkel pen was very NOS – just as promised! Please accept my sincere appreciation again from Bangladesh. Sincerely yours, SH 9/20

The pens arrived safe and sound yesterday. I wasn’t at home so got them today. Everything is OK! The Moore is just a really interesting, beautiful pen in superb condition for its age. Just an eye-catcher! On the other hand, I find the nib of the Esterbrook J pen surprisingly butter smooth (another wonderful item). Thanks so much for everything!!! Very best, JA 9/20

I wanted to confirm that I received the package today with the Kaweco Sketch Pencil, the Green Marble Montblanc 246 and the Montblanc Pixomat Ballpen, delighted honestly with the condition and the beauty. Thank you again and wish you a nice day, JB 9/20

Hi, just FYI, I received my blue slotted pen tray, look great. Thanks for offering these! Have a great holiday!! QV 9/20

My slotted pen pen trays arrived today and I LOVE them! They are perfect! Regards, KJ 8/20

I have received both the Pelikan and the Sheaffer in excellent condition – wonderful writers both. i will make sure to keep an eye out for your next catalogue! keep safe. LC 8/20

Gary – the Oversize red Waterman 100 Year Pen pen just arrived. It is gorgeous and a keeper. Happy birthday to me. Be well. SH 8/20

The Waterman turquoise Patrician is a beautiful pen and you were absolutely correct about the medium, extra-flexible nib. It is wonderful. Thank you very much. Best to you. EU 8/20

The Parker Vacumatic Sub-Debutante arrived yesterday and it blew me away! It is the best looking pen I’ve got now, and it writes like a dream! Thank you so much for the care you took into packaging it safely!
Blessings, JS 8/20

Well, this is my kind of pen Duofold Sr. in Burgundy)! Right size, right weight, beautiful finish and design, and definitely not boring. What a pleasure to write with this pen- it glides on the page! The depth of finish in this pen is almost three dimensional. Wow. Looks like I have some research ahead of me. What’s next, a Vacumatic? Thanks for sending it so quickly. BH 8/20

The mint onyx Patrician set arrived: marvelous… Best regards from a hot, very hot Geneva, JH 8/20

I received the Waterman Patrician in Moss Agate with the Fine, extra-flex nib from Catalog #93. This is an awesome pen! sincerely, EU 8/20

All three pens received, though none are inked yet. It will probably be the Moore first, then the Conklin, then the Waterman. And that matches their order of desirability. The first time I saw a Moore fingertip “that’s the pen for me!” lodged in my head and to find a 77C instead of the more common 96B, ah….. RG 8/20

I received the vintage Conway Stewart yesterday. it’s an absolutely beautiful pen and it writes smoothly. Thank you and enjoy the summer! All the best, NL 8/20

The Pelikan 400NN arrived yesterday. The pen is in an impressive condition considering it was manufactured in the early 1960s. Also, impressive is the nib. It does write somewhat closer to a modern broad than a medium as expected. I’m very happy with it so far. Thank you very much for a speedy service. Much appreciated. CY 7/20

Wanted to let you know the pens arrived safely today. You must have included some rocket fuel because you shipped them last Friday, they cleared customs on Tuesday and were delivered today. Even more amazing given that Mail has really slowed up in Canada. Beautiful pens. Thanks again and look forward to the next catalog. DB 7/20

The NOS Parker 35 in Tortoise lacquer arrived yesterday. Nice, writes well. I am familiar with the 95, 75, 45, but not heard of the 35. Parker is one of my favorite brands. Hope your catalog does great. JH 7/20

finally got my ’45 Parker vacumatic pen! It arrived in excellent condition and has a look and feel that exceeds my expectations!! Thanks for your assistance in all this – will look forward to future catalog offerings. One question — do you have any suggestions as to the brand of ink or color I might try with the pen?? (I’m a newbie to the pen world – especially collector pens like this one). [Answer from Gary: my favorites are Parker Quink and Waterman.] WC 7/20

Hi Gary, I bought 5 tray inserts back in April. After measuring and cutting, they work great in my wood pen cabinet. Just want to say “Thanks.” ES 7/20

The Montblanc Agatha Christie Ballpen arrived safe and sound a few days ago. Just opened it. It’s a beautiful pen, and I am very happy to have it. The sterling silver shined up nicely. There is some loss of filler on the signature, but I guess that’s to be expected from something nearly 30 years old. Thanks again. I better buy a few MB ballpoint refills if the original cartridge is still in there, though it writes! If you ever watched the movie The Ninth Gate, the Johnny Depp character, a rare book dealer, uses an AG ballpoint. BB 7/20
Sheaffer’s PFM IV set received – what a beautiful set! Looking forward to the new catalogue. All the best and stay safe! NL 7/20

I love the Conklin Imperial (Blue & Bronze) Endura. It’s a joy. The celluloid looks fantastic and the nib is so much fun to write with, having that wonderful give to it. I also appreciate the design to the fill lever – on how it has that latch to fold it against the body completely. The latching mechanism gives it a wonderful tactile experience to what otherwise is a humdrum of filling a pen. Best regards, CC 6/20

I received the Agatha Christie fountain pen today in perfect condition! Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future. Aloha, JC 6/20
Thanks kindly for the Esterbrook I received yesterday. I am trying the pen out, and enjoying writing with something old but new for me. It’s as though I’m learning to write again! And, although I wasn’t sure, the size is fine for my hand- only a bit smaller than my old Pelikan M400. Best regards, BB 5/20

Beautiful set [Waterman mint-in-the-box Blue-Green Ripple 52V set]. Thanks. EC 5/20

I received the Salz black hard rubber “bullet” pen today. It is perfect; what I always wanted. Thanks for all your effort for our hobby. Stay safe. DE 5/20

I just received the delivery and the slotted tray inserts are fantastic! Thanks, AM 5/20
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received both the pen trays (last week) and the Sailor 1911 pen (today). I wanted to thank you for the quick postage and great service. I especially like the tube you use for postage. The Sailor has one of the smoothest fine nibs I’ve used on a Sailor. I’ll most definitely be keeping an eye on upcoming catalogues for more Sailors. Much appreciated. Regards, TM 4/20
I received the Montblanc 234 and Pelikan 100N in good shape. Really appreciate your help for me to have almost time-capsuled artifacts. Fully satisfied and ready for next purchase, going to be Montblanc 138 or 139 in almost new condition. Thanks again for your consideration. Cheers, YK 4/20
Just wanted to write you a little note thanking you for the order. It was wrapped so well and I appreciate that very much. I am enjoying them immensely. It is a nice surgery recovery present and also Mother’s day. I am especially loving the LeGrand mechanical pencil. It is a beauty. All the goodies are just fantastic and are proudly displayed on my desk. Sincerely, LW 4/20
I’ve purchased four pens from your company over the last month. All is well and I’m in love with my purchases. I need to tell you both that you offer both fabulous products and service. I will definitely purchase more in the future. Have a great week, BRS 4/20
Just to let you know that the pens arrived today and were well worth the wait as ever. I love the 18K Parker 61; a real beauty…more so in my opinion than many of the later Presidentials in more familiar patterns. I feel very fortunate that you had a second example available. Meanwhile just 5 mins of the silver cloth on the Sterling Silver Vermeil Parker 75s and they have come up as new with that beautiful near-pink hue to the vermeil. Very happy! Many thanks to you. I’m looking forward to the next catalogue already and will aim to improve my ‘fast-finger’ reactions. Until then, health and happiness to you and Myrna. Best wishes, DC 4/20s
I have received the Aurora fountain pen. Perfect! Thanks again. All the best. JD 4/10
Thank you for the pen. I have to say, it is an amazing pen. I haven’t owned a Parker 75 before (mostly because of a predilection for non-C/C pens), but now that I do, I can’t put it down. And, of course, it is in amazing shape. Thanks again. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. AD 4/20
I received the Shadow Wave Vacumatic set today and it is beautiful! Thank you for the fast shipment and as always, it is a pleasure doing business. All the best, NL 3/20

I received my pens today (14K Heath, 14K Parker 75, Parker 51 Mexican Gold set and Marlen Academia). I like them very much. Thanks for the wonderful pens. I will buy pens from you again. Best Regards, ST 3/20

I received the Sheaffer PFM V today and I am writing with it now. Beautiful pen and a smooth writer! Thanks so much for the quick shipment. Please send me an invoice to renew my subscription. Meanwhile I will have a look at the new catalogue. Stay safe and all the best, NL 3/20

I dropped off the list for while. Back now as a subscriber and admiring the smart, impeccable new look, beautiful to view, perfect item descriptions. Thanks for your good work! DS 3/20

The 1941 Parker 51 Dove Grey and the PArker 51 Nassau Green set arrived in Geneva. Beautiful! Many thanks ! I will look forward to your next catalog (April?). Warm regards, JH 1/20 [Note: the April Catalog should publish in late-March]

Just received the Green Vanishing Point. It’s lovely! All the best, LB 1/20

The Delta Mini Dolcevita is… Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!! VT 1/20

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful writing instruments that I received from you – all the way from US to Dhaka!! The Sheaffer Triumph Signet seemed like a work of art, and the pen writes beautifully. The Parker 51 set is mint as described, and I am very happy with it. Mid-century marvels from the U.S.! The sets were a great way to start 2020! Thank you and Myrna for the wonderful work in selecting and preserving the instruments! Sincerely yours, SH 1/20
I received the Waldmann fountain pen. I just have one complaint: pictures don’t do justice. The pen is absolutely beautiful! Way beyond any expectation! You can’t imagine how happy I am! Thank you. I’ll be back to you for more. Regards, VT 12/19

The 1955 celluloid MB 149 arrived safely yesterday. I’m very pleased with it, it’s an excellent writer. I love these celluloid pens. PF 12/19

I hope you, Myrna and family are well. I enjoy the Omas “D-Day” Normandy pen – great writer and very attractive. Best regards, AD 12/19

Got the Parker 51, what a beauty! Thanks!! RD 12/19 PS. Where do you get all these pens???
The Monroe pen shocked me with its crispness and quality. That company certainly knew how to make a top shelf pen 90 years ago. Regards, JH 12/19

The Sheaffer Large Jade Flat-top arrived. Very nice looking. You didn’t steer me wrong. Wonderful and beautiful pen. Thank you so much! RE 12/19

Just a brief mail to tell you I received the pen, safely, two days ago. It’s a very nice Namiki Pilot Falcon which fits wonderfully my spider writing. So I would like to thank you very much again! Have a nice day! Best regards, JR 12/19
I received the Sheaffer Snorkel and it is beautiful! Thank you for the fast shipment and as always, it is a pleasure doing business. All the best, NL 12/19
It’s been a while since our last correspondence. I’d like to tell how wonderful the Red Ripple Waterman #7 you kindly offered to send me is. The pattern on the ebonite is simply remarkable. It’s probably one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. I love it. Thank you so much. All the best, RB 11/19
The Mabie Todd Swan eyedropper arrived in good order & condition. Looking forward for your launch Catalogue #91 tomorrow. Hopeful I can find a couple more Swan Mabie Todd in there. Thanks & Regards. KH 11/19
My Montblanc LE Oscar Wilde is beautiful! OS 11/19

Just a note to let you know that the Montblanc Black & Pearl L27 arrived safely this morning. Thanks again for this, it’s a stunning pen, a great addition to my collection. Best Regards, PF 10/19

Well received thank you. Just to say I am currently sitting in front of the mint 1930 Parker Moire Desk Set. It’s wonderful! Thank you for your time on this matter. Very best wishes, JF 9/19
I have received the Aurora Hastil, Parker 51 and Sailor Magellan fountain pens. Excellent! Thanks again. Best regards, JD 8/19
Just had a chance to take a look at the Pelikan M800 with the “BB” nib, about a month after it actually reached here. It is in immaculate condition, and everything is as described by you. I especially love the way you secured it in a tube for postage. Thank you for the great service. Definitely looking forward to getting more pens from you in the future. Regards, KM 8/19
I received my Swan #230C S-F Pen on Monday, quick delivery, love the pen, Thanks, FH 8/19
Received just now the Parker 61 prototype demonstrator. Wonderful! Thanks always. Best, MS 8/19

Just to let you know that the pen arrived and you really outdid yourself on this one! It is one of the smoothest, wettest and most comfortable pens I have ever written with. It is a sheer joy to use it and it’s in Mint Condition! Thank you so much and my best to Myrna. A very satisfied pen buyer! RE 8/19

I received the mandarin Parker Duofold Sr. yesterday and it is beautiful. I am very happy with it and appreciate your efforts in finding this pen for me. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the summer! NL 8/19
The Montblanc 246 and the Sheaffer PFM V arrived yesterday. Absolutely exquisite pens. Thanks. Best regards, JH 8/19

Gary – I have to say, I always enjoy getting the quarterly pens for sale. I used to scour eBay but now, I just wait for your email and have never been disappointed. SD 8/19

Lovely trays. Thanks, KS 7/19

I had to let you know that the Montblanc I bought is simply a dream to write with. It is buttery soft and smooth, a wet writer and a wonderful girth. It has already become my favorite pen. Thank you for steering me in the right direction. I really love this Montblanc! All the best and regards to Myrna, RE 7/19

I wanted to shoot you a quick note to say that I received the 1985 Montblanc 149 today, and I’m pretty excited! It writes great and the nib is amazing! Quick question, is the 1985 model the same size as the current 149 MB makes today [answer: yes] ? Just curious. Thanks again for everything!!! My excitement is beyond words! I definitely didn’t think I’d be this excited! Again thanks! RE 6/19

The green Montblanc 332 arrived today – beautiful pen. Thanks, BB 5/19

Sir I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Aurora 88, what a pen what an experience. I’m from Italy originally and born in Venice and to use a pen my grandfather more than likely used and that connection to my heritage is amazing. I have many Omas celluloid pens but ASC or delta, Visconti etc, but not a 70 plus year old NEW PEN…such heritage AWESOME! Also the nib I’m sure isn’t a wet noodle but my god did they do it right back then. The finest nib today pales in comparison…THE FLEX the spring words cannot describe. Thank you again, I attached my 1st use of a somewhat flex nib ever, thank you again sir, you’ve earned a customer for LIFE, at this point what’s the point of buying new models if vintage is just that much better. Respectfully, NZ 5/19

Yesterday the Pelikan Brown Striped 400 and the Parker 51 arrived safe and sound! They’re really Beautiful!!! Thank you very much again. Best regards, CS 5/19
I received the Parker Lady Duofold desk set today and it’s a beautiful set. A really nice addition to my collection. Pen shipping tubes received as well, thanks for that. Take care. NL 4/19
I have been meaning to write to let you know that the Pelikan 100N and the Soennecken 510 arrived safe and sound and they are both great! Thanks again. All the best, SW 4/19

WOW, that was fast. The Esterbrook Dollar Pen arrived this morning. Looks fantastic. DS 4/19

I received my Montblanc 342 and Parker Vacumatic and I’ve been using them for a week now. I love them both. The Parker Vacumatic writes like a dream. Many thanks from a satisfied customer! EW 4/19

The Pelikan M101N Lizard just arrived, absolutely wonderful! Many thanks. AV 4/19

The lovely Montblanc Ballpen and the Waterman 100 Year pen have arrived! Thank you very much. SM 4/1

I’m so pleased with my 234 1/2 Montblanc in Azurite Blue—lovely writer and a handsome addition to my small but ever-growing collection of Montblancs. So my thanks to you for offering such a rare and choice item. DM 4/19
I’ve received the Vacumatic Major pen and pencil today, and they are beautiful. Just wanted to say thank you! AK 4/19

The pens arrived yesterday and as you promised the Parker Vacumatic Oversize is one of a kind! A real beauty and buttery smooth writer. Thank you? The Esterbrook SJ is also great and I thank you for the extra nib. Thank you again for steering me in the right direction. All the best and my best to Myrna. RE 3/19

Just to let you know PFM IV was delivered today, I am a happy customer 🙂 As always pens coming from you are in condition matching your assessment in catalog, in this case true near mint. PFM just as good as I imagined when spending thousands on the Legacy follow-up designs. My other remaining “must have” is an Aurora 88 Nikargenta (the early edition) as in Catalog 88, pen #151. I hope to get this one as well, preferably from you should it come in your way again. I once mentioned to you I wanted a Parker 75 the very rare early production run with metal section and notched disk cap, and you did find and sell me one off catalog 🙂 Regards, KB 3/19

The 128PL arrived safely yesterday. I’m thrilled with the pen, it’s in great condition and is really a wonderful addition to my collection. The celluloid is fantastic. I’ve been writing with it and am enjoying the broad nib. Next Monday, I’m going to a dinner in London hosted by Montblanc at which they will show the forthcoming collections for this year: the Writers Edition, Patron of the Arts, etc. I shall bring the 128PL to show them real craftsmanship (politely, of course!). Thanks again,. Kind Regards, PF 3/19

Just letting you know the Sheaffer Balance, Parker 51 set and the Sheaffer Balance set arrived safe and sound today. They are all terrific! Very happy to have them! Thanks again! BA 3/19
I received my Delta Oversize lever-fill Demonstrator and Delta Oversize Colosseum and both are beautiful and in excellent conditions, nibs are great, ink flow, pressure and everything more than fine. EL 3/19

The Montblanc 14K 1296 arrived. Used it this AM for first time. Very nice. Thank you. WH 3/19

Wanted to let you know I received the Parker 75 Diamante. Am using it now. It is beautiful! Thank you. HG 3/19

Just a quick note to let you know the Joe Cali arrived safely and quickly! today. It’s a very unique and beautiful example of Joe’s work. Thanks again. DB 3/19

Today I received at last the Soennecken Rheingold. It is beautiful, very well preserved and restored, loads ink smoothly, and writes with a slim line, ideal for my overcrowded agenda, where I write down my “to do’s” at business. Thank you very much for this, get my best wishes for 2019.
JLS 12/18

Just to let you know that the MB 149 with the triple-broad oblique nib arrived safely. I’m delighted with the pen; the stub oblique nib is brilliant! You just have to be careful to use the correct writing angle, but this is not too difficult. I wish you and Myrna a great break over the holiday period. Kind Regards. PF 12/18

Wanted to let you know I received the 2000 Namiki Emperor today. Yes delivery even on a Sunday to get packages delivered before the holidays. Took a little longer to get here because of the [Canadian] mail strike backlog but the tracking was really good and there were no issues. What a beautiful and majestic pen it is. Hard to believe this pen has remained in NOS condition. Thanks again for another great transaction. DB 12/18

Just a few words to let yo know the pens arrived safe and sound a week ago. Both of them wonderful examples of Skylines, the one with the wide cap band is really beautiful. I take advantage of this message to wish Myrna and you a very merry Christmas!!! Thank you very much for all. Best regards, JA 12/18

Attention: Gary and Myrna Lehrer – Customer Service GoPens
1. This is to inform you that I received in toto my Web order for 12″x16″ Slotted Display Trays.
2. Good to do business with you and please pass on my thanks to your Support Team for the handling & shipping.
3. Have “A Great & Nice Day” all from RGR (Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Retired Member) – AUS. 12/18

Today arrived the Soennecken Präsident 1 arrived. It is everything ok. The pen is gorgeous and I have observed inside an unusual breather tube, but it is already full of ink and I’ll need some days to see again the tube. Thank you very much, I am very happy with this pen, the best in my collection. JL 12/18

I just wanted to wish you happy holidays and to tell how satisfied I am with the Duofold and the Wahl-Eversharp. You were right on target as both of them are beauties! Thank you so much for making these quality pens available for me! All the best, RE 12/18

The Parker Vacumatic Major Deluxe arrived today. Excellent in every way. Thanks! TY 12/18
Just wanted to let you know the Montblanc 149 arrived yesterday. There ended up being some brokerage fees and import taxes (Canada), but all in all I think this was a better option then the US Post Office because of the postal strike here (which has already been resolved but with all the backlog, who knows when the deliveries will be normal again). The pen is great and have been using it all day today. Love the broad stub nib of this 149. Thanks again and until the next pen purchase… 😉 Cheers, JD 11/18
I absolutely adore the earlier Leboeuf you sold me. Beautiful colours. Lovely flex nib. A stunner! Thanks again, NL 11/18

Parker Duofold Sr. in Burgundy received and it is a beauty! A great addition to my collection. The new format for the catalogue is great! Happy holidays and all the best. NL 11/18

I hope this email finds you both in great health. I just wanted to inform you that the PFM V arrived today: all the way to Dhaka, Bangladesh from CT. USA!! I found the package and the pen inside in pristine condition. I have never seen or used a Sheaffer PFM before, and was very excited to see how it writes. I have inked the pen with Waterman (Mysterious Blue) ink, and the pen writes smoothly. It lays down a fine line, and writes with a slight touch of feedback. I had no idea that the barrel should not be unscrewed, and as I tried to unscrew it I found it to be quite tight. I am given to understand that it is a very complicated mechanism that works this writing instrument, and therefore would appreciate if you could let me know a few dos and don’ts with this pen. This pen cannot be serviced here in Bangladesh, I am sure I will sparingly use it, but I wonder how I shall clean/flush the pen. Apart from the above concerns I would really like to thank you both for sending me a lovely item. I think it is an excellent writer, and you deserve kudos for retailing such quality vintage pens. With my respectful regards, SH 11/18

The Soennecken sets were received. Both sets are in mint condition, as described. I’m especially pleased with the pencil and the rosewood 111 Extra. I doubt that anyone has used it before me. The Extra’s celluloid condition has to be the best I’ve seen. Thank you for the wonderful pens. It’s always a pleasure to buy pens from you and Myrna. Best regards, SL 10/18

I received the Parker Azure Blue Sr. Maxima today! and I’m VERY pleased! Many thanks and all good wishes to you and yours, YH 9/18

I’ve just inspected the Oversize Parker Vacumatic with its new cap. Looks absolutely stunning. Really a museum quality piece. I’m thoroughly pleased with this transaction and if there’s anywhere I can leave a review or testimonial for your website, please let me know. Thank you, JL 8/18

I have received the nice Pelikan M760 Jubilee and the nice Montblanc Boheme fountain pens. Thanks again. Best regards. JD 8/18

The Montblanc Demonstrator set, Conklin, Conway Stewart and Sheaffer Demonstrator Snorkel arrived today safely. As always, I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much. Best Regards to you and Myrna, AK 8/18

I got the Parker Sr. Jade pen today Gary and Myrna! . Thank you so much. I tested it out quickly – and it was fun to write with. It’s going to be great to use this for an article I am working on. So glad I stumbled on to your website. I am already looking forward to the next catalog. MS 7/18

I got to play with my new 1950’s Montblanc 142 this week. I wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love it. This is the first rounded right-oblique I’ve ever used, and it’s without question one of the smoothest nibs I’ve ever written with. It’s a joy. I’ve never had issues writing with regular round nibs as a lefty, and some of them are glass in my hands, but I can definitely tell a huge difference at this pen body size, where I usually struggle a bit to hit the paper the right way. I’ve only gotten to write with it a little since I got it going last night, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know it better. … If I could change anything, I’d make it a bit bigger. I’m still working on finding the best grip, and I absolutely don’t want to post it. I’m still not sure how often I’ll let it leave my office. It’s an unpredictable world out there. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, JD 7/18

Thanks. The Lady Patricia Moss Agate set arrived today. Absolutely gorgeous, almost too good to use. Thank you, BD 7/18

The Omas Golden Arco Rollerball arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you. I’d forgotten how beautiful the celluloid is. The Schmidt refill that you included with the pen fit perfectly. Thanks again. EG 7/18

I just want to thank you so much for this extraordinary solid gold Waterman 552 1/2. It is now [after adjustment] everything that I thought it would be, and everything that it was promised to be. I am now gleefully sharing it with the world – how could I do otherwise? Please know how much joy it is bringing you to my life, and now, the lives of so many… With immeasurable joy and gratitude I remain very happily yours, TM 7/18

The Soennecken Rheingold is beautiful and writes perfectly! Thank you so much — Best, FR 5/18

The Parker True Blue arrived today. Wow! Great color and unbelievable nib. Regards, JH 5/18

Hi – Parker Vacumatic received and it’s a beauty. I am going to enjoy writing with it! Regards to Myrna and take care. NL 4/18

Today I received your Soennecken 120. It is in excellent conditions, very well restored, I can write smoothly and with a wet line with it. Really, a pleasure to use this pen. Thank you very much. JL 4/18

Just wanted to reach out to say I received my Vacumatic Debutante today and I adore it. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful pen. Best, TB 4/11

As promised, I am writing to tell you that my grey PFM I has arrived, about 1/2 an hour ago, and it is in 100% perfect condition, as well. Thanks to your exemplary packaging of the pen. I quite like the plastic tube container as well, I’ve never seen one of them before ; they’re very good, they adjust to the size/length of the pen, that’s a good idea. I am particularly pleased with the addition of this model and colour of the PFM, to my collection. I will be sure to revisit your site from time to time. I am also looking forward to hearing from you in the interim, should any of the pens on my list appear. Until then, I remain, as always, Yours respectfully. AD 4/18

I just wanted to let you know I have been delighted with the Waterman 52. Its a beautiful writer! I was just using it to write a card to someone on a card made with not-fountain-pen-friendly stock and it behaved just fine. I have been using Waterman black in it. Not absolutely my favorite black but I am following the advice I got not to use a “boutique” ink in a vintage pen. Anyhow, again, thanks. RJ 4/18

Pens arrived as advertised, safe and sound. The Pelikan 400NN is a marvelous everyday writer! Thanks for it! But the Wahl Doric — good gravy! What a fabulous pen! Thenks again for them — Regards, JL 4/18

The package did arrive today. The grey Sheaffer PFM V is a beauty and now I have 3! Thanks again and all the best. NL 3/18

Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Just emailing to let you know that I received the MB 146 Solitaire FP. Thank you again for a great pen and for shipping so efficiently. Kind regards, FL 3/18

I hope your trip went well. I received the Montblanc Faulkner LE the other day. It arrived in good condition, no issues with customs. Thanks for a quick turnaround on this. Until the next pen… 😉 JD 2/18

The Waterman 100 Year Pen arrived and it’s a beauty; exactly as how you described it. It’s wet, bold, chunky, and smooth as butter. Plus it’s got the “Hundred Year Pen” inscription both on barrel and on nib. This is one that’s going into my pocket ASAP for daily writing. It’s a delight to write with filled with royal blue Waterman ink. I am taken back in time to a simpler more relaxed period when handwriting was something to be proud of and a good pen something to treasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A beautiful pen; a satisfied customer and I hope a happy Gary and Myrna. Thanks again. I simply love it. Your friend, RE 2/18

Late today, I received the package. The Montblanc Rouge et Noir is gorgeous. Thanks for the nice pen and your help. Sincerely, JM 1/18

I successfully received the Montblanc No. 30 Coral Red pen several days ago and am very happy with it. I look forward to buying more great pens from you and Myrna in the near future. I wish you Happy New Year and all the best to your business in 2018. Best regards, JL 1/18

Hope you are doing well and taking maybe some rest after the big catalogue rush. Just this little note to tell you I am very satisfied with the Waterman Turquoise Patrician set, a wonderful one, which arrived here in France very quickly . I wish you dear Gary and Myrna a happy New Year 2018, with health, prosperity and much happiness ! All the best, MC 12/17

I received the Montblanc 262 today. Really nice pen. Thank you very much!! Have a wonderful New Year!! TG 12/17

Compliments of the season to you. Just to let you know the first batch of Parkers (Jotter, 1941 Parket 51 Cedar Blue set; T-1 set) arrived safely today – and very beautiful they are as ever. I love them all but I am particularly struck by the beauty and provenance of the titanium T-1 set which is truly something special to treasure. The Parker 51 Cordovan Brown set is on it’s way because I paid the duty this morning. Thank you again for the seamless process with such quality at the end of it. As ever, DC 12/17

I’ve been meaning (but then forgetting) to email to tel you how happy I am with the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance pen with the rare Nickle trim! Thank you and Happy Holidays! Best, SW 12/17

All of the pens arrived and have now been tested. All are great! The Montblanc 246 Tiger’s Eye and the Montblanc 216 Coral Red are outstanding as is the Montblanc 246 Grey Striated. I like the Montblancs pens (the 216) from Denmark. The green Montblanc 149 and the Plevoria work great. If you find a Montblanc 246 in black in excellent condition and an extra fine or fine nib, that would be of interest. Happy holidays to you and Myrna. LM 12/17

Thank you for reply. The Montblanc 234 1/2 PL arrived and it’s great. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to our next business. Happy Holidays. PH

Received the Montblanc Schiller LE safely today. It is everything I’d hoped for. Thank you! Best wishes and Merry Christmas, MM 12/17

Thank you for sending the Parker Royal Challenger in red, it arrived and great pen. DL 12/17

I receved the Pelikan 500 Brown Striped set! Perfect! Thanks again. On the occasion of Christmas and the new year, I wish you and your family a healthy and happy new year! Best regards. JD 12/17

Hi Gary, wanted to let you know the Montblanc rollerball and document marker cleared smoothly through customs and arrived safely today. Expertly packed as usual. Very nice pieces to add to my MB collection. Thanks again and best wishes for the holidays and New Year. DB 12/17

Thank you for the prompt shipment of the Parker Duofold Centennial and the Waterman Phileas pens. They are very nice! AS 12/17

I received the Parkette desk set and it is a beauty!! As always you have some beautiful pens in the December catalogue. Happy holidays to you and Myrna and best wishes for 2018! Kind Regards NL 12/17

Just wanted to let you know that the Stipula Etruria 999 LE arrived safe and sound. I am very pleased with it — a beautiful stub nibbed pen. Thanks for all your help and my best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and New Year. Cheers JL 12/17

I received the Montblanc LE Marcel Proust this morning. I’m delighted with the Pen, it’s a wonderful writer (I’ve just dipped it so far). I think this is one of the finest Writer’s Editions. I didn’t realize that you can post it like a Boheme, with the cap screwing onto the end of the barrel. I hope Myrna and yourself have a super Holiday Season. Kind Regards, PF 12/17

This is to confirm that the package with the Visconti Wall Street and Sheaffer Tuckaway arrived a few days ago in pristine condition (as well as the pens!). Thanks and Merry Christmas. DW 12/17

Thank you, Gary. Received the Monte Rosa and the Wahl Overtsize Deco Band already. They are stunning! Happy Holidays! LJ 12/17

The Parker Duofold Desk set arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! I am glad it was still available. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Myrna and I look forward to the December catalogue. All the best NL 11/17

Just to let you know that the MB 146 (1949 Vintage) arrived this morning. I’m very pleased with the pen, it writes very well and is a great addition to my collection. (It’s my 50th Montblanc Fountain Pen, including both modern and vintage). I love the Montblanc Celluloids. This pen says “146G”; is it true that this stands for “Glatt” (German for “smooth”) [answer: yes], which MB used to put on their Celluloids? The nib is certainly flexible; this is very attractive, although, as a left-handed writer, I don’t really get full value out of this. Thanks again, Gary, for the superb 146. Best Regards to Myrna and you, PF 10/17

The Waterman 5 Red Ripple “Green band” was received yesterday in fine condition. Thank you for this excellent pen. FG 10/17

I just received the 1933 Soennecken 304 and it is absolutely gorgeous! It is in pristine condition (near mint +) as described. Not all collectors grade as accurately, thank you. Be well, EU 10/17

Good morning yesterday I received the package with the sending of the mint-in-the-box Cleto Munari “Nagib Mahfouz” fountain pen. It is spectacular! Really thank you for sending such special things to us. Until next time. AM 10/17

I was able to pick up the Montblanc 234 1/2 “Maenner” fountain pen Saturday. It looks great! A very nice barley/machine turn. Thanks again! JS 9/17

I’ve received the Soennecken 814 safety. It’s working beautifully. I’m still in awe, for this is my very first safety fountain pen. Thank you very much for the work done on it. Yours sincerely, SL 9/17

I got the Pelikan 400 and Namiki Vanishing Point today and I am very pleased with both of them. I don’t see any problems with either and will be using them for work this week to get some ink miles on them. I was really happy to see the Namiki labeling on the VP. The new ones just say Pilot. Thanks. I look forward to doing business with you again. Best regards, BM 9/17

Last week I received the Waterman 752 flexible pen.I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying it! Such a lovely pen. As you can probably guess, I’m working on my penmanship while being careful with the amazing pen. I even had a dream that I sprung the tines before the pen even arrived! Thank you, SH 9/17

Just home from vacation …I relieved the great inkwells and the Conway Stewart cracked ice (my 6th) and it is very very nice. Thank you and give my best to Myrna! DB 9/17

I received the Waterman, Sheaffer and Moore today. Thanks for the advice and the quick shipping. All three pens are absolutely gorgeous. Although relatively new to the hobby, I think I may be developing a better eye for interesting choices in my collection. Maybe I’ll try to track down who the Dr. Arnold was who used the BCHR Waterman back in the day. Thanks again for your assistance. Cheers, DS 9/17

I just wanna let you know that I have been received my package with the NOS Montblanc 149. The pen is very awesome, I love it very much. I really thank you for your service. Maybe next time we can do business again. Have a nice day. Best regards, WT 9/17

The parcel arrived the parcel safely just now (jade Schnell; Waterman X-Pen; PArker 61 white Prototype). Fantastic. All thanks. Always very nice. Best, MS 9/17

I received the mint-in-the-box Sailor Arita Special Edition Gen Emon Kiln Akadami Kikue. Excellent! Thanks again. JD 9/17

I just love the the 1950’s celluloid 149 you sold me. Writes like a dream. I was thinking about a small collection of 149s. Maybe one from each decade, or one of each model. Like one with the celluloid body, another with plastic, another with plastic but the integral body, etc… What do you think and suggest? Any good ones available? Thanks, SA 8/17

Got the Waterman solid gold 554 Hand Engraved Vine. Super nice! Love it! Thanks for such great pens and fast shipping. Best Regards, AG 8/17

The MontBlanc 32 arrived yesterday. I am so happy to have it–my first MontBlanc. And the nib is so smooth. MS 8/17

The Pelikan 100 arrived today in perfect condition. It is a beautiful pen. FG 8/17

The green Sheaffer PFM fountain pen/pencil set arrived yesterday and it’s a beautiful set! Thank you for the quick shipment and a pleasure doing business. Enjoy the summer! NL 8/17

I have just received the Agatha Christie and Hemingway for my friend today. I wanted to say a big thank you for those pens expecially for your professionalism and great customer service. It wasn’t easy sourcing pens that I like from Australia which was difficult as it was all based on trust and your description on the condition of the pens. I will definitely buy more pens from you and will also pass on your details to other friends who are looking for that special pen. Best wishes GL 7/17

The Montblanc Jules Verne Writer’s Edition is amazing. Thank you very much. YY 7/17

I’ve received, examined and used the PFM set and the PArker 51. They are in perfect shape, splendid, extravagant. Thank you so much for your kind service. I look forward to your next catalogue and trades with you! Best, BT 6/17

The Parker 51 Yellowstone “Empire” set arrived this morning without a hitch. They are absolutely beautiful and near perfect in every way. Even my cynical colleague was reduced to a simple “wow”. We both wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to own such an iconic set in such good condition. Having seen them in ‘the flesh’ I am minded to buy out my partner’s share and hang on to them to pass on to my children one day. Many thanks again for you professionalism and patience throughout. DC 6/17

Just to let you know I received the two pens yesterday. I’m particularly pleased with the early Montblanc 149. The celluloid is superb and I love the ivory-coloured star on the cap. Compared to a modern 149, there are a number of striking differences (apart from the celluloid versus precious resin): -it’s markedly smaller and slightly thinner; -it says “Masterpiece” on the band, not “Meisterstuck” (does this mean that it was produced for the export market?) -the two thin bands are silver, not gold; -it doesn’t say “149” on the band, it says it on the cone; -I have a late 1980’s 149: the nib is two-tone and says “14K”, versus this one is three-tone and says “14C”. The pen writes beautifully; it seems more broad than medium, and the cone says “OB”. I’m delighted with the condition, which is remarkable for a 65-year old instrument. I’m also pleased with the Grey PFM, it’s a striking colour. I’ve just had a chance at this stage to dip the pen, the nib seems slightly finer than a normal medium, but this is not an issue. Thanks again, Gary, for these pens, they are wonderful additions to my collection. Best Regards, PF 6/17

The Pelikan M800 “Blue o’ Blue” arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you Gary, I sure appreciate it! WW 5/17

The Waterman #7 “Pink” Red Ripple arrived today. It is a beautiful pen in perfect condition. Thank you very much. FG 5/17

I received the Sheaffer PFM and it is inked up and in use. It is a great pen! I’ve always wanted a PFM and now I have one! All the best to you and Myrna. NL 5/17

Just a quick note to say thank you for the Montblanc and the Soennecken Rheingold, safely received today. I don’t know what you did to the Montegrappa (I sent you with the very scratchy nib), but it writes better now. So thank you very much for that bonus also. I dithered over the marbled Soennecken 120 you had in the latest catalogue, but it went before I could make up my mind. Best wishes NL 5/17

I received the Turquoise Lady Patricia today and I absolutely love it. I feared the size would be too small for my hands, but capped it is enough, and the colour of the body is amazing. The nib is also very very nice, with great flexibility. I’ve yet to try one of your triple-flexible pens! BTW, if you get a Mabie Todd in Oriental Blue, let me know! Thanks a lot, JS 4/17

Just a note to say that I have received the Rheingold 616 and am delighted with it, thanks. NL 4/17

Got the Hand Painted and exquisite Sheaffer pen. Thank you! WZ 4/17

Wow — this 1920 Sheaffer is a *really* nice pen! Thank you. My experience in trying to acquire a vintage fountain pen with a flexible nib has until today, been… unsatisfying. Thanks again, MB 4/17

The Astoria Safety pen arrived. The nib is of great quality with really nice flexibility. The black and white Astoria Logo very well kept is shiny, and it’s cute. There was a slight leakage at the second end knob (I don’t know the name — the knob which is used to open to get the inside spiral and rod), but it stopped easily with some silicon grease put on the thread. There is no leakage at the turning knob. The seal works perfectly. The nib is well hold, when extended and pressed against paper. It’s a gorgeous little pen. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you very much. Sincerely, YH 3/17

I have received the nice Parker Duofold already. I love it at first sight! Thank you! HP 3/17

My Parker Duofold Jr. arrived today. I am very pleased, what a nice pen. Still having my eye on the yellow lady duo fold 😉 Thank you for the pleasant dealings. Best regards, JS 3/17

Hi. Just received the Wahl Coronet, Waterman Patrician and Conway Stewart Le Tigre….just wonderful Thanks again. DB 3/17

Parker Deluxe Challenger received today. It is robust, well made and really beautiful! Condition is great too. Another outstanding addition to my collection. Thanks very much, again! All the best, JP 3/17

Just a quick note to let you know that the Montblanc 123 1/2L arrived safely yesterday. It’s in great condition, I’m very pleased with it. Thanks again, Best Regards, PF 3/17

Received my Coral Red Montblanc 20 today… as always… I’m very pleased. Thank you. PH 3/17

I received the Parker Challenger and the Sheaffer Tuckaway set. I can’t wait to put ink in these pens!! They are beautiful! Thanks for the fast shipping as well. All the best NL 3/17

I received the yellow Parker Limited Edition Mandarin Yellow Duofold Centennial yesterday from the mail. It arrived in good order. I really like the pen. 😀 Cheers, JD 2/17

Just to confirm the Pilot Vanishing Point was delivered in excellent shape. Many thanks for the excellent service. Kind regards, AB 2/17

I just wanted to thank you for the great pencil. The finish goes with a Waterman 56 Canadian pen that I purchased from you probably five years ago. Again, thanks my friend. Now, onward to March and then April. Will be in touch soon. Take care……. GD 2/17

I received the Waterman Fine Silver overlay pen today. It is exceptionally beautiful and in mint condition. It never ceases to amaze how items from an earlier day can be so well preserved. To think my 93 year old father was not yet born when this pen was manufactured (by the way my dad drives, travels and likes to read quantum physics). My dad looks almost as good as the pen! Thank you for showing me this pen. I look forward to working with you again some day soon. Best, PS 1/17

The Sheaffer arrived safely. Really like the nib – very useful. Many thanks. Have a great Christmas and prosperous and peaceful New Year. Best wishes. MG 12/16

Just to let you know received slotted pen trays yesterday – they are great – already fitted in the drawers. Thanks very much for your excellent customer service. Kind regards. SW 12/16

I received the Pelikan M760 Anniversary and the mint Parker “Big Red.” Perfect! Thanks again. Best. JD 12/16

I received the Parker 75 sterling ailver Cisele yesterday and inked it up immediately. Love it! It writes beautifully. Thanks for the great customer service. LR 12/16

Received the Sheaffer Tuckaway set and the Sheaffer Imperial set today. Both sets are beautiful and I am very happy! Best wishes and happy holidays. NL 12/16

The package arrived today. The box was slightly damaged but all the contents inside were okay. I am very happy with the Big Red and the storage boxes. Thanks for a great vintage pen buying experience. Can’t wait to see what’s in catalog 81! Until next time. Cheers, JD 11/16

Just a quick note to let you know the Pelikan 140 has arrived and it writes beautifully! Thank you again for your prompt and efficient delivery! Best regards, JS 11/16

I received my pen tray (gray plastic) today. I think it is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for ! thanks for your great service and your signed business card – even for such a small order as mine. I really appreciate the care you put into it. THANK YOU! QV 11/16

I received the Parker Slimfold. It’s a beauty and a great addition to my collection. A pleasure doing business as always! All the best, NL 10/16

Thanks very much for the quick shipping and great communications! I have been looking at your pen drawer liners for months and kept forgetting to order them—I’ve seen many positive reviews on FPN and elsewhere and can’t wait to use them. Thanks, NA 10/16

I have received Parker Duofold Sr. Lapis pencil, it is very magnificent!!! I am very happy! 🙂 best regards, PP 10/16

I received the MIB Norma 4-color pencil today. Great collectible – I very rarely see these pencils so I am happy to have one! A pleasure as always. NL 10/16

The Parker “Scow” double desk set is beautiful. I am admiring it as I write this. Thank you so much. HG 10/16

Just a few words to let you know that the Jeweler’s Band Sheaffer Balance arrived safely some time ago (I forgot to tell you). Once again, a wonderful exemplar in outstanding condition. Thanks so much! All the best, JA 9/16

The Waterman Ink-Vue Demonstrator and Pilot Striped “Cappless” arrived….perfect. Regards, GP 9/16

I’ve received the Montblanc 246 Tiger’s Eye and 124PL Platinum yesterday, love them! Many thanks. Sincerely, FO 9/16

My two little beauties arrived today, in perfect condition (Parker Vacumatic; Pelikan 1955 pencil). Can’t wait to put them to use! Best, VK 9/16

The celluloid 1955 Montblanc 149 arrived today and it is in excellent condition, a pleasure to write with. Thank you for the excellent service, and I hope to order more in the future! Regards, DC 9/16

Thanks for the Parker 20 – fantastic. Can’t believe it functions so well at this age. FR 9/16

I received the Montblanc 134 Meisterstuck today. Great pen! Thanks Gary!

I received the Sheaffer Defender today and it’s a beauty! Thank you for the quick shipment. The catalogue is great and I see another pen (or 2) I will be back for. All the best NL 9/16

The Parker 51 Signet arrived today! Its more beautiful in real life than in the picture; thank you so much!~ It writes beautifully, wet and smooth! Thanks so much. RE 9/16

The slotted display tray arrived to me SUPER fast and in great condition. It was easy to cut and insert….best of all, it looks FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!!! AH 8/16

The Gold Medal Pen-pencil Combination I just received is Mint! Thanks! KF 8/16

Sonnet pencil received. Excellent! Thank you. BP 8/16

I hope you and Myrna are doing well. I’m overdue in dropping you a note. Thank you for the wonderful 1955 celluloid 149. It is a gorgeous pen. It writes like a dream. In a few months I’ll be in the market for another. This time, with a BB or wider nib if possible. Thank you again. Best, WG 8/16

I’ve received the Soennecken 412. It’s a flawless pen! The pen feels perfect in the hand when posted, and writes beautifully. You never fail to deliver perfection! Thank you very much! Yours sincerely, SL 7/16

Got the Parker Thrift Time Set and Royal Challenger set. Very nice! Thanks, EC 7/16

Just wanted to let you know I received the Omas Vision and am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for packing so well and your appraisal of the condition was spot on. Looking forward to receiving your next catalog. CK 7/16

I’ve received the Osmia. It is a marvel that a 60+ years old pen could look this new!!!! And the flexibility is astounding!!! Thanks again for this remarkable pen!! Yours sincerely, SL 5/16

The Sheaffer Roller Ball – Ball Pen set arrived safe and sound and they’re beautiful. Thanks again, JO 6/16

Just to let you know that I received the MB146R this morning. First impressions are highly favourable: the pen is in pristine condition and writes beautifully. I love the size and the balance. Could I ask one question? Your web description lists the colour as Burgundy. Did MB also issue the 146 in a different “Bordeaux” shade or is this just another name for the Burgundy colour? [Answer: Burgundy is the English translation of “Bordeaux.”] Thanks again for the pen, I’m delighted with it. Best Regards, PF 6/16

Just wanted to let you know that the new-old-stock Bayard arrived yesterday and you were right; it is a smooth writer and a “chunky” pen, just beautiful! Thank you so much! It is one real smooth writer. I really enjoy it! RE 6/16

I’m sorry …I never wrote to you about how nice that Conklin gold-filled “Hand Engraved Vine” crescent-fill is — I love it! Thanks again DB 6/16

Just a few words to let you know that the Skyline arrived safely today. It is absolutely OUTSTANDING, in that Garnet Modern Stripe colour!!! And you did wrote “A touch of trim edge brassing”. Where? I see nothing! In addition, the flexible nib is just lovely. Thanks very much for another wonderful pen! Best regards, JP 6/16

Just wanted to let you know that the Pelikan 400 arrived safely today. Oh my word! I LOVE the nib. It was a bit of a gamble for me (as I usually go for medium nibs), but I am VERY happy with my choice of the fine oblique. What a beautiful pen and an awesome nib. Thanks, LR 6/16

The Soennecken 309 arrived. I am always amazed at how excellent their nibs were at all sizes and grades and metals. For user wanting no particular tooth for quick writing, this one is flawlessly smooth from first contact. And their steel nibs…sometimes more interesting than the gold nibs. Best, JS 6/16

I received the Soennecken today. Great collectible pen — in the box with the paperwork. A pleasure doing business! All the best. NL 5/16

I got the 1980’s Montblanc 146 today. I’m happy. Thank you. BRS 5/16

The Parker 62 etched floral eye-dropper fill pen arrived safely. Beautiful pen in excellent condition. Thanks, PK 5/16

The Parker 51 “Red-band” and the Parker Royal Challenger came in yesterday, both look great! Thanks again and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future! Thanks again, PK 4/16

I received the Sheaffer Set and the Vacumatic pencil. The pencil matches a green Vacumatic fountain pen I bought from you years ago. The Sheaffer set is a nice collectors item. Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying the spring weather. All the best NL 4/16

I just received the black double-nibbed COLORADO. Perfect! As feedback you could add “perfect pen and exceptional communication, especially with a non English speaking person.” Regards, GP 4/16

Hi Gary, and Happy Easter (a little bit late, sorry)! I received the Montblanc 122 PL and 72 PL pencil, and the vintage Montblanc pen pouches! Everything looks perfect from my point of view. Thank you very much; I am happy; they look amazing. Very interesting to experience the lightness of MB 122 on my hand. All the best, CP 3/16

The Waterman Sterling Silver 452 1/2V “Duchesse” arrived today. What a gem! All I can really say is that I am sorry I don’t have smaller hands (to better accommodate such a thin pen). MC 3/16

I just received the Montblanc Hemingway Ballpen! Everything looks great! Thanks a lot! CR 3/16

I received the Montblanc 254 today. Thank you very much. Best regards, IK 3/16

I’ve received the two Soennecken Rheingolds. They are lovely, as usual. And the nibs are wonderful!!!! Inked them up with Graf von Faber Castell’s Garnet and Royal Blue. German ink with German maiden! Haha. Glad to do business with you. Should you find Soennecken 111 coloured version or another colourful Rheingold or Prasident, please let me know 🙂 Yours sincerely, SL 3/16

How are you folks doing? The Montblanc 254 is awesome! Everything is so clean and crisp looking. Very happy! DU 3/16

Pen received. Wonderful! I love it, I mean, the Parker “51” Demi. It fits better in my hand than the regular size pen. Great condition too! Thanks very much for everything! Best regards, JP 3/16.

Just returned from a trip and the 51 was waiting for me. Beautiful pen and as always – a pleasure doing business! all the best NL 3/16

Good Afternoon Gary; You must have gone through a time portal to get this mint-in-the-box Parker 51 set with the solid gold caps. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thank you my friend for offering such a magnificent set! I’ll be saving up again for the June Catalog. Again, thanks Gary……GD 3/16

Just some words to tell you I received the two Parker 51s safely today. They are nice and fit my writing, so thanks again so much. JP 3/16

Today I received the Waterman cardinal filigree overlay. An amazing fountain pen and thanks again for the polishing; I also discovered the stub italic nib. Exceptional! – no other word. It’s exactly what I wished for and expected. It’s a pleasure to write with and a rare nib among my vintage waterman collection. Thank you so much. All the very best and my best salutations to you and Myrna. FH 3/16

The Omas Ercolessi was received yesterday. Looks great and works great. Thanks, MD 3/16

The Sheaffer WASP and the TANK arrived. They are great! Thank you, PJ 3/16

Bravo! How too handsome! The Waterman 0552 “Checkerboard Filigree” overlay pen quite bowled me over. Thank you very much. Yours, LW 3/16

I just received the Parker True Blue and it’s a beauty! Thank you for the fast shipment. Now, I’m looking forward to receiving the Parker 51! All the best NL 3/16

I received the pens today, everything went well. Thank you again, I am so happy that I now am the proud owner of these orange Parker 25s. Best regards. WS 2/16

I’ve received the Soennecken 111 Extra and the Montblanc Dickens. I’ve inked both of them up, since I don’t buy pens to shove them in my safe. The Soennecken 111 Extra is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! It looks a hell lot better than I could have hoped for. I can’t wait for the release of you next catalogue. This is an amazing mileage in my fountain pen passion. This has been a wonderful experience. May all of your endeavors prevail. Yours sincerely, and hands still trembling with delight, SL 1/16

The green laminated Parker Vacumatic arrived today. You were accurate in your description, it is astonishing and writes gracefully. It’s my first vintage pen, but it won’t be the only one. I’ll be checking your Catalog. Thank you very much, VA 1/16

Got the Conklin “Halloween Pen” — beautiful pen! Thanks, EC 1/16

The Aurora 98 just arrived (fast service!), and it looks to be in lovely condition. It gave me a bit of confussion before I realized you don’t push the retractable turning knob all the way in to get it to retract, but with that solved it’s great. Thanks so much! JM 1/16

I have received the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance pen and am very happy with it. JR 12/15

The pencils and leads arrives this morning. I absolutely love the Sheaffer pencil (as always) – so light and easy to hold – just a delight to use. It will be a real asset in life drawing and general sketching. The Pelikan pencil, with the wider lead is fine too – just more functional, but will get many a workout when speed is needed over accuracy and delicacy. So many thanks and the very best seasons greetings to you and Myrna. warm regards, MB 12/15

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know I received the Parker 51 Vacumatic safely today. This is a nice pen and I am happy with it. Thank you again! All the best, JR 12/15

The MIB Parker Spanish Treasure arrived this morning and I must say, wow better than I had hoped! It is perfect for my father. Thank you. If you do come across a Queen Elizabeth 75, and you deem it around the same condition as this, please do let me know. You made my Christmas that bit happier this year ..thank you. NL 12/15

Got the Waterman 18S Safety pen…love it!!!! Thanks so much. Happy holidays! DB 12/15

I received the Sheaffer Cadet Tip Dip Set and the Aurora 88 yesterday and couldn’t be happier. I love the Pontiac logo on the Sheaffer set and I can’t wait show the folks at my local pen club the Aurora 88! A pleasure doing business as always. All the best, NL 12/15

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Parker 47 (“Pregnant Parker”) and that it looks fabulous. Thanks again, AK 11/15

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks now that the Pelikan 400 is inked up and writing beautifully. Amazing pen – my first vintage flex, and I love the feel (though plainly my handwriting needs work with this nib). Thanks again. AD 11/15

Received the red hard rubber Duofold today.. It is outstanding .. and the nib is perfect for me! Thank you very much. FG 9/15

Just to let you know, I received the pens yesterday in good condition. Thank you very much for your great service! We will certainly enjoy these Conklins. All the best, RT 9/15

I have received the Soennecken 118 and the Anonymous Stockbroker Pen/Pencil set. NICE! Thanks again. All the best, JD 9/15

The Pelikan M1000 arrived safe and sound. Thanks again- until next time. Best, EA 9/15

Thank you! I received the T111 Pelikan Toledo. The pen is very beautiful. I am looking forward to next business with you. Any news about an L139 please contact me. Thank you so much. PH 9/15

My Aurora Afrika arrived today and it’s beautiful! I love it! Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day! JR 9/15

I received the Wahl Eversharp Oxford in red pearl swirl today. It is a stunning pen and I love the bulb fill. I can’t wait to show this pen off at my local pen club! Thanks a bunch! Best NL 9/15

I got the package yesterday. The Mabie Todd looks great! Thanks, LK 8/15

The 61 demonstrator arrived safe and sound, thank you. The Canadian trademark mark, “RD 1956,” is symbolic for me as the year of my engagement, for which she gave me an English 61 as a present. I wrote my entire dissertation with it. This demonstrator is really nice and complements my 61 collection. AD 8/15

I received the Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph Vac-Fill desk set and it’s a beauty! I love the Triumph nib! Thank you for the quick shipment – it’s always a pleasure doing business with you. By the way, I found another pen I would like to buy! All the best NL 8/15

I’ve received the two Pelikans yesterday, they just look gorgeous and write perfectly. Thank you again for your generous help. Best regards, TZ 8/15

Dear Myrna, yesterday I ordered a pen from your website and your service surprised me. It took Gary 10 minutes to despatch the item, which is absolutely unexpected in case of such via-email correspondence. You are doing a fabulous job — keep it up, there will be returns. I have already started promoting on behalf of you. Looking forward to a long lasting relation. All the best, TS 8/25 (on Facebook)

Just to say, the Parker Oversize Vacumatic arrived and looks great. Kind Regards, Kind Regards, KG 8/15

I’m new to your store. I am also new to the vintage pen world. When I search for information about the vintages pens, Google very often presents your shop page photos. I have been amazed by your excellent selection. It’s fun to look at the variety of pens you offer. It took some time for me to understand your shop system, so this is my first purchase. I am now interested in pens marked with the Art Deco esthetics. The Waterman Ray series (silver or emerald, or copper?) look absolutely unique in this view point (ink-Vue or No.7). I’m looking for one with a good flex nib. It seems that you have sometimes this type of pens, and I find that your prices are reasonable compared with other shops. So I will check your pages from time to time. Thank you. Sincerely, YH 7/15

I should have let you know earlier, but I received the delivery of the two Montblanc 149 early last week. I have inked them and they are very nice. Thanks as always, I will keep viewing your catalogues. Regards, RP 7/15

Pen received – thank you. Very good condition, thank you again. The early 1939 Waterman ‘Hundred Year Pen’ is very very scarce this side of the Atlantic. Delighted! AD 7/15

I received the Montegrappa Historia LE today, beautiful ! Thanks. QH 7/15

I just wanted to confirm that I received the Parker #15 pearl. It’s a beautiful pen as advertised. I’m very excited to have it in my collection. Thanks, AK 6/15

Finally, I fetched and signed for your packet from the Post office. yesterday, went home and opened it with the anticipation of a ten-year old getting a present (I always do with your packages!). The Parker 21 pen is nothing short of elegant. While the nib is not gold, I love the way it writes — it floats across the page. The pencil is pretty neat too; and with a brand new eraser no less. when the single lead runs out, i’ll have to find the appropriate refills. This is probably the best $75 bucks i’ve spent in a long time. I have no idea what the set looked like when you got it, but I’m extremely grateful for the efforts you put into refurbishing it. So, many thanks from one happy camper. JO 6/15

Just to let you know that the 1921 Sheaffer “Self-Filling” was received in perfect shape. Many thanks for your kind service ! Best regards, AB 6/15

I have received the Waterman Black no. 5 Red. Its such a fabulous pen. Although I am an extremely light handed fountain pen user from my practice in Ornamental Script/Spencerian, I really enjoy how the nib is flexible enough for some use in light shading. Its a fine daily user, oh yes. Hopefully if I have enough time, I’ll write back in the future. Thanks again! QN 6/15

The mint Montblanc 142 Green Striped set arrived just as anticipated! Thank you so very much! This will be an exquisite addition to my MB collection. My Compliments! RS 6/15

Yesterday I received the package with the onyx Waterman Patrician pen. It is spectacular and a delight to write with. Thanks — I hope to acquire more pens from you. AM 6/15

Thanks again for another wonderful transaction. I always enjoy buying from you—your customer service is great and the pens are always in excellent condition exactly as described. I’m realizing I really enjoy the vintage Montblancs. The modern ones are beautiful pens made from amazing materials, but the older ones seem to have a character and style the newer production line models lack. JD 6/15

The Parker 25 Jack Knife Safety arrived safely and is perfect as usual. Look forward to the DC show. Stay cool. TB 6/15

À brief note to tell you I received the Montblanc 132 safely. I am just back from a trip in countryside. In fact the pen was already in my mail box several days ago. Nice pen truly! Many thanks again. All the best JA 6/15

The Parker model 99S gold-filled “Brocade” arrived in Romania on Thursday, in less than a week. It is in excellent condition (some minor brassing on the end of the barrel overlay). The FP looks fine and the #3 nib is a super flex one. I enjoyed it. Many thanks. Friendly, SL 6/15

I just received the Waterman 94 in Moss Agate and in Brown Cream bought from you and would like to thank you, they are beautiful! Kind regards. EC 6/15

Received the early celluloid Montblanc 149. Very happy with it! Let me know if you have any leads on a late MB L139. Thank you again. Best, SV 6/15

The Moore Fingertip arrived safe and sound. Incredibly beautiful pen in outstanding condition! Thanks mainly to you, I am building a collection I never thought I would enjoy. Looking forward to taking a look on the new (#76) catalog! Warmest regards, JA 6/15

I have received the Aurora RA5, Conway Stewart 58 and Waterman Liaison that just now. Excellent! Thanks again. All the best. JD 6/15

I safely received the Montblanc 142 Masterpiece pen just a moment ago and it is quite wonderful. I just wanted to let you know. Thank You! ES 6/15

Just wanted to let you know that the pens arrived safe and sound. The Brown Cream Waterman 94 is awesome. And, thank you very much for the Rotring – you are just too generous ! Very Very Happy, DU 6/15

The Chilton is here, and is beautiful. See you soon. HD 6/15

I received my Mabie Todd from Catalog #75 today. I almost melted when I put nib to paper — so smooth! CB 6/15

Just received the Visconti Voyager. It is a beauty! NS 6/15

Just got the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance Large in Ebonized Pearl. It is fantastic! This is the most worthy 425 dollar that I have spent :D, after the Osmia pen, of course. Still, thank you so much for this stunning pen! Best regards, HT 6/15

I received the Parker Popular BF and the Waterman Citation. Two beautiful pens and wonderful additions to my collection! It is always a pleasure doing business with you. All the best to you and Myrna! NL 6/15

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the warmer weather. I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I continue to enjoy the beautiful MB 139L I purchased from you late last year. I use it almost every day and it always makes for a lovely writing experience. Looking forward to the next catalog. Best, ST 5/15

I just received the Waterman book (Waterman Past and Present) you wrote and I bought from you, it’s great! Congratulations! Thank you. EC 5/15

The Montblanc 126 PL was received and as per usual you’re as good as your word. Exactly as described, a really nice acquisition thank you all round for everything. If I may, please can I update my wish list? Best regards JS 4/15

Thank you, I received the striped Sr. Deluxe Duofold the last week, a beautiful and great pen. Best regards. ER 4/15

Just wanted to let you the Waterman Artist’s pen and the Waterman 222 sterling silver taper cap pen arrived safely, and I am very pleased with both of them. I’ve dipped both of them, and liked the way they write. Thank you! AE 4/15

The fountain pen arrived today. Thanks!! I like it very much. I’ve waited for quite a time for a Crocker blow filler to join my collection. If you happen to have a Crocker hatchet filler for sale (I saw a few on some of your previous catalogues) I’ll be glad to consider purchasing it. Thanks again and best regards, SP 3/15

Gary, this past week I started writing with the vintage Soffer (Italian fountain pen) I purchased through you this past month. Am most pleased, the shading on the celluloid is lovely and it writes beautifully. SB 3/15

I would have liked to write earlier but I was away. I received the Aurora 88P and everything has been marvelous about it. Many thanks to you and Myrna. I look forward to ordering again. MT 3/15

Thanks again Gary and Myrna. The Parker 51 Aerometric set and the Pelikan Souveran M450 are lovely. Best regards, EA 3/15

The Waterman #52 in red and black ripple was received last week. It is such a wonderful NOS pen!!! I cannot even imagine a better example! Thank you so much for another outstanding addition to my collection. JP 3/15

Just letting you know that the Omas 50 arrived safely today. Sure, I missed out on my first and second choices this time, but the nimble little OMAS 50 turned out to be just fantastic! I couldn’t be happier. I always have a soft spot for slim pens and this one is just so well designed and well made. And you didn’t mention that the 14K nib flexes as good as any vintage semi-flex. Very responsive, it goes from F to B under light writing pressure. I’m loving it! Thanks very much. Cheers, KS 3/15

The two Crockers arrived last week and I am very happy with them. Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland! DH 3/15

The Italian Sofer arrived today …appearance is simply lovely. Dipped and wrote a couple of sentences….like. Thank You! SB 3/15

I have received the two Parker 75s and the Sheaffer Lifetime Sr. Jade. Nice! Thanks again. JD 3/15

The Montblanc Rouge et Noir, Vacumatic Major and 51 Parker/Kullock demonstrator arrived safely. I really love them, especially the Montblanc. The condition was great ! Montblanc Rouge et Noir is one of my dream pen. So it really great to have this pen. Thanks again and wish you have a great day. Regards, DW 3/15

Good news, the pen was in my mail box tonight. It’s a wonderful writer and looks really good. Thanks RK 3/15

The Parker Black Giant just arrived safely. Thanks a lot. It is quite a nice pen. Best, MS 3/15

I received the Sheaffer Feather Touch 7 Vac-fill and it is a beauty! It’s inked up and I’ve been writing with it this morning. Thanks so much for the great service as always! All the best NL 2/15

Received the 1955 green striped Montblanc 146 pen and 172 pencil today. They’re beautiful – perfect condition, and a great nib on the pen. I’m glad I held out for such a great specimen. It’s my white whale! Thanks again!!! KF 2/15

The Waterman #7 red Ripple arrived safely. It is a lovely pen in amazing condition (like new) and writes like a dream. I really enjoy writing with it. The script is more of a fine cursive italic with some flex than a stub. Thanks. NO

The 1954 Nylon Parker Jotter arrived today, and a vision of loveliness it is! I had a 1955 one for decades but snapped the plastic when something heavy hit my chest in doing home repairs. Thank you very much. DD 2/15

Don’t mean to clog your inbox, but I’ve inked the Montblanc 144 Grey Striated and it writes like a charm. Very happy indeed. Best, DK 2/15

The Waterman brushed chrome Forum arrived in good order. Thank you so much for the excellent service. Best, SB 1/15

Got the Sheaffer Targa and Osmia set today — thank you so much! 😀 And the Osmia 223 totally blew my mind!!! The nib is so gooood!!! I didn’t know that a nib could be this perfect! Best regards, HT 1/15

Merry Christmas! Just a quick note to let you know that the “blue” Parker 25 set arrived and it is great. Thanks for packaging them so well. Best regards, JT 12/14

Again, I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the burgundy PFM I set. It was exactly as described. It takes pride of place right beside the blue PFM II you sold me earlier this year. I also want to wish you both all the best of the season and a happy New Year. Kind Regards. FB 12/14

I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the pens I bought from you recently. A Waterman 452 Pansy panel and a black hard rubber Pick pen. I especially love the Waterman and the smoother writing with its nib. Thank you, CH 12/14

I have received the Cartier Dandy fountain pen. Very nice! Thanks again. Merry Christmas. JD 12/14

I was lucky! The Waterman gold-filled “Oriental” arrived very quickly in Romania. A lovely Fountain Pen! I am waiting for your future list. Best regards, SL 12/14

Just a short note to let you know that the pens arrived today …. safe and sound … and straight through here to Australia! Being an avid fan of early eyedroppers, the John Holland over/under feed makes a great addition to my collection. And my friend is very happy with the Proust. She asked me to pass on her thanks for sourcing it for her. And let me take the opportunity to wish both you and Myrna a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! All the best … PW 12/14

Just wanted to let you know that the Sheaffer Balance arrived. It’s very nice; I’ve inked it up and am enjoying writing with it. JR 12/14

I received the package today, here in Dubai. I am satisfied with not only the Green Striped Montblanc 142 itself but also with your total actions. Thank you for a good transaction and I am looking forward to our next opportunity. Thank you, TN 12/14

Thanks so much for the wonderful 1959 Celluloid Montblnac 149 you provided. It is fantastic! JO 12/14

Just to let you know I received the Waterman Continental Safety today. I really love it!! Can’t wait to see your next Catalog #74. Wish all the best to you. Regards, DW 12/14

This short message to inform you that I received the Aurora 88 and the Pelikan set. They are very beautiful items, I am very sàtisfied. Again thank you a lot. Wish Myrna and yourself all the best, MC 12/14

This very day I received the Bayard safely. This is exactly the type of nib I love. Again thanks a lot for this wonderful pen! Curiously it went back to France from where it was born… All the best, JR 12/14

The Waterman #7 Red Ripple “Purple” and the Montblanc 146 arrived last night. As usual, they are in excellent condition and exactly as you described them in the Catalog. Thank you for selling them to me and delivering them well packaged. Happy Holidays! DM 12/14

The Waterman Ink View arrived safely – looks great – very happy. Wish you and Myrna nice Holiday Season. TB 12/14

I got home today and the Waterman Conquest Taperite set had arrived. This is a beautiful set! Thanks for the quick shipment and it is a pleasure doing business with you, as always. Happy Holidays! NL 12/14

I received the Faber Castell and I wanted like to say how pleased I am. This was my first purchase from you after years of browsing your pens. Top notch service, great packaging and great product. Thanks again. BB 10/14

The Agatha Christie ball pen arrived safe and sound today. This was certainly much sooner than I was expecting … nothing further was heard from customs! And what a beauty it is. For someone who uses a ballpoint as much I do I should have bought one of these ages ago. It feels nice in the hand and looks great. The patina of the silver is perfect! Thanks again for all that was involved in getting the pen for me. All the very best, PW 10/14

I just received the Montegrappa yesterday, thank you very much, the postal service here in Mexico is terrible and I was afraid that something happened to the package, but everything is now perfect, the pen like always is gorgeous. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, ER 10/14

Just wanted to let you know I received the Pelikan 400NN and the slotted display trays and I’m very happy with both! The pen is gorgeous! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you! MS 10/14

Just got the Parker Sr. Streamline Duofold pen/pencil set. Wow…what gorgeous color!! Love it! Thanks for the quick shipping. Best, MS 9/14

I just received Sheaffer Triumph and Waterman 52 sets bought from you and would like to THANK YOU, they are beautiful, and I am very pleased with my purchase. Kind regards, EC 9/14

The Waterman 0552 1/2 LEC Basketweave and the Montblanc 342 Silver Pearl “Weiss” arrived yesterday. They are magnificent (see writing sample attached). I am so pleased with my purchase. Thanks for your excellent quality of service. Best regards, HB 9/14

I have received the Faber Castell, Omas and Mabie Todd Swan Safety Pen and Fyne Point pencil. Excellent! Thanks again. Best Regards. JD 9/14

I wanted to tell you how much I like the 1985 mONTBLANC 149 that I bought from you. It is not nearly as big as I thought it would be, has a nice balance, and a wonderful nib. MJ 8/14

Just to let you know, I received the Conklin 50 and Conklin 40 yesterday and the nibs are great. Thank you, TS 8/14

Thanks for the Mabie Todd Trench Pen above which arrived safely yesterday afternoon, and is a beauty. Should you come across some ink pellets for it I hope you will let me know. With best regards to you and Myrna, Sincerely, JP 8/14

I received the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance set in red stripe yesterday. It is a beautiful set and I am very happy with it! Thanks also for the quick transaction and shipping – always appreciated. Enjoy the rest of the summer! NL 8/14

Got the Parker Royal Challenger today and it is super nice. Best of luck with the new Catalog. Regards, LS 8/14

I received my Parker Vacumatic Debutante today! It is SO beautiful. I will treasure it! TS 8/14

Received the 1950 Montblanc 142 this morning, yay! I absolutely love the thing. The KOB nib is fantastic. It is really my new favorite pen, and that’s a tall order to fill. SL 7/14

I received the mint lapis Parker Duofold Special and the slotted display trays. The pen is wonderful, and the trays look like they are going to work nicely. Thanks again, CT 6/14

Just to let you know I received the Montblanc 246 and it is fantastic! Thank you. MJ 6/14

Today I received the Black Chased Hard Rubber Waterman 14. Writes beautifully, thanks! JG 6/14

Just looked for the mint Green Striped Montblanc 142 at the Post Office today (I had been on a trip …) of course I had some taxes to pay, but this was OK. A lovely pen! I am very lucky! Again thank you Gary, for having sold to me. And congrats for the quality! Wish Myrna and yourself a nice evening. All the best, MC 6/14

Thank you for the wonderful Golden Arco Omas Paragon!!! I am very happy to get the pen! Thank you very much! Best regards, TR 6/14

I have received the Dupont Godron Orpheo fountain pen. Nice! Thanks again. Best, JD 6/14

I just had to let you know how pleased I was with the Sheaffer PFM II. Its exactly as you described. Now all I need is a PFM IV or V!! I look forward to the next catalog… Best Regards, FB 6/14

I’m here now, and have the Delta 20th-anniversary Dolce Vita. I love it. What a great pen. Thanks a lot. best, JK 6/14

The Wahl Fifth Avenie 14K gold capped set arrived alive and looks great. Thanks Gary. JR 6/14

Transitional brown striped Pelikan 100N received. Beautiful pen. I really like it. Best regards, JR 6/14

Received the 1965 Montblanc 149 yesterday .. just opened it. Very Happy !!! Thanks again … Awesome pen! JB 6/14

I arrived home last night and received the Parker 51 set. The set is beautiful and a nice addition to my collection. As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you! All the best, NL 5/15

The Pelikan 100N Tortoise Set looks great Gary. Looking forward to next catalog. TB 5/14

I received the Parker 61 Signet gold filled set today. The fountain pen and pencil are absolutely pristine! This is a wonderful addition to my collection. I’m looking forward to the new catalogue. Thanks again! NL 5/14

Received my Wahl Eversharp Skyline Jr. and I am absolutely delighted! Your catalogs are a lot of fun to peruse, and I hope you keep me on your list. A wonderful pen, fast delivery, safe packing…what’s not to like? I’ll be recommending you to other pen fanatics. Thanks again, DP 5/14

Am renewing my subscription as I wouldn’t want to miss a catalogue. Thanks for all you do and by the way, the last pen I bought from you (a golden pearl Vacumatic) was a gem! Delightful to look at, a joy to use. Thanks again PJ 4/14

I received my #4 Crescent-fill Conklin today and am very pleased. Excellent pen and writes beautifully. Thanks, RF 4/14

Only to let you know that I received the Delta Dolce Vita the last week, a beautiful pen with a great nib. Thank you very much. Sincerely. EB 3/14

I just got the Conklin Duragraph in the mail. Everything looks good, and the pen writes well. MP 3/14

I got the black chased Conklin 75 crescent-fill on Thursday. Super nice! Thank you, LS 3/14

The inlaid Chilton Wingflow set just arrived and it is gorgeous. Thanks for the pens and fast shipment. It is a pen I have wanted to have and am pleased to now have it in my collection. Best wishes for your future business. IS 3/14

The black Conklin Endura was safely received! Very nice pen by the way. Thanks again! JR 3/14

Just letting you know the last parcel was delivered here this morning. The Vistonti Kaleido and Delta Dolcevita are both great. Much appreciated as always. Kindest regards, MM 3/14

I just received the Waterman #7 and Conklin Endura set bought from you, they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much. ELCA 3/14

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Pelikan 100CN and I love it! What ink do you use to test pens? The color looks like it would be a good writing color. [Gary’s answer: Waterman Blue-Black]. MV 3/14
I just received the Pelikan 100, Pelikan 101 and Pelikan 400NN Demonstrator, they are really great! Thank you very much, Best Regards, JR 3/14

The Moss Agate Waterman Patrician came and it is as good as advertised!! JC 3/14

I just received the moiré Waterman CF in the mail – what a beauty!! Can’t wait to ink it up with Florida blue or Waterman purple. I love looking at your catalog – so much fun to see. Thanks again, DS 3/14

I have received the Montblanc 136 and the anonymous “His & Her’s” fountain pen set. Nice! Thanks again. Best regards, JD 3/14

The mint Conway Stewart 22 “Floral” arrived. It’s beautiful! Thanks very much. SH 3/14

I just wanted to let you know that the Conklin Enduras arrived safe and sound. They are in wonderful condition and I get to lay down a few lines on the note pad that accompanied them. The note pad is really unusual and amusing – nothing like it in Hawaii. Thank you very much, DU 3/14

I hope you and Myrna are doing well. I am sure you are very busy at the moment. Just want to tell you I received the Parker T-1 yesterday. A true real beauty this pen! Tried it, does not even write as badly as I would have expected 🙂 ! In any case for me it is not for use but for collection. I enjoy it. Thank you again very much, Gary. I wish you both a very nice day, take care. All the best, MC 3/14

Received the Montblanc 149 today. It is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much. LC 3/14

I received the Parker VP and the Sheaffer Balance today. Both are in absolutely pristine condition and I am very happy with both! As always, you have a wonderful catalogue. All the best NL 3/14

Just wanted to confirm the Montblanc 142 and 4 Safety arrived in great shape, thanks to the usual brilliant packaging. Regards, PE 3/14

Good evening, the two Deltas and Waterman arrived in excellent condition. I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much. Best wishes, CL 3/14

I received the four wonderful Montblanc pens in the mail today – thank you very much! They’re all great but my favorite hands down is the Montblanc #31 with that BB italic nib. Very much like my 149s but not quite as wet and with nice line variations. I can’t believe I didn’t grab that one first and possibly came close to letting it slip away. You were exactly right about what a great nib it is. I’m considering the Montblanc 146 in burgundy with its matching ball pen, but I just don’t have enough hands to write with them all (or people who want me to write to them that often). If I decide to take them I hope I do so before someone else does. I’m playing “pen chicken” – such are the quandaries of life. 😉 Thanks again! DW 3/14

The yellow Delta LE Alfa Romeo arrived safe and sound. Very nice and very happy. Thanks so much. Best regards to you both, AT 3/14.

The Moore “Chased” overlay arrived. Oh my God, Gary what a spectacular pen! I’m so pleased. DB 3/14

I wanted to thank you for the two beautiful Conklin pencils and for remembering my interest. they are fantastic and a joy to write with. VS 3/14

I just received the two Sheaffer Targas in the mail and they are beautiful! Thank you so much! DS 2/14

Hi Gary, wanted to let you know that the Aurora Il Dono arrived safe and sound yesterday. I think thanks to your properly filled out customs forms, declaration amount and probably the massive volume of parcels needing processing this week the package came through directly without issue. I was not expecting the impressive packaging that comes with the pen, overall a really nice Chanukah present for me. The pen itself, especially the cap is quite impressive. Thanks again for your efforts on the pricing and best wishes to you and Myrna for the Holidays and New Year. DB 12/13

The Montblanc pen and the pencil arrived! I’m delighted! Thanks again for your help. I’ve got some more things I’m interested in and need to talk about them with you after the first of the year. Happy holidays and thanks ever so much for working with me on the pens this year. MJ 12/13

The Parker 51 is a beautiful set! Thank you Gary and Marry Christmas. HA 12/13

The Omas arrived safely today. I’m impressed by the well-packed and the mint condition of pen, box. Thank you very much. Regards, TP 12/13

Just to let you know the Waterman Crusader is now on my hand! I received it today. Thanks again for this nice simple pen with a nice EF nib! All the best, JR 12/13

I have received the A.A. Waterman and the two Parker 51s. Every one is nice. Thanks again. Other, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wish you and your family good health and happiness! JD 12/13

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for sending the pens along so quickly. They got here this afternoon, and wow, are they beautiful!!! Especially the Montegrappa Tertio Millennio Adveniente Limited Edition. I am actually going to give that one to my folks as a Christmas gift. Holy bananas, it is stunning! Absolutely stunning! And huge!!!! I was wondering what this massive box was that the UPS guys was carrying 😉 Thank you once again, Gary, and best wishes for the Holiday Season Sincerely, CL 12/13

Just wanted to let you know that the mint 1972 Montblanc pen arrived safe and sound. Beautiful pen ! And, Thank you for the Christmas present. Take care and Happy Holidays. DU 12/13

I received the Pelikan set 100N yesterday — it’s beautiful! Thank you for your very efficient job (prompt response, pen as described, very good packaging). Best wishes, ER 12/13

Got the mint-in-the-box Pelikan 100 CN this evening. Beautiful. My daughter will love it! Many thanks. All best wishes, JB 12/13

I received the Montblanc 149 today. It is, as you stated, in magnificent condition! I am most pleased. Regards, FW 12/13
Just a quick FYI that I received the four Parker 51s, that they all look wonderful and I can’t wait to try ’em out. Happy Thanksgiving! LL 11/13

It is a pleasure to be your customer. Looking forward to the next catalog, hope more Snorkels and maybe PFM IV in black will find there way to you 😉 First year Parker 75 with metal section would be a must have for me. Best Regard, KB 11/13

I received the MacNiven & Cameron today and I am very impressed! What a beautiful old pen! This is why I love doing business with you – your catalogues are filled with treasures. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care. All the best NL 11/13

Pens arrived today – thanks very much again for all your help. The Montblanc 139 is spectacular!!!!! Regards CT 11/13

I have the Montblanc 234 1/2 in my hand. I love it! Thanks for making it happen. I couldn’t be more delighted. — MJ 10/13

I received the mint-in-the-box 1991 Montblanc 149 today and can only say – wow! Just magnificent, thank you. Warmest regards, PS 9/13

The Parker Sonnet BP in the sterling silver Cisele pattern arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It has joined its cousins (75, Premier, Insignia, Classic, …) in my collection of Parker sterling items. I will keep looking through your catalogs for more pens I want. Thanks again, DL 9/13

Sweet! Thank you again for swapping the nib on the Parker 75 I purchased. I’m enjoying it very much, and look forward to the next list! TI 9/13

Just a short note to let you know that I received the gorgeous MAbie Todd, Sheaffer PFM and Parker 51, and also to thank you for consistently providing such a wonderful treasure trove of exquisite fine writing instruments. You always provide a spectacular assemblage of “must have pens.” Thank you. Best wishes, LL 9/13

I’ve received my new Parker Vacumatic and Sailor Magellin pens. Both pens write pretty fine. Medium point. Right. Almost perfect. It’s been a pleasure to make business with you. I hope next time I will find great discounts. Nowadays I just look for any eye dropper system. I love big and heavy pens, no matter if they are black. Best regards, JG 9/13

I received the Parker 51 Nassau Green Set today and it is spectacular! Thank you so much for working with us. Now I will have to wait for my birthday so my wife can give me the set. That being said, it will be worth the wait. On another note I like your new business card – very nice! NL 9/13

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Parker “51” today and it is amazing! Best wishes. JD 9/13

I received the Wahl Eversharp Skyline and the Waterman #92 this last Saturday. Thank you very much, both are great and their flexible nibs are wonderful! Sincerely. ER 9/13

The two vintage A.A. Waterman are perfect, and I also thank you for your exceptionally understanding communication, especially with a foreigner! GP 9/13

The 1932 Mont Blanc 4 is, as always, beautiful. Thanks! DK 9/13

I have received the black chased hard rubber Conklin 75 crescent-fill….very very nice……very happy. Thanks, DB 9/13

The Black & Pearl Parker Victory has arrived (safely). And in beautiful shape as always. Thanks for doing business again. RB 9/13

Received the Montblanc Fenerations today. What a great writer! Thanks, AS 9/13

Many greetings from Istanbul. I got yesterday my Montblanc 144 green striped fountain pen, its a masterpiece, very beautiful good looking and very good writing condition. Thank you very much. Kind regards, MA 9/13

I have just received the Caran d”ache and the Montblanc 246. Nice! Thanks again and best regards. JD 9/13

The Parker 51 Demi Plum Pen/Pencil set arrived today. Thanks for the quick shipment. The pens are in excellent condition – the Plum (purple under outdoor light) (dark burgundy-like color under indoor light) plus gold caps is an outstanding combination. Thanks very much. Once again, if a standard size Plum Parker 51 (single pen or pen/pencil set) crosses your desk, please let me know. Best regards, AL 8/13

I have received the package and tried the two Waterman 94’s. They both are awesome!! I am very happy with these two magnificent pens, and the super flexible nibs. A lot of thanks!!! Best Regards and Happy Labor Day, LP 8/13

The #3 Conklin gold-filled filigree pen arrived today and it is a beauty! Thanks! Regards, JG 8/13

Just a quick note to let you know that my new (to me) Parker 51 arrived safe and sound last night. As you mentioned it’s a gorgeous pen in fantastic condition that writes so beautifully well with the perfect level of wetness. Once again thank you very much for everything (especially the exceptional packaging). Cheers. NF 8/13

Gary, the Sheaffer PFM II was everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you and you will be hearing from me in the future once my savings rebuild! AM 7/13

OH MY GOSH, the 1920 cardinal hard rubber Conklin crescent-fill is AMAZING — are you sure you don’t have a time machine? It looks like you bought it yesterday! And the jade Waterman Patrician has a stub nib! I didn’t realize this — WOW! AC 6/13

I’ve picked up the Montblanc Tiger’s Eye 242 from the post office today. I just wanted to say that as always, this one is a true beauty. Till next time. All the best, RB 6/13

The Waterman 0512 eyedropper and the green pearl 32V are well received today. They are beautiful!!!! Thanks again. Best Regards, AL 6/13

I just want to tell you how wonderful this burgundy 1951 Parker 51 is. It is simply the best fountain pen I have ever met, better than the Parker Duofold International, better than all the Sheaffer pens I have. I really really appreciate your help, your website is the perfect place for me. By the way, the #58 Midnight Parker 51 in fine nib NOS with label in Catalog 67 is still available, right? I am now so in to the 51 series that I think I will purchase this one. Thanks again, you guys are AWESOME 🙂 Regards, HT 6/13

I received the PFM I and I thought I’d write to say that the pen was exactly what I was looking for and more. Your evaluation of the pen was, if anything, conservative. Your “near mint” would be rated considerably higher by many dealers. SH 6/13

My Mabie Todd’s arrived. They are fantastic! Always wonderful doing business with you. Best, DK 6/13

The A. A. Waterman’s arrived safe and sound. The pens are in terrific shape and the nibs are really flexible. They are excellent additions to my collection. Thank you for finding these awesome pens! DU 6/13

I received the 1952 Montblanc 644. Pefect! Thanks. JV 6/13

The Parker 51 and the Paper Mate ball pen have arrived and are great! Thank you, PJ 6/13

I received the Parker 61 and the Parker 51 Demi Plum set. These are all beauties and nice additions to my collection. I look forward to seeing you later this month. All the best NL 6/13

The Montblanc 256 arrived yesterday and, as you’d predicted, I like it a lot. The medium-fine nib writes beautifully, and the pen itself is a pleasure to hold. Will let you know if I have problems, but I don’t anticipate any. Many thanks! Best to both of you, BL 5/13

Just a note to let you know that I am enjoying the Montegrappa Classica. I inked it with Montegrappa’s matching turquoise ink, and it’s well behaved. Thanks ME 5/13

Oh, Gary: the Omas/Minerva is beautiful! Many thanks — it was put into my hands three minutes ago (your package). I could hardly open it quickly enough to see…just gorgeous! See you in Boston in a couple of weeks’ time! Best wishes, CG 5/13

The F. Loeser & Co. “Ink Pencil” is one of the most intriguing writing instruments I have acquired from you. The mechanism is simple but very innovative and it writes great. Occasionally, the line is some what generous, but it never burped ink. The mechanism is very delicate and I can’t believe it is 110 years old. I rinsed it off and will add it to my unused pens collection. SE 5/13

The mint Green Moderne Parker Duofold Juniorette pen arrived safe and well this afternoon. Thanks again, it is a stunning pen to add to my collection. I’ll send you a photo in due course. Kind Regards, RC 5/13

Hi Gary, the Pelikan 101N Grey Marble is a super pen! Hope to see you in August. TB 5/13

The solid gold Mabie Todd Swan was safely received today. The best solid gold Mabie Todd I ever seen! AL 5/13

Got the Black & Pearl Duofold International and its beautiful. Thank you very much! RW 4/1

The rare Black & Pearl Conklin Endura set was received today, very well packed and protected. It´s beautiful. Thank you very much! ECA 3/13

The two mint-with-label Aiken Lamberts arrived safely yesterday – very beautiful they are. Many thanks. Best, CW 3/13

I got your delivery of the two Montblancs, they are beautiful! Kind regards, MA 3/13

The Parker Duofold Geometric arrived safe and sound in yesterday’s post. It looks great! Regards, BG 3/13

Thanks a lot, the Soennecken 222 Extra is gorgeous. And the nib is wonderful! If you find another 222 Extra set in red, green or silver, please think of me ! Best regards, LD 3/13

I wanted you to know that I received the Montblanc burgundy 252 and the Vacumatic Golden Web on Saturday from the post office. Both pens are excellent. Very happy! LOL. Thank you again, DU 3/13

Just a short note to let you know that the little Montblanc pencil arrived safe and sound today, and to say that it is a perfect size match for my 4K safety. The two together make a great set! Thanks for your help. All the best … PW 3/13

I received the Dove Grey Parker 51 today. It really is like Christmas morning! This too is a beauty! Thanks again and I will have another look at this wonderful catalog. NL 3/13

I returned home today and like a kid on Christmas morning, opened the package with the “Mustard” 51. It is a beauty! I’ve been waiting for one like this for some time now. Thank you so much! All the best. NL 2/13

Just a word of appreciation…you guys are fantastic to do business with. Prompt quick shipping and quality products at great prices. RS 3/13

I have received the Waterman 20 Red Ripple. It is wonderful! Thank you. DS 2/13

The Pelikan 400NN and Avalon with music nib have arrived. They are great! Thank you. Using one as we speak. PJ 2/13

I received my Waterman Ink-Vue and two Mabie Todd Swans earlier this week and wanted to write to you to acknowledge their receipt. Thank you for your service and these terrific pens! All the best, KB 2/13

I received the Sheaffer Stylist today, thank you for the quick shipment. The pen is lovely and a nice addition to my collection! I am looking forward to the new catalogue! All the best, NL 2/13

I write to inform you that the Vacumatic Sub-Deb came to me already. I was very happy when seeing this pen, it is so wonderful, much more pretty than I imaged. Nice to have business with you. Maybe I will spend more on your pen gallery in near future 🙂 Thank you BN 1/13

Just a quick note to let you know I received the Parker Norman Rockwell today. It’s beautiful!!! Hope you and the family enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year. Thanks again and regards, CT 12/12

I am very happy with the black Montblanc and the 2 Eversharp Skylines. RK 12/12

Nice Pen (Pelikan 1950 brown striped 400)! Better than what I was hoping for! GE 12/12

Just got the 1965 Montblanc 149, fantastic, I’m very pleased. Thank you! BG 12/12

I received the Parker Duofold DNA fountain pen from you safely today. I am satisfied with the very wonderful fountain pen. I am very thankful to you. Moreover, I am looking forward to the following wonderful dealings with you. Thank you very much! Very best regards, HK 12/12

I got home late and I just want to let you know that the Parker 51 set and Waterman Edson arrived in excellent shape. I am delighted. The Edson is truly a thing of beauty. I take a lot of notes, and wrote many of my scientific papers in longhand over the last 50+ years. It gives one more time to think than using a word processor. However, the secretary had trouble with the equations. Thanks. It has been a delight dealing with you. Regards, MD 12/12

Gary! OMG — my Montblanc Year of the Golden Dragon just arrived! I couldn’t be happier! Merry Christmas to me, in my Dragon Year! Thanks, you’re the best! JE 12/12

I wanted to Let you know that the Parker LE Snake arrived safely this evening. Very impressive pen and packaging! Thanks for the careful packaging for shipping, was not expecting such a big box. Now I just need to see if I have the nerve to ink it at some point. DB 12/12

I just had to email and let you know that I had gotten out some green and red pens to ink for the Christmas season and found the green sheaffer with a leaf pattern that I had purchased in a batch of pens from you guys at this same time last year (item #15 from catalog 61). It was tucked away and I had not inked it as yet, so thought it was time. Since I’m big on seasonal pen colors and inks, I’ve got lots of others with red and green inks, so thought I would try a darker complementary color and used noodler’s purple wampun, which worked well. It wrote a bit dry but just flossed the nib a bit and voila! Perfect ink flow! (I love wet writers.) When I checked back in my notes to see how much it was, I was amazed to see it was all of $20! I love the older sheaffers – especially the wartime models – and the conical and upturned nibs are my very favorites! Of the many great pens I’ve bought from you, this has got to be one of the very best deals!! Just had to say thanks for such an outstanding pen for next to nothing in cost. Its a really fun pen and it will be with me throughout the holiday season. Will have to pay more attention to contemporary sheaffers… thanks again and happy holidays! Kind regards, JR 12/12

I received the Parker VP today, thanks for the quick shipment. The pen is absolutely pristine. It is a wonderful addition to my collection. I wish you and Myrna a safe and happy holiday season. All the best NL 12/12

I just received the Coral Red Montblanc 244. It is exquisite! Thank you very much!!! All the best, DK 11/12

I am just gobsmacked about how great a writer the Diamond Point is. It is amazing that this pen sat in catalog 58 for months before I bought it. Of all the pens I have purchased from you in the past year (quite a few) the DP is the sweetest writer of them all. Just goes to prove the value in a rainy day where one can peruse the back catalogs in leisure! I keep repeating myself, but I have to say again that you are the greatest resource for the acquisition of quality vintage fountain pens. Sincere thanks, MM 11/12

I received the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance today. Hard to believe its from 1937 – it looks brand new! A pleasure doing business with you, as always. All the best NL 11/12

Just reporting that the 1920 Parker Jack Knife turned up in the post this morning. What an absolute cracker! Fabulous condition, and fills and writes beautifully. The vertical stroke is a tad thicker than the horizontal giving the feel of a stub nib which is an added bonus for me as I enjoy writing with stubs and cursive italics. The pen was made in the year that my father was born – but he only made it to 75 whereas the Jack Knife is assured of seeing 100 while in my care. I’m quite surprised that this pen sat unsold for a while in your catalog before I spotted it. Maybe it was meant to be. Thanks once again for the quality of product and the excellent communication and service from yourself and Myrna. It is much appreciated. Kindest regards, MM 10/12

The gorgeous coral-red Montblanc 246 arrived here today at my office in Brazil. It’s beautiful! Now filled up with Montblanc Royal Blue and writes just wonderfully. It’s my Christmas gift in advance! I hope I deserve it! Best, AP 10/12

The lovely “Osmia” Duofold Special arrived safe and sound today, thank you. Delighted with it. TT 10/12

The restored Challenger and the two new purchases arrived in the mail this morning. Thank you for the work on the Challenger’s nib. While still a wet writer, it is no longer putting out fires and is a big improvement. It has rejoined a small band of fellow models that have become somewhat favourites. A very underrated pen.

The other two pens are in wonderful condition and are both very interesting models. The Juniorette is tiny, but lately my writing preferences have trended towards smaller dimensioned pens. Its oblique broad nib is quite exquisite and a delight to write with.

The Depression Era Moderne’s colors are simply stunning as is the condition of this pen. This is the first one of this model I have come across. Perfect ink flow and the usual quality nib performance one comes to expect from Parker pens of that era. I am constantly amazed with the quality and condition of the pens that you offer in your catalogues. My records indicate that the Juniorette was the 20th vintage fountain pen that I have purchased from you. I look forward to an increase in that number. Many sincere thanks, MM 9/12

Just a brief note to tell you I receive the Visconti Voyager safely yesterday. That’s a very nice pen with a good nib too. Again thank you very much! Best regards, JR 9/12

I received the Visconti Midnight Voyager, all perfect like always, thank you very much. Sincerely, ER 9/12

Got the Visconti Verona. It’s terrific. Many thanks. GB 9/12

The gold-filled Omas Set and two BCHR Conklins arrived safe and sound. Terrific looking pens especially the gold ones. Excellent condition. Very happy with all of them. Much thanks. DU 9/12

I have received the beautiful Dufolds and Conway Stewart. Thanks again. JD 9/12

The Omas Lucens faceted Vest Pocket pen arrived safely – it is fantastic. Will keep in touch. All the best, TB 8/12

I opened the package and the Conway Stewart and Parker 51 Desk Set are beautiful. I have purchased a number of Parker 51s from you over the past few years and the Desk Set is a nice addition to my collection. The September 2012 catalogue is great! All the best. NL 8/12

The mint, black Parker Vacumatic just arrived and I’ve filled it with Waterman Havana brown and it’s working a treat. The tank filled completely with just a few pumps. Writes extremely well and has a very wet nib – which I prefer. I see that the barrel date stamp says 2nd quarter 1944. The pen is simply pristine. It is incredible to acquire a 68 year old fountain pen that shows no sign of any use. Not a scratch, mark nor blemish to be found. Wunderbar, mein herr! MM 7/12

Just to let you know that the Parker 75 arrived safely on Friday morning. I am extremely pleased with it – many thanks indeed! RA 7/12

The new-old-stock Waterman 56 Woodgrain and mint Lapis Duofold Sr. pencil arrived yesterday. Absolutely magnificent! Thank you my friend. We will do this again!! Take care….. GD 7/12

I thought you’d like to know that the Waterman Man 100 Opera has arrived today in perfect condition. I’ve inked it up and have been writing with it for a short while. It’s an excellent writer and a very impressive and immaculate pen. I’m very happy with this purchase and also with the whole transaction. It has been really smooth. Thanks so much. CO 7/12

I am extremely taken with the Parker Vac Sub-debutante. Wonderful condition, perfect ink flow, great nib, and in my favourite color black. Luckily my hands are small enough to get enjoyment out of the use of these smaller dimension pens. MM 7/12

Hey there, just to inform you that I have received the display trays today. Thank you. They are superb. Have a nice day. NH 6/12

The Parker 51 Demi Vac arrived this morning. Very nice little pen. Just large enough for me to write with it uncapped (which I prefer). Good ink flow as some can tend to be on the dry side. And the pen is in superb condition. Obviously another poor little bloke left unwanted in a cupboard drawer for a long time. We’ll soon fix that … MM 6/12

I received the Mabie Todd and the Stephens today and both are beautiful. I look forward to writing with both and as always, appreciate your attention to detail and excellent customer service. All the best NL 6/12

I just got home from a trip and had a chance to look at the celluloid Montblanc 146—what a beautiful pen, in pristine condition! LC 6/12

I just received all five pens (Montblanc 344; two Montblanc 149; Montblanc 146 Solitaire; Parker Duofold Centennial). They are beautiful. Thanks again. All the best. JD 6/12

The mint black Duofold Sr. arrived this morning. Wow! What a cracker of a pen. Fabulous condition (even better than the recent Jr.) and the nib is just superb to write with. It’s now full of Diamine Marine, one of my favourite shades. As usual, I can’t thank you enough. You are really unique as a resource of vintage pens in original condition. Kindest regards, MM 6/12

Received the red marble Soennecken 506 today and am very pleased with it. Many thanks. GB 5/12

Many thanks for the Omas Galileo. At the risk of sounding like a fawning fan, it surpassed your excellent description and the nib is just right. I’ll look at the list again; did you get someone’s OMAS collection? Quite a find! EA 5/12

I received my Montblanc 136 today and I absolutely love it.. It is a gorgeous pen that writes beautifully. Thank you again. Can’t wait to see your new catalogue. SB 5/12

I received the Limited Edition Fountain Pen Hospital Visconti today. Thank you for the prompt shipment. The pen is great and it is a nice collectible. All the best, NL 4/12

I well received the Waterman sterling silver 403 set and also the Safety Waterman Continental Overlay 42. Thanks a lot. Perfect, as usual! Thanks for everything, FH 4/12

Got the Parker 75 Sterling Silver Cisele Rolerball — its perfect — many thanks !! It replaces one I had since the early ’80s which was lost on a trip in Kathmandu, Nepal. The balance on the original sterling silver pens is great for my hand. Thanks again. BN 4/12

Today your parcel was received safely. I am very much satisfied with the Onoto Magna Transparent Silver! I will love it for long time. Many thanks for your treatment. Regards, MS 4/12

I received the the Parker Vacumatics in good order. Thanks again for your help. Regards, CT 3/12

Got the green Parker Vacumatic Sr. Maxima Mark II. Excellent. Thanks very much! KK 3/12

The mint jade 1930 Parker Duofold Sr. has arrived. It really is in amazing condition – not sure when I’ll be able to work up the nerve to use it! Thank you, RB 3/12

I received the cathay Doric pen today and it is beautiful –even better than I expected. Thanks for everything. JA 3/12

I’ve received the Ariel Kullock “Parker 51” today. It’s great ! I love it ! Thank you for a very smooth transaction. JV 3/12

The Waterman Sleeve-filler and slotted display trays have arrived. I am very happy! Thank you very much for your perfect service. Best regards, DH 3/12

The gold-filled Moore Safety arrived, beautiful, thank you! AZ 3/12

I received the “Kullock 51” and it is a fascinating pen! It goes nicely with the rest of my collection. Thanks again and all the best. NL 3/12

I received the 1925 Wahl Ringed Collonial fountain pen today. It arrived in great shape and writes very well. Thank you and all the best. LV 3/12

I have received the 1908 Waterman .999 Fine Silver overlay today. Thank you very much for all, the pen is beautiful and I’m very happy. Thank you again, all the best. CA 3/12

I received your package today, and am so happy with my Patrician and my Doric!. Many thanks for your involvement making everything run so smooth. Cant wait to your next catalogue. Many thanks again. DZ 3/12

I received the Wahl Doric & the Montblanc 320 fountain pens. They are beautiful. Thanks again. Best, JD 3/12

I got the 3 Skylines pens yesterday. Very very nice! DU 3/12

The Aurora 88 and Montblanc 34, arrived today. As always, they are great. The 88 is especially nice! PD 2/12

I just recieved the Parker 51 Flighter set and it is beautiful! This is a nice addition to the other Parker 51s I have purchased from you over the past few years. Thank you again for the great service! I think I will have another look at the March 2012 catalogue. All the best, NL 2/12

I just wanted to let you know that I received the mint 1929 Jade Parker Duofold. pen and it is awesome. It looks like a new pen and writes great. Thanks. SG 2/12

Greetings, I received the Pelikan M101N today. It is a beautiful instrument, feels very comfortable in my hand, and writes easily and well. Thanks. JB 2/12

After having had the opportunity of writing with the mint it for a couple weeks (doing a bit of drawing as well), I’d like to thank you again very much for the stunning Parker Duofold Big Red you sold me. It’s a most outstanding pen, maybe the more characteristic and charismatic that exists, and I’m very happy to own one in mint (brand new, actually!) condition. I appreciate your kind help to find one and fine-tuning it, a jaw-dropping period piece that I cherished much more than any of my other fountain pens. Have a nice afternoon! Regards to Myrna. All the best. XD 2/12

The Waterman Rhapsody ball pen arrived today safe and sound, and is working as it should! It’s a beautiful pen, and I have to thank you for the refill too! Until next order, take care and keep tracking down those moderate price pens when you can! HM 2/12

I received the Conklin Glider Point and the Parker 21 today. As always, thank you for the prompt shipment. The pens are beautiful and it’s a pleasure doing business with you. All the best. NL 1/12

The Montblanc 644 arrived today. How beautiful the silver stripe of this pen is!! I like this pen very much. Thank you! AM 1/12

I would just like to inform you that the Montblanc 22 has arrived, and is lovely to write with. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you! LO 1/12

I’ve just received the mint Duofold Big Red! It’s wonderful, and it writes & draws like a dream. Thank you very much indeed. It’s a pleasure and a privilege doing business with you. Regards to Myrna. Have a nice day! All the best. XD 1/12

Gary, I seem to have forgotten my manners…I realized I did not let you know my mint blue PFM V arrived safely last Friday, and I am quite happy with it. DB 1/12

I received the burgundy Parker 51 and it looks like it was never used! It is absolutely beautiful and a nice addition to the my collection. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. All the best, NL 1/12

Received the mint Waterman 58 Red Ripple today. What a pen! Love it! DB 1/12

All three Parker Vacumatics well received. Highly satisfied. Thanks. YN 12/11

I received today the Pelikan all rolled-gold 520NN. It is perfect! Thank you once more. I wish you a Great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. All the best. JR 12/11

The 1942 Pelikan 100 is beautiful. Many thanks, JB 12/11

The 1946 Soennecken 116 arrived, I couldn’t be happier, a pen older than my dad and it looks like just out of the store!!! Thank you very much. All the best, JP 12/11

The Reynolds International Ball Pen and Azure Blue Parker Vacumatic Major are already here. They are fantastic, as ever! Thanks very much. JP 12/11

This week I received the Waterman 542 1/2V with the solid gold filigree overlay. A very nice pen in superb condition. Excellent shipment. Thanks a lot. I wish you and Myrna a Happy Christmas. Mmy very best regards, FH 12/11

I hope this finds you well! The Pelikan 400NN arrived to day…..WOW! What a strikingly beautiful pen! A smooth writer as well. Thanks as well, for the great customer service! DS 12/11

I received the pens today WOW!!!!!!!!!!…I never imagined the Waterman #20 to be that big…I had never seen one and the books do it no justice…It will be one of the cornerstones of my collection, I love it, the 1906 Waterman #2 extra-long, tapered office pen is fantastic also. I thank you for being so kind as to have held it for me. I’ll write soon. Sincerely, DB 21/11

I just received the Lamy and the Conway Stewart set, both are great! Thanks a lot for your help and service. Sincerely. ER 12/11

The Green Laminated Vacumatic Major has arrived — as usual great pen and easy transaction. Many thanks. RM 12/11

I received the baby EHCO set. Thank you very much. And I was surprised what a small pen this is! The smallest pen which I have is 8.5cm long, but the EHCO set established the new record in my collection! Also, it’s cool, made of a sterling silver. Very best regards, TR 11/11

Just to let you know, the Bexley PCA pen arrived and is even prettier than I had thought it would be. Many thanks as always, all the best, and Happy Thanksgiving. DC 11/11

Christmas comes early! I received the Waterman Citation Taperite Set, the Wahl Eversharp Skyline and the red Parker Vacumatic! They are all beautiful and look forward to writing with them. As always, it is a pleasure doing business and this is a great Catalog. Happy Thanksgiving! NL 11/11

The octagonal Mont Blanc Safety arrived today. It really is in spectacular condition! Surprised to see the Simplo nib is the work of Collins in New York (also made early Sheaffers nibs). I would guess it’s more WWI era than 1920’s, It’s a wonderful pen. Regards, BB 11/11.

I was off this weekend, and had time to really enjoy my latest acquisitions…the Waterman sterling silver “Oriental” and the Parker abaline and pearl sided #15… they are outstanding! Thank you very much. DB 11/11

Arrived back at home last week and made it up to mom’s on Sunday to collect the pens she was holding for me there. There were numerous pens from yourself going back several months. Every one of them was an absolute delight to open and try. All of them matched your descripton and the only surprises about the condition was that they exceeded expectations. There was a large variety of nibs in the Pelikan pens but the two standouts for me were the smoothness of the CN nib and the output from the OB nib in the brown tortoise 400NN. The latter has changed my whole attitude towards broader nib profiles. It is stunning to write with. The only blemish was a misalignment in the tines on the nib of the green Pelikan 100N which was fairly straightforward to correct. Both of the 100N’s are fabulous – very plain but classy and handsome pens. Please accept my gratitude for your great service and wonderful product. I look forward to more transactions in the not too distant future. Kindest regards, MM 11/11

I received the Sheaffer Crest yesterday, thank you for the quick shipment. It’s a real beauty and I look forward to writing with it. Your happy customer! NL 11/11

Thanks for the Red Mottled Hard Rubber Conklin S4 which arrived safely today. It’s a beautiful pen and I’m delighted to have it. With best regards. JP 10/11

Thank you for a beautiful Montblanc ball pen, and refills. Both arrived without any problem. TN 10/11

The mint blue Sheaffer PMF V Pen is well received. It’s beautiful! Thanks. YN 10/11

The Pelikan is beautiful as all the older Pelikans are and will remain a favorite of mine as a writer. Thanks and regards, DS 9/11

The 1950 celluloid Montblanc 142 arrived today. It is lovely. Many thanks. AS 9/11

Great transaction!! May, many thanks for the nice Waterman 16 and MIB Pelikan Rappen. AL 9/11

I received the Visconti Amigdala and the Eversharp Symphony yesterday, both are gorgeous! Thanks a lot of all. ER 9/11

A short note to let you know that the Pelikan Emege Magnum arrived safely and it is great! Many thanks. Until next time, Best NO 9/11

All the pens have arrived. All I can say is: ” Gary = Quality” and “Lehrer = Perfect description!” TP 9/11

The 1929 (first year) Pelikan arrived. What a beautiful pen 🙂 !!! Thanks again. Regards BH 9/11

I’m glad you guys are back up and running. I hope Irene didn’t do too much damage. My Montblanc 4-color pencil arrived and looks great. Thanks. PB 9/11

Good Afternoon Gary. The mint Parker Duofold Special arrived. Black and beautiful! Thank you my friend. I look forward to the holidays. Take care…… GD 9/11

The solid gold Waterman “Night & Day” 515S arrived this morning — what an impressive pen! I was wondering who does the photography for your Catalogs? Very best quality! PE 9/11 [Note: Gary does all the photography]

The Conway Stewart Cracked Ice arrived today safe and sound. Another terrific pen from Now I can hardly wait for your December Catalogue. Many thanks, BG 9/11

I received the early Montblanc 142 today. It arrived exactly as you described it. Many thanks for the great pen, the fast shipping, and the courteous service. This will not be my last purchase from you. Best regards, AS 9/11

Today I have received the Sheaffer Lifetime Balance Vest Pocket and Lifetime Balance Triumph pens. They are tiny and good colour. I am pleased and will enjoy them for the time to come. Many thanks. Regards, MS 9/11

Just a short note to let you know that that the Sheaffer cobra desk base arrived safe and sound today, and to say that it makes a great addition to my collection! I can certainly see why they rarely turn up, because as an owner, I will be very reluctant to part with it! Wishing you and Myrna all the very best …. PW 9/11

The Skylines are terrific looking pens and I’m very happy with them. Take care and thank you very much. DU 8/11

I just received the Montblanc 146 Solitaire and 149 Anniversary — perfect — thanks again. best regards. JB 8/11

Parker Classic Ball Pen – Pencil Set MIB just received. Great set! Thanks, SL 8/11

I received the Paker Duofold and Wahl Eversharp Symphony Deluxe today. Both pens are beautiful and I look forward to writing with them! I also appreciate the discount on the Wahl – that was unexpected. This is why I enjoy doing business with you. Thanks again and take care. NL 8/11

I received the Parker Classic ball pen in sterling silver crosshatch. It is a beauty and a nice match to a Parker 75 I bought from you a few years ago. As always, it is a pleasure doing business. All the best, NL 8/11

Received the sterling silver Mabie Todd telescoping dip pen/pencil today……….love it thanks. DB 7/11

The Pelikan 100 with “Honey” binde arrived today. It`s a very nice pen. Thank you very much. All the best, JR 7/11

Meteore/Pullman arrived safely this morning – amazingly quick, even for Global Express!! Anyway, the pen is superb and I am very grateful for you offering it. A great addition to my Pullman collection ! Until the next time…….. All the very best, MC 7/11

Received the pearl-sided black hard rubber Parker 15 today….what an absolutely beautiful pen — thank you so much!! All my best!! DB 7/11

Just to confirm the safe arrival today of my black Montblanc 242. Yet another great pen from you, which is now a valuable addition to my collection. On the lookout now for a MB 246. Kind regards, GH 6/11

Received the Waterman LeMan Olivewood Ball Pen today and it is very nice. Thank you. HE 6/11

I received the four pens (MB Model 215 Ball Pen; Montblanc Scenium Set; Waterman Rhapsody Ball Pen). Great pens I love them! Thanks a lot. MD 6/11

Just to confirm the arrival of the Montblanc 333.5, 332 and 334.5. I am very pleased with each and they are a fabulous addition to my collection. Thank you most kindly for your professionalism throughout. Kind regards, GF 6/11

The green striped Montblanc 142 arrived. I’ve inked it with Oyster Grey and being used today. Lovely pen. WM 6/11

I received the burgundy streamline Duofold Sr. today. It is indeed beautiful! Great nib, too! Many thanks…AN 6/11

I received the coral red Montblanc and the blue Parker 21. Both pens appear to be in perfect condition. I can never have enough Parker 21s and 51s so thank you again! The coral red Montblanc is rare as Montblanc no longer produces any pens in this color, so this is a nice find! I look forward to writing with both pens. As always, your happy customer. NL 6/11

Just received the beautiful black & pearl Kaweco 41 Special, and love it. Thanks so very much. My best as always, MK 6/11

Received the Shnell Pencil-Pen, Eversharp Skyline and Parker 42 1/2 pens today. Just fantastic…love them…thank you very much!!!!! DB 5/11

G’day from ‘Way Down Under’ Gary! My ’51’ Flighter arrived today, taking just eight days from the USA which is great! I love the pen, am very happy… what more can I say! Oh yep… was impressed by the reassuring professionalism of your Catalogues and advice, your personal support throughout my buying process and your offer to replace the broad nib for one more suitable if required (and also the best pen packaging for international mailing I have yet seen)! Best wishes and thanks heaps! MC 5/11

I just received the Parker Vacumatic Jr. in Black Laminated. The picture doesn’t do the pen justice – it is beautiful. This is third Parker Vacumatic I have purchased from you and it is a great addition to my collection. Always a pleasure doing business with you! Your happy customer! NL 5/11

Got the Jade Patrician and Waterman 56 Red Ripple today…love them…and your work on the nib of the fantastic…I wish I could learn to do that. Thanks again. DB 5/11

I received the Montblanc Caressa 422 yesterday, thank you again for the fast shipment. This is an absolutley beautiful pen and I look forward to writing with it I know that someone will ask me, “What kind of pen is that?” Until next time, your happy customer. All the best, NL 4/11

Thanks again for the shipment of the Mountblanc Proust and the Pelikan Cobra. I well received the very nice pens. The Proust with stub nib has probably been customized and it’s absolutely perfect writing. A wonderful one. Waiting for your next catalogue in May. My very best regards, FH 4/11

The Miller 662 arrived, nice…nib is right up my street. Thanks. SB 4/11

I just had to send you a quick note to say “Thank you!” for making this beautiful 1933 Pelikan 100 available for me for purchase. I’ve been quite pleased with all of the pent that I’ve purchased from you to date, but this one is really great, and, quite honestly, exceeds my expectations. Thank you, again. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. All the best, GV 4/11

I received my Montblanc 22 and Montblanc Carerra and love both of them. I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I appreciate your taking the time to help me in finding such wonderful pens! SM 3/11

The Soennecken with the triple-flexible nib arrived yesterday. It’s a beautiful pen, and boy, can it write! The nib is terrific – like a 1940s Luxor pen I have, so smooth and flexible. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune it up and get it right. Best wishes, TK 3/11

The “Pregnant Parker” 47 and mandarin Duofold Sr. arrived in perfect shape. Thanks. PE 3/11

I received the Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown today. Thank you for the quick shipment (as always). It is a very nice pen and writes beautifully. Hard to believe it’s 51 years old! Until next time – your happy customer, NL 3/11

I received the 1952 celluloid Montblanc 146 and I am very pleased. Thank you so much! PP 3/11

The green herringbone Conway Stewart 76 arrived today in good order. Another great looking pen. Many thanks, BG 3/11

My office received the Sheaffer Sr. Balance Roseglow yesterday and I opened it just now. It is gorgeous and it arrived in great shape thanks to your expert packaging! Cordially, PM 3/11

The Conklin Nozac arrived today in good order. It’s a great looking pen. Thanks a lot. BC 3/11

Received just minutes ago, and “SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!” I love the gold-filled Pullman. Where ever did you get it –most are unheard of and/or broken long ago. Regards, BH 3/11

Just got home from a trip and received the Brause and the Parker 51 fountain pens. I love both. The Brause is a real collector’s item with the original box and paperwork. The Parker 51 is one of my favorites, and this one is a beauty! Thanks again! Your happy customer. NL 3/11

I received the coral Montblanc 246, The burgundy Montblanc 146 and the Pelikan Spirit of Gaudi LE today. They arrived safely and I’m happy with the pens. Thank you very much. Best regards, IK 3/11

I just received the MIB cardinal Parker Duofold “Big Red” fountain pen. It is very nice! Thanks again. All the best, JD 3/11

Gary, the RH Macy pen I purchased last month is one of the most beautiful pens I have! Thank you. RE 3/11

Thanks for the Parker Duofold Sr. Black & Pearl Moderne which arrived safely this afternoon. Your description was, as usual, quite conservative, and I think it looks fine and will be happy to add it to my collection. With very best wishes, JP 3/11

I received the pens in the mail today and everything is just as it should be. I have to say that the Unic pen is very nice for the price, and in exceptionally good condition. I sort of wish I knew more about the history of it and the company though. The Mont Blanc 224 Demonstrator is also as just as I was hoping. Thank you, ES 3/11

I got the Sager “Ink Battery” pen today WOW. It’s Beautiful – I’m so pleased. Thank you very much. Best wishes YH 2/11

The green striped Pelikan 400 with green cap and section arrived safely and I’m very happy with the pen. Thank you very much. Best regards, IK 2/11

I received the blue Vacumatic and the Parker 21 set. As always, the pens look and write beautifully. I don’t see a lot of blue Vacumatics and was pleased to find you had some. Now that I know you archive your old catalogues I will be going thru them! Your happy customer, NL 1/11

I received the Pentel Excalibur today. What a great looking pen. Looks even better in person, with the subtle “marble” look to the barrel. I just ordered some new ink for it and I’m anxious to try it out. Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks again! DS 12/10

Hi!! Thanks so much, have got the package today. The Sheaffer Imperial and the Montblanc “S” are both in perfect condition, and delivered just as promised. Thanks again. Best wishes, PM 12/10

I received the Parker 75 Ecossais and it looks and writes beautifully! I didn’t realize the 75 was produced with so many different patterns until I started to subscribe to your catalouge. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season. All the best, NL 12/10

The mint-in-box 18K Montblanc 1296 was received this morning. Thank you very much — quite beautiful. Happy Holidays and Best Regards, SF 12/10

I received the Glen Bowen today (Collectible Fountain Pens), thank you. It’s an excellent reference guide to the “Big Four.” All the best, NL 12/10

The Vacumatic Slender Maxima arrived, writes as smooth as silk, and is absoultely stunning. Thank you so much. Regards, DR 12/10

Pens received. Many thanks, Gary. That Roseglow Sheaffer Sr. Balance about as fine as I’ve seen them. I’m very happy with the Montblanc too. GB 11/10

The mint Parker 2 1/2 Lucky Curve arrived safe and sound. I’m very happy with it, thanks. Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. AT 11.10

I received the Pelikan M700 Toledo fountain pen. It is nice. Thanks again. Best. JD 11/10

I received the Mandarin Yellow Duofold Sr. and the Montblanc 14. Thank you so much…THEY ARE GREAT! DB 11/10

Received your beautiful Brown Cream Waterman 94 today, and absolutely love it. Thank you so very much, Gary. Best regards as always, MK 11/10

I received the 51 special and the 75 today, thank you. They are both beautiful pens. The 51 and 75 are my favorite Parkers and the ones I received from you are perfect examples of why these pens are sought after. The 51 special is very elegant and writes smoothly. The 75 looks brand new! Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! All the best, NL 11/10

Today, I received the solid gold Waterman 552 1/2 Night & Day. Thanks again, it’s a very nice vintage Waterman, as was described in Catalog #56. Waiting for your new Catalog #57. My very best regards, FH 10/10

Just to let you know that the Lapis Endura Sr. arrived yesterday safe and sound. It’s a great looking pen! BC 10/10

Yesterday I went to pick up the Sheaffer Balance set at the local post office. Everything perfect as usual! Thanks… AT 10/10

My Faber Castell and Soennecken successfully cleared customs and I have been enjoying both of them for the last few days. Besides being beautiful pens, they are absolutely great writers. The Soennecken is a wonder, it is really a mint pen, perhaps my first one. I intend to use it, its great nib is such a pleasure to write with. JP 9/10

The sterling Yard-O-Led pencil arrived on schedule today in perfect condition. From what I have found on the web, this is the Diplomat model which has been in production since 1934. Although I have older pens and pencils, it is interesting to use a writing instrument which has been in continuous production without significant changes for 76 years. Thanks again, DL 9/10

The rare set Leboeuf Fountain Pen & Holly Water Sprinkler (asperges) Sethas arrived. Beautiful ! I am very pleased: again a great purchase on your site ! Thanks again, JB 9/10

I received the Conklin “Student Special” and the Mabie Todd Swan with the inlaid jade band I purchased from Catalog 56. Both are as nice as you described, and I appreciate adding them to my collection. DN 9/10

Hello, I purchased the 14K Solid Gold Parker 61 Presidential from your Sept. 2010 Catalog. It arrived today safe & sound along with the pen trays. This near-mint pen is positively stunning. I can’t wait to ink it! And I’m sorry that I didn’t order some of your pen trays sooner. You’ll be hearing back from me with future purchases, regards… VL 9/10

The Black & Pearl Sheaffer Balance arrived three or four days ago and it is wonderful, as usual. Thanks very much for another great item. The celluloid used by Sheaffer is much more beautiful than in photographs. A superb addition to my collection! All the best, JP 9/10

The Sheafer Sr. Flat-top in Deep Jade was received today in good order and unmolested by Customs. I haven’t inked it yet, but it looks stunning! Many thanks, BG 9/01

Today I received the four pens (Leboeuf #8 Clergy; Conway Stewart 22 Floral; Omas Arco; Waterman 18K Croisillons). Absolutly perfect — as usual. Congratulation for the quality of the pens. Looking always at your catalogues to prepare my next pen shopping list. My very best regards, FH 9/10

Just letting you that the Lapis Parker Duofold pencil arrived safe and sound today. You aptly described it when you said that “there are no condition issues”. It is like new. And I got an additional pleasant surprise, the color of the lapis blue is almost a perfect match with my pen! The three items (pen, pencil and Carlton Ware chinoiserie base) make a real nice set. Thanks again for the pencil. All the best, PW 8/10.

I received the mint Moss Agate Patrician fountain pen last weekend. It is very nice. Thanks, JD 8/10.

I received the Sheaffer Feather Touch, thanks for the quick shipment. The pen is beautiful and the nib is smooth – the pen glides across the paper. It is a pleasure doing business with you, as always. All the best, NL 8/10

Thank you for the Cross stylograph which arrived safely this evening. I am thrilled to be able to add it to my collection. With very best regards to you and Myrna. JP 8/10

I received the Soennecken 222 Extra in Black & Silver today. It looks gorgeous! Thank you. IS 6/10

The MIB Tibaldi #8 Safety pen arrived and it’s just great! Many thanks again. I look forward to doing more deals in the future with you. Best wishes, AS 6/10

A note to let you know I very much appreciate the green jade Secretary FP/P combo. Its condition is absolutely excellent and it makes a handsome addition to my collection of combos — now at 31 in the larger sizes. I must say I am amazed at the number of fine pens and sets you offer, catalog after catalog. Of course, the really high value items are beyond my budget but it’s always a treat to look at them and you are to be complimented for always offering more affordable items in each issue. I don’t know how you do it but do keep up the good work. Thanks again and very best wishes to you. DN 6/10

Just wanted to let you know my Sheaffer Sr. Balance in Ebonized Pearl arrived safe and sound. The pen was in tip top shape and a real beauty. Thank you again. DU 6/10

I received the Imperial Set yesterday and once again I am very happy with my purchase. The set is beautiful! Thank you also for your prompt communication and shipment. Much appreciated. I hope you are enjoying the summer weather we are having in the northeast. All the best, NL 5/10

The pen came in this afternoon, and it is in nicer condition than I thought it might be. I can’t wait to put 1940s Quink into it and try it out as a writer. I expect I’ll buy a few more pens along the way, since I’m not a real collector but I just can’t help myself! RC 5/10

The rare double-jeweled blue Senior Maxima Vacumatic arrived safe and sound – beautiful! Thanks, MA 5/10

The Conway Stewart 58, Waterman Citation Taperite and Papermate ballpen are in sensational condition. But I would rate the Citation as near mint +, what I think is very difficult to find in black pens. I have been very impressed by this Waterman, much more beautiful than photographs show. It has a hefty construction, a great balance and a very beautiful appearance. The nib is also delightful. A superb pen I think is really undervaluated. I am very happy with these new purchase, as always. Thanks very much for everthing. All the best, JA 4/10

Received the Aurora 98 today and like always I am happy with the pen. In the past few years I have become a real fan of the Aurora 88 and descendants and am always looking for variants. Again, thanks PB 4/10

Thank you very much for the green marble Sheaffer Lifetime Balance. The pen arrived in good shape yesterday. The nib is wonderful and writes like a true fine nib. My best regards to you and Myrna. LY 3/10

Thank you so very much for the Montblanc 234 1/2 ! It really is a wonderful pen. I may not use it for quite a long while, but it will be carried in my pocket for a long time, before being placed in the collection. Thank you also for the great phone talks. They really were fun and very informative for me. My very best to you and Myrna as always, RS 3/10

Your pens arrived awhile back. Thank you very much. They are all exactly as you described them, and I am very pleased. The Big Red Parker is smooth as silk, which is rather unusual for a fine nib, at least in my experience. It far surpasses the other Parkers I own of similar vintage; a grand pen, and my first of that color. Again, many thanks. Cordially, MP 3/10

Just a short note to let you know that the Lapis Soennecken arrived safely. It is really a nice pen! I am using it right now for writing in my diary. Thanks very much. Regards, TH 3/10

Received the black MB 264 – great nib! Thanks. PB 3/10

Just wanted to say I got the pen today. It is everything that I had been looking for in a “user” Mabie Todd 48 Eternal (I never like inking new-old-stock pens – always kind of feel bad). It was great doing business with you, and I hope to do business with you again. Sincerely, NM 2/10

The little blue Onoto arrived. Very nice! Many thanks, GB 2/10

The Mabie Todd Swan is in beautiful condition and it’s fine, flexible nib writes very nicely. An excellent acquisition for me! Thank you, DR 2/10

Just wanted to “drop a line” to thank you for the fine mint-with-price-sticker vest pocket Sheaffer. It’s not the most expensive pen I’ve bought from you, nor the biggest, none-the-less, it’s neat and sweet. So thanks my friend, and I will see you in Washington. Take care…. GD 2/10

I received the Morrison and the Sheaffer Lady Skripsert (with the pouch) today. As always, I am extremely pleased with these pens. They are both beautiful and nice additions to my collection. It is nice to have the box & instructions with the Morrison! By the way, thanks for the link to the Life magazine issue with the ad for the Sheaffer Lady Skripsert. This brought back memories of going thru my grandparents Life magazine when they had a subscription many, many years ago. Your happy customer, NL 2/10

I received the Parker rollerball and it is mint! A nice addition to my Parker collection. Thanks so much. NL 2/10

I received the Parker Challenger today, thank you. It is absolutely beautiful! The picture in the Catalog didn’t do it justice. Thanks again and I look forward to your next Catalog 54. Regards NL 1/10

My Pelikan 400 arrived today. I am over the moon about it and the nib is perfect for me to customise a little so that I can get some line variation. With kind regards, RB 2/10

The Wahl Eversharp woodgrain “Gregg” shorthand pen arrived a couple of days ago. Thank you, Gary! Sweet pen. And I love those W-E manifold nibs! Best regards, JE 1/10

Hi and thank you very much. The MIB Lady Skripsert arrived fast and packed well. An exxemplary pen seller! I have passed on your details to other pen friends. Your website is certainly worth visiting. All the best, JW 1/10

I received the Vacumatic with extra-flexible nib today when my wife came to UK from Spain and brought the pen with her. The pen is excellent and thank you very much. Regards, YM 1/10

Just short note to tell you the MIB Soennecken 116 just arrved safely. I like the pen, especially its flexible, smooth nib. Thanks. I am looking forward the next issue of your Catalog. Best regards, TH 1/10

I just received the Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaway Set, and wanted to thank you for you great service and very nice pens. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New your, and I will buy more pens next year. All the best, VB 12/09

The rare Caws Safety has reached me safely — I like it a lot! Thank you very much. AR 12/09

The MIB Aurora 88 arrived last week and was just as described (as always). I appreciate it. PB 12/09

The Sheaffer Red Veined Grey and the Marine Green Balances are here (they arrived last week). Both are extremely well conserved and very, very beautiful. Great exemplars!!! I was surprised by the two-tone 5-30 nib. Thanks very much (again and again) for these two new additions to my colection. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. JA 12/09

I received the smooth sterling silver Waterman 452 1/2 over Thanksgiving and it is not only beautiful, but writes equally beautifully with its flexible nib. Thank you! PP 12/09

I just wanted to say thank you for the two pens I received. They are both working out wonderfully. To my pleasant surprise, and for reasons I can’t quite explain, I am quite delighted with the Aikin Lambert. It is a a wonderful little pen (a bit like my Merlin 33, but more well-made) and the nib is fantastically smooth and responsive. A little gem. Do let me know if you come across future Aikin Lamberts; they are tough to find. And the Waterman Ink-Vue Silver Ray is also tremendous! The nib is superb – perhaps the best vintage nib I have. Hats off to (at least 1930s) Waterman, but also thanks to you. JR 11/09

I received the new-old-stock Parker 21 Set set and thank you again – it is beautiful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and take care. Regards NL 11/09

Yesterday I received the Waterman Patrician. It is as beautiful as I expected and I am particularly satisfied with the nib, that is very close to my ideal (could be a tad more flex, but is very smooth for an old pen). This was my most sought after pen, and one I was never sure I would necessarily get! Many thanks. Kind regards. LT 11/09

I received the green marble Montblanc 246 yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Beautiful pen and a very nice, flexible nib. This my first purchase from you, but I am sure there will be more in the future. Thank you for the accurate description, careful packaging, and quick shipment. EV 11/09

I received the Parker 51 set and it is beautiful! While I have bought vintage pens from other sources in the past – everything I have purchased from you appears to be brand new! I will be back again soon. Thanks also for the bookmark! I am always using scraps of paper as bookmarks – now I have a nice one. All the best, NL 11/09

Received my beautiful MB 122 and, if such a word is appropriate for an artifact from mid-’30s Germany, I’ll simply say that it’s adorable. Thank you. MK 11/09

I received the pen one week ago. It is perfect, as pens from you are always. And really beautiful. A delight to see and use. Thanks very much. JP 11/09

Thanks for your shipment of the Leboeuf and the Montblanc. Perfect products, perfect shipment — as usual! My very best regards, FH 10/09

I received the 1936 Omas Extra and Conklin Crescent-fill pens today. They are fabulous. If I haven’t already blown the pen budget for this year, I’d be getting more from you right now. RC 9/09

Oh this Aurora 88 is LOVELY! I’ve put Noodler’s Midnight Blue in it, and it writes wonderfully, and the pen itself is absolutely gorgeous! GB 9/09

Gary, I’m not sure that I ever wrote to tell you how pleased I am with the Patrician. The obvious appeal of the Moss Agate is the color, and the color on this one is stunning! I hope all things are going well for you. AH 9/09

The fluted Montblanc Moblesse is great! Thanks so much. Best regards, EL 9/09.

I received the 1970’s Montblanc 149 today. What a great pen! Thanks so much. KF 8/09

The Sheaffer Triumph “Autograph” arrived yesterday. It’s perfect! Thank you…….HM 8/09

Just received the Parker 51 and it is beautiful!! If you get anymore with the number “51” on each side of the cap let me know, I will take them. Lustraloy or Gold-filled. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you, SM 8/09

The Montblanc 246 arrived safely today. Great example of this model. I am very happy with it and it compliments my vintage MB collection nicely. Thanks again. ME 8/09

I just wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying my Dunn Dreadnaught. You know, this is a really great pen, very comfortable to write with and fantastic condition! I’m looking forward to August 20, for the September Catalog. KF 8/09

A note to let you know that I received the Waterman 92V Red & Bronze pen — safe and sound. Well packaged and sent very promptly. I am pleased to be its new owner! It is quite nice, condition is excellent. Thanks and best wishes. DN 8/09

The Parker 75 Vermeil arrived safely. A most wonderful example. I will cherish it. Many thanks, looking forward to future exchanges. Regards, AV 7/09

I wanted you to know that I’m very happy with the Pelikan 100N in Grey Pearl – both in appearance and function. It writes, as in my experience Pelikan always does, magnificently. HG 6/09

Just to let you know that the 4-color Montblanc ball pen arrived and is in perfect condition. Thank you once again for a great transaction. TG 06/09

I received the carmine Sheaffer Sr. Balance today and am really happy with the way it writes. Thanks! SG 6/09

The 1989 Montblanc 146 is perfect — you called that one well! FH 6/09

I received the Duofold today and it is beautiful. Thank you for the prompt delivery. It has been a pleasure buying from you. NL 6/09

Thanks a lot for your last shipment. The Waterman 92 set and the Waterman #7 Brown nib are perfect, as usual. Waiting for your next catalog! FH 6/09

The pens arrived safe and sound. They are all wonderful. Each one has so much character – shame they can not talk to tell more of their history. Thanks for making these available. BT 6/09

I received the pretty black Pelikan 100 today. The pen is small and amazing to write with. Thanks a lot. JH 6/09

The PFM is absolute perfection! The pen and the nib could not be better. I appreciate your great service and fast turnaround. You have made me a loyal customer. Thanks again, HM 6/09

I received the Sheaffer Red Veined Grey Balance fountain pen. It is nice. I am glad to become one of your subscribers. Thanks. JD 3/09

The Waterman 58 Red Ripple arrived and it is WONDERFUL!!! Until the next time… FB 3/09

Thank you for the Green Pearl Web half-Coronet which arrived safely. As always, a beautiful pen and in excellent condition. I’m really happy (and lucky!) to have it! Many thanks again for all your help and patience and I will definitely stay in touch! WO 3/09

The Diamond Medal and Gold Bond pens arrived today and I am very pleased! Great condition! JB 3/09

Received the Sea Green Pearl Duofold Sr. in yesterday’s mail – it is a beauty! Thanks much for the fast transaction and your usual very high quality of merchandise. Sincerely, JOD 3/09

I received the tortoise Pelikan 400NN. It’s a perfect pen! It may be new-old-stock as you said. I like it very much and am waiting for your next Catalog. Thanks. JD 3/09

I just received the Jiffy pen, it’s marvelous and I am very happy. Thanks. I also received it very quickly. Thanks again! CS 3/09

I’ve received the Pelikan 400NN Demonstrator and the Montblanc 142 green striated today. They arrived safely and I’m happy with the beautiful pens. Thank you very much. IK 3/09

Just to let you know – the black Wahl-Eversharp Half-Coronet arrived safely and I’m truly delighted with it! It’s not only a beautiful pen – personally I think this is one of the most Art Deco pens ever made and I guess it’ll be my pen of choice for a long time when it comes to actually writing with it, not least because the great, medium adjustable nib! I will take another look into the latest Catalogue to see what else I can find when it comes to Wahl-Eversharp pens. WO 3/09

I received my 1940 Blue Lucite Waterman Hundred Year Pen. Truly an odd sensation — like stepping back through a time portal. Absolute perfection! Thanks, MK 3/09

The Waterman 54 Woodgrain is here (it didn’t take long). It’s a wonderful example, well conserved, and writes like a dream! I’d like to add that the Model 54 exhibits a nib much more consistent than I have found in the Model 52. JA 2/09

The Soennecken arrived safely today. What a nice piece of work it is! It was purchased for my wife and she is thrilled with it — perfect size for her and she loves the way the nib feels on paper. Thanks once more. MM 2/09

The Pelikan P1 set and the Montblanc Carrera arrived a few minutes ago. Those Pelikans are really excellent examples of funky ’50s design. Very cool. Not as sleek as the Parker 51, but they bring a kind of Bauhaus approach to streamlining. And the Montblanc? Let’s just say that it brings me back to my college years when that was the first Montblanc I bought. Thanks for sending them so quickly and for your usual terrific service. HB 2/09

Just a quick note to thank you for the Parker Double-ballpen Desk Set. I am more than pleased and, as usual, the item is as described and of great quality. It’s a great addition to my collection, as it seems like I’m collecting more BP’s these days due to the large amount of fountain pens I already own. LS 2/09

I received my new Brown & Cream Waterman 94 today. Love it! Great flex and flair, just the way I like it. And it is a pretty pen too. Thank you and have a great evening, LG 1/09

I received the Parker 51 “Red Band-filler” in perfect condition. Another great addition to my 51 collection! The pen in near mint condition, clean, works perfectly, a pleasure! JS 1/09

The Montblanc gold-filled set just got here. It looks beautiful. Thank you! All the best, JP 1/09

A big box came today. In it was another box and inside that, bubble wrap, then a plastic wrapper and finally a book. What a book! Gary it is gorgeous. Congratulations! There surely isn’t another pen maker who produced so many models and such variety. The photography is excellent. and so is the way each page is designed. DR 1/09

I got the BCHR Conklin #30 Crescent-fill, it’s a beauty! Thanks so much. AW 12/08

Just wanted to drop a line and say the Parker Duofold “Big Red” arrived. Thanks my friend, the pen is a “keeper!” GD 11/08

The Waterman Baby safety is already here. Beautiful, ready to write and in outstanding condition, as always. Another great addition to my collection. Thanks very much again. JP 11/08

I received the Montblanc Octavian pen and Montblanc 5K pencil yesterday. I’m very satisfied. Thank you so much and see you again for the next new Catalogue! TY 11/08

Thank you very much for your black colored English Maxima Duofold. …it is wonderful. HG 11/08

Have just received my new-old-stock Sheaffer Admiral Snorkel and am thoroughly delighted with it. Thanks very much, MK 11/08

I received the parcel today. Both pens make very nice additions into my “unusual filler” collection Thank you always! Best, MS 11/08

I’ve just received the Mabie Todd pen-pencil combination and the Conklin pencil. Both are in perfect condition; specially I feel very satisfied with the combo; it’s a great deal. Thanks a lot for your kindness. SL 11/08

Just to let you know that I have just received the Eversharp Symphony this afternoon. The pen is great and minty and I can barely decide whether to ink it and start using it or rather keep it as it is and just look at it! Many thanks for a really cool pen (the original Loewy design is much better than the later models) I’ve been trying to get for such a long time. Kind regards, WO 10/08 My Pelikan M700 Toledo arrived, and I love it! Thank you. LG 9/08

I have received the Waterman Liaison, the Montblanc Chopin and the plastic pen tubes. The pens are simple gorgeous. Thank you. 🙂 Best, AC 9/09 Gary, I received the Red mottled Hard Rubber Waterman No.12 eyedropper last Monday. Just a few words to let you know you achieved it again! You have contributed to my collection with a new gorgeous pen. This pen is, as you claimed, simply and absolutely a hundred years old mint and pristine baby made of a beautiful red and black hard rubber. The most fresh and glossy hard rubber I have ever seen. Incredible!!! Thanks very much. You are still as efficient and reliable as usual. Very best regards. JP 9/09

Hi, I received the Delta FP yesterday. Thank you so much for this great pen! See you again on next Catalog! TH 9/08

I just received the Sheaffer Connoisseur in sterling silver and the National in mottled hard rubber. Wonderful pens as usual! The National pen is more beautiful than I could imagine. Thank you very much. MB 9/08

The mint Mandarin Yellow Duofold Sr. and Jade Duofold Jr. arrived today. Both are excellent examples of their respective models and will make great additions to my collection of vintage Duofolds. Thanks again. Regards ME 8/08 The Pelikan Set and the Italian Overlay Safety arrived today. All very nice indeed. Thank you very much. Cordially, PD 8/08

I’ve just received the Sheaffer PFM V Set. It’s gorgeous! Thank you very much. XD 7/08

I just received the Sheaffer Sr. Balance Ebonized pearl. Beautiful pen! Thanks. MB 7/08

I just received the Parker Vacumatic Jr. It is beautiful! I have a pen pouch that will be perfect for it. Again, thanks a million! VP 6/08 Just a quick note to say that the Sheaffer Sr. Balance Black & Pearl arrived in great condition. Thanks once again for making this transaction so easy. Kind regards. FK 6/08

I received the Montblanc Sterling Silver 4-Color Pencil, and I am very happy!!! Thank you for your kindness. Best Regards. TY 6/08

The Sheaffer Sr. Balance in Black & Pearl arrived today and is lovely. Thanks again for your superior service – it is always a pleasure to do business with you. With all best wishes, FK 5/08

Just a note to let you know that I am delighted with the Conklin Nozac pen set I purchased from you. The packaging, time of posting and condition of the set were as advertised. Thank you. JC 5/08

I received both Parker Vacumatics today. Wow, they are nice! I will be buying more…! JM 4/08 The pens are here. They arrived safe and sound some days ago. Excellent! Beautiful Vacumatic — incredible mint Jotters! Thanks very much again. Very best regards. JA 3/08

The Montblanc 254 arrived and is absolutely perfect! Hard to believe I was just learning to write when it was made. Your observations on my nib size and flex requirements were spot on. It does just what I’d hoped it would and is a pleasure to use. Looking forward to our future business. Best regards, MM 3/08

Got the Tiffany Sterling Silver pen and pencil set yesterday. Thank you very much. They are just as described and as expected. Hope to do business again. KM 3/08

I received the mint-in-the-box Montblanc 146 Masterpiece. Thank you for very good one! I’m very happy to deal with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again with next Catalog!!! Best Regards, TY 3/08

I received the Sheaffer PFM V today and it is perfect. I love the fine nib! I filled it with Noodler’s Baystate Blue and am really enjoying it. Thank you, AW 3/08 I bought a 1959 Mont Blanc 31 pen from you a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for the sale. The pen looks brand new and writes like a dream. I look forward to dealing with you again. Thanks. TB 3/08

Could you believe that the three pens that I bought from you just arrived (Spain)? In only 4 days! Great pens. The Diamond Point is beautiful, the Parker Major has a very smooth nib… Many thanks. All the best. MB 3/08

The Parker 51 Empire Set and two Vacumatics arrived here safely this morning – all in perfect shape. Thanks very much! Many thanks & best wishes. RE 2/08

The Montblanc 149 arrived yesterday and just let me tell you this pen is great! Mint condition, and even when I think the nib is just a bit to fine for my taste, this pen is a perfect writer, fast starter, reliable nib. And your very nice help and fast shipment make this pen even better. Thanks a lot. Very best, RS 2/08

I got the PFM II this afternoon. It is a beautiful and excellent pen. I like it very much. Thank you very much. With best regards, CS 2/08

Thank you for the Mabie-Todd Blackbird. It is a really fine pen and writes a smooth and nicely wet line. The condition of it is impeccable. GK 1/08

I received the MB 134 yesterday evening. Thank you very much. I used it all this morning for my letters, it writes exactly how I like to write: flexible, wet wet wet, hard ink-flow, very perfect for me Gary, congratulations for your beautiful fountain-pens, I think this one is one of the best old timer Montblanc I’ve ever seen…. Fantastic !! I’m very happy to have it. PM 12/07

The Parker Vacumatic and Parker 51 Set arrived today safe and sound. Thanks again — they are perfect as described. I’ll certainly be buying from you again in the future. Looking forward to your next Catalog. Very kind regards and have a nice Christmas. CS 12/07

The Parker 51 Demonstrator was received this morning in perfect condition. This pen is one of the most clear Demonstrator that I’ve seen! It’s a pleasure to have this pen in my 51’s collection. JS 12/07

Received the Parker 51 today and it looks great. Many thanks and I will surely be back for more. DM 12/07

I am in my office with my new Parker 15 filigree and abalone, and yup, this sure is a nice pen alright! This one’s a keeper and will be pride of place in the collection for a long time. Thanks again for all your assistance. All the best for now … PW 12/07

Hello, I have received the 14K Parker 61 Presidential today. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to deal with you again. Best regards, HT 12/07

I just received the Duofold “Big Red”. It’s a beautiful pen in excellent condition. I’m very happy. Thank you very much. The “Express Mail International” shipping option was a great choice. Too Fast! All the best. MB 12/07

Hi, I received the Montblanc Ball Point yesterday. I’m very happy to get a Pix-O-Mat in silver like this. Happy Xmas and New Year! See you again for the Catalog next March! Best Regards, TY 12/07

The Duofold Sr. Mandarin Yellow and Sheaffer Balance Sr. Ebonized Pearl have arrived safe and sound. (Both near mint+) …exactly as you described. Thank you! PC 12/07

Black Sonnecken 307 with oblique italic nib arrived safely. Really nice. Thanks. NO 12/07 The Byers and Hayes is a beaut, and I love the flexible nib. The tubes are nice too! Thanks again, GB 11/07

The Waterman Director General is already here. A beautiful pen with a perfect ink flow: it writes like a dream! Thanks very much. JP 11/07 I just received the two Sheaffer Balance pens. They are in perfect condition — really near mint! Thanks. MB 11/07

I received the mint-in-the-box 1999 Duofold Ball Pen and am very pleased with it. Thanks very much! Looking forward to viewing your new catalog. GK 11/07

I just got the Waterman 55 I ordered from you and I am completely impressed! Your description understated the quality of pen – I am completely happy! GB 10/07

I am happy to announce that the Eversharp Coronet has arrived this morning safe and sound, and I have to say I absolutely love it. It is beautiful, it writes beautifully, and it is now the highlight of my collection. This pen has been part of my holy grail list for some time now. I would like to thank you once again for helping me find this wonderful pen, and you can be sure that I will be purchasing from you many more times in the future. Thank You! ES 9/07

I received the Carmine Sheaffer Sr. Lifetime Balance and it is as great as advertised! Thanks, PB 9/07

What else can I say? The 1931 Pelikan T111 original Toledo is gorgeous! AR 9/07

Just a quick not to let you the Parker 75 Sterling Silver Cisele ballpoint arrived today safe and sound and I must say he is a fitting companion to my 75 FP. A handsome pair they do make indeed! I wiped him down with my silver polishing cloth (like I did with the FP) and he literally sparkles under light. Thanks again! Cheers, RK 9/07 I received the Pelikan tortoise pencil and Waterman tray today. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to deal with you again.
Best regards, HT 9/07

Stuff from Catalog #44 arrived today. Thanks especially for the outrageous copper inkwell, a great gift. You must be gratified at the phenomenal sales this Catalog has enjoyed–there is an awful lot of red that meets the eye. Best, LE 9/01

The Parker 51 Signet and Montblanc 72 arrived safe and sound today. Superbly rapid service. Delighted with both pens. Many thanks again for all your help. Kind regards, DN 9/07

The Pelikan 101 Magnum arrived today – superb, Thank you. Cordially, PD 8/07

The early Pilot Vanishing Point arrived safely today – absolutely Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unusual to find a broad nib in one of these !! How all goes well! All the very best, MC 8/07 Received the Pelikan Rappen today. It’s terrific. I’m very pleased. Thank you, GB 8/07

The Sheaffer Sr. Balance arrived today and it really is one of the nicest silver laminated Sheaffers I’ve seen! Thanks Gary. GD 8/08

The Waterman “Director General” pen is here. A beautiful pen with a perfect ink flow — it writes like a dream! Thanks very much. JA 7/07 I received the Aurora 88 today and am very pleased with how smoothly the pen writes. Your service, including rapid response to my emails, the beautiful condition and selection of pens for sale, and the rapid turn-around are greatly appreciated. I feel that you are among very best vintage pen dealers out there. So far I have purchased a Montblanc 22, a Pelikan 500, a Pelikan 100, Conklin crescent filler in BHR, and the vintage Aurora 88. You provide a very valuable and appreciated service that allows one to enjoy a fun hobby and diversion from our daily stress. I look forward to future purchases from you. RR 7/07

I received the Pelikan 100 today, and I am very pleased with it. It is nearly perfect, and the first green Pelikan I have got (this one is Pelikan #3). Thanks. I will be looking at your catalogs from now on. VB 7/07

The Pelikan 400NN and the Sheaffer Sentinel arrived. They are great – even better condition and appearance than I had hoped for. They write wonderfully. Thank you for the time and trouble you took with the special order of the Sentinel. MM 6/07

Another great pen (1926 Black Duofold Sr.) – thanks! MA 6/07 The Salz Lapis pen/pencil combination arrived safe and sound today. Really nice piece! Thanks so much! Best, JR 6/07

I hope all goes well with you, your family, and your business. I received the recently purchased Levenger Sailor fountain pen with the music nib. It is a beauty! Best regards, MB 6/07

The three Parkers have arrived safely and I love the Sonnet. I am a writer so I do ink these pens but am almost afraid to do it to this one (because it is so nice). Thanks for the great service! BC 6/07

The Grieshaber and EK Success arrived today. I am very pleased with them. Thank you one more time! JD 5/07

My new Conway Stewart 58 Cracked Ice is such a lovely pen. The design is far different than I expected – owning an OMAS or two with their interesting celluloid, the CS almost appears to have been hand drawn or laid on/in the material that comprises the pen. It’s very interesting. The lever fill is really very cool, and man, does it hold an incredible volume of ink! It is well balanced with or without the cap posted (I usually don’t post my caps), and is a tremendously smooth writer. Gary, I do not know how you do it, but you really, truly are the source for some of the most lovely vintage writing instruments that I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing… and, much more importantly, using. Thanks again and all the best, HS 4/07

I just returned from a conference and the Pelikan 500 was waiting for me. The pen is as was advertised. It’s beautiful and in near mint condition. I want to thank you again for your prompt service, your expertise, and your always prompt responses to my e-mails. I really appreciate your professionalism. Again, thank you so much. My sincerest regards, RR 4/07

I received the Parker Vacumatic that I ordered from you a couple days ago. It is definitely a very nice pen and will certainly be enjoyed. Thank You! ES 4/07

Got the Montblanc Carrera. Beautiful pen! Have a good holiday. RD 4/07

The Lapis two-banded Conklin Endura Sr. arrived a few minutes ago and it’s a beauty! Thanks again, FK 4/07

The Vacumatic Red Shadow-wave is here! As usual, a superb pen, a very fast delivery and an exquisite treatment. All the best, JS 4/07

The Pelikan M430 arrived this morning and it is really beautiful, I love it so much. Thanks again. KL 3/07

Waterman Copper Ray Ink-Vue received. GORGEOUS, PERFECT, WONDERFUL!!! What more can I say? GREAT PEN, SUPERB NIB. All the best. JA 3/07 I have received the six Parker 75’s this morning. Thank you very much for your collaboration and excellent service. It always has been a great pleasure to deal with you. Best regards and all the best to you and your family. VC 3/07

I just received the brown & white Carter pen and I am very very glad. The pen is very beautiful, it’s condition is great, it’s a nice writer. It is a great pen for my collection. I am very happy man!!! I will send you a photo of my wife with the pen. Thank you very much for all. CA 3/07

I just received the Sheaffer Crest 594 in the mail safe and sound. It is working perfectly, and it will definitely be enjoyed a lot! Thanks! ES 3/07

Just wanted you to know that I received the Sterling Silver Waterman “Gentlemen” yesterday. It’s a beautiful pen! Thanks, BB 3/07

The Montblanc arrived today. It’s beautiful! It matches a ballpoint I had bought a number of years ago. I’m glad you had one for sale. Thanks very much. LK 3/07 The coral Wahl ring-top is tip-top! It arrived yesterday, safe and sound — and is a beauty. Thanks again, FP 3/07

The lapis Century arrived safe and sound today – very pretty! Great service as always. Thanks again. MA 3/07

The Sheaffer Crest and Pelikan M800s arrived this afternoon. All the pens are wonderful! Thank you very much. KS 3/07

I received the Parker pen/pencil set today! They are really beautiful and as described : ) Thank you very much and I look forward to our doing business again! With best regards, CL 2/07 I bought from you a Pelikan 101N (tortoise) and matching pencil at the last Pen Show we had in NYC. I am more than happy with that purchase. Quite frankly, you are one of the few people from whom I would dare purchasing high end pens. Thanks, RM 2/07

The Deluxe Challenger arrived today. It’s really very nice. Many thanks and many compliments for excellent service. Very best regards, MB 2/07 The Waterman #7 “yellow band” arrived day before yesterday in perfect condition. As with each and every pen I have purchased from you, it is gorgeous and in pristine condition! NS 1/04

The Montblanc 124 arrived today. Writes beautifully, thank you very much. Be assured of my future business! PD 1/07

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I am enjoying the red and black swirl Carter’s pen I purchased from you. It is not only lovely to look at and in superb condition but it writes like a dream. Sincerely, SU 12/06

The Waterman Model 52 and the nib are wonderful. They are exactly what I have been looking for as a daily writer. Thank you! How can I get some of the screw in tubes you shipped the pen in? The tube is wonderful for protecting pens. SS 12/06 The Parker 51 set arrived yesterday morning without problems — it looks great! My Father will be very happy. He was looking for an original 51 Vacumatic here in Spain for years. I will show him your website after Christmas and I’m sure he will order more pens. Thanks a lot. JF 12/06

The Grey Marbled Parker Vacumatic Junior was received this morning in perfect condition. Very nice transparency and very good condition for a pen seventy years old. We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a very happy year 2007! JS 12/06

Received the Montblanc 139 today. It is quite a nice one! Thanks for the prompt delivery. JB 12/06

Just a short note to let you know the Sheaffer balance LE arrived today in good condition. I’m really happy with the pen so many thanks for your prompt service. Look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Cheers, DP 12/06

Got the Mandarin yellow Parker Duofold Sr. IT’S A BEAUTY! Thanks! SG 12/06

I received the Jade Green Wahl Eversharp Personal Point pen this morning. Thank you, I am very happy — it is a beautiful pen. CS 12/06

Confirming that the Montblanc 344 and the Parker “Big Red” pens arrived today in great shape. Thank you for such prompt service and as a first time buyer I am extremely pleased with the two pens purchased. TR 12/06 Just wanted to let you know that the MB 1296 14K fountain pen that you shipped to me arrived safely. It’s a superb example of the period! KL 12/06

Thanks Gary – The Waterman 52 Red Ripple is great pen!! MA 12/06 I received the Soennecken 111 Extra set today. Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to dealing with you again. Best regards, HT 12/06

Received the Montblanc safely pen today – GREAT !! Just need to blacken up the cap and ready for the collection case !! Thanks for all – I have waited a long time for one of these to come along in good condition and at a fair price !! Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and until the New Year……………Best regards. MC 12/06 The black Conklin arrived today and looks great, thanks! KS 11/06

Just wanted to let you know that the two pens (white Sailor & mandarin Duofold Vest Pocket) arrived safely today. I am pleased with both of them and look forward to doing business with you again soon. JD 11/06

Very pleased with the Wahl Equipoised pencil, which arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. DC 10/06

Thanks for the Parker Black Giant which arrived safely today. I am delighted to be able to add it my collection. It is a beauty. JP 10/06 I would just like to thank you for this absolutely lovely Parker Vacumatic Sr. Maxima. Magnificent! and just the right nib (stub, italic). It is bringing a smile to my face, no simple task these days. Again, I am forever grateful, HS 10/06

The Aurora 88 arrived safely today and is every bit as nice as you described in your catalog – thank you – and those little plastic shipping tubes you use are neat – much classier than the usual hunk of PVC piping stuffed with paper towels I’m used to seeing. …if this pen is a typical example of your stock you can be sure I’ll be checking your catalogs regularly. JB 10/06 I have safely received my Soennecken 111 Lady. It’s really a beautiful example of this model! I’m very pleased with it. In Germany itself it’s very difficult to find this pen in such condition! I thank you very much for your friendly and reliable services!

Best Regards, HN 10/06 Just to let you know that I received the 1959 Montblanc 146 today. As usual, it was just as advertised and I’m delighted with it! Many thanks! Best regards, NV 10/06

The Parker Vacumatic Sr. Maxima arrived. It’s gorgeous! Thanks! DC 10/06

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Eversharp Skyline and Waterman #7. Both arrived in perfect condition and were everything you promised and more. I am a tremendous fan of your store/Catalog. For a guy a long, long way from home in a hostile place [Baghdad], a vintage fountain pen (especially that amazing Waterman flex nib) is a welcome friend. I look forward to getting more goodies from you. Many thanks for your outstanding service! JB 10/06 Just to let you know that I’ve picked the Parker 51 Presidential from the Post Office this morning. It is in lovely condition — thank you — and has already joined my collection of classic Parkers. Very best! AH 9/06

Got the Pelikan right before leaving town last week, so didn’t get a chance to ink it until yesterday. Let’s just say it’s up to your usual high standard! 😉 DC 9/06

The Waterman #7 Ripple “Red Band” arrived. Incredible. What a beautiful pen! Thanks. DK 9/06

Got the two Omas Lucens pens. They are both wonderful! With the Aurora 88, I got three nice looking and great writing pens. Thanks a bunch. Want to make sure that you have me renewed. Thanks. AG 9/06

The golden pearl Vacumatic Major arrived this weekend. Lovely pen, exactly as described! Thanks for the speedy shipment. BB 9/06

I just received the Montblanc 126 PL in Platinum — it’s a beauty! Many thanks. GK 9/06 I have just received pens (Montblanc 254; Montblanc 146 Solitaire). I like both pens very much. Thank you for your perfect packing. I’m looking forward to receiving the next issue. How do I subscribe!?! Thank you once again. AI 9/06

I received the Pelikan 100N “Cobra” pen today. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to dealing with you again. HT 9/06

Pens arrived yesterday (Sheaffer #33; Eversharp Skyline; Waterman #5 Red-banded Red Ripple) — I am absolutely delighted with all three! Till next time, LE 8/06

I received the pen safely today (1917 Sheaffer Chased Filigree). Excellent service from yourself and USPS. To say that I was overjoyed, would be an understatement. !! Wow! this pen is fantastic and worth every penny. Many thanks indeed! SM 8/06

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that the beautiful pen arrived two days ago (Sheaffer Blue PFM II). Cheers, RF 8/06 The Parker red Vacumatic Slender Maxima arrived safe and sound! It’s beautiful. The only problem is that my wife has declared that it writes really well for her….. Take care. MA 7/06

I received the Soenneckens today. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to deal with you again. HT 6/06

I just received this morning the Lady Patricia and Waterman glass cartridge pens. I am very glad, they are beautiful, thank you very much. I will come back on your website. CSA 6/06 The “ringed” Lady-Pelikan 100 arrived safe and sound yesterday. It’s a beauty! I’m having some difficulty getting over a Pelikan without a clip – it looks so odd, but a lovely addition to the flock. I’m looking forward to Washington — see you there. FP 6/06

This morning I received the gold-filled Parker 61 Stratus. Thank you very much for your collaboration and excellent service. Always has been a great pleasure to deal with you. VS 6/06

I have received the green Vacumatic Major without problems. Good and clean pen with excellent transparency. Perfect description and absolutely reasonable price. As usual, I’m very satisfied! JS 6/06

The Montblanc Model 53 red pencil arrived today. It’s wonderful! Size, tactile sensation of the red hard rubber… thanks for your kind efficiency! VS 6/06 I received the two Soennecken 110s safely. Thank you. These pens are extremely beautiful and I wonder if this is typical for Soennecken (answer: yes). The size and external quality is extraordinary. Their super-flexible nibs are the stand for future comparison! CF 6/06

I received the green Vacumatic Major today. I’m very pleased that it works perfectly, is in superb condition, and is beautiful. Many Thanks! HS 5/06

The Parker 51 set with the 14K Empire Caps have just arrived — VERY nice! DW 5/06

The 12″ x 16″ trays arrived safely. They are perfect. I’ve cut them to size, put them in my drawers and started filling them with pens. Thank you! BS 4/06 I received the ’36 Vacumatic yesterday. It’s beautiful!!!…and it looks nice sitting next to my standard burgundy Vac of the same vintage. Thanks again, DN 4/06

Good evening! The russet & jade Swan was waiting for me when I returned from work this afternoon. It is indeed a beautiful pen and a really sweet writer! Thanks for a prompt and very satisfactory transaction. RH 4/06

I have received the Buckskin double-jeweled Parker 51 this morning. It’s a fantastic and very elegant pen. The advice you gave me has been very useful! As usual, very good service and a pleasure your friendly nature and help. Very best regards, JS 4/06 I never got the chance to properly thank you for the Mandarin Yellow Torelli “Parker 51.” Fantastic pen – the attention to detail is unbelievably good. The nib you had fitted on the pen is another work of art – nice juicy BB. I have inked the pen of course, and enjoying it. KM 4/06

I have just taken possession of the mint Parker 51 Presidential 14K set and it is a real beauty! Thank you very much. AH 3/06

The Pelikan 100 is wonderful. I love it. The OBB nib writes great with excellent ink flow. I couldn’t be happier with it. HL 3/06

I received the Sheaffer PFM IV today. It’s simply beautiful! I’ve been wanting a IV in such great condition, and I’m really thrilled to now own one. Thank you for your incredible service, and I hope to do business again with you soon. Regards, RK 3/06

My order has arrived in good shape. The black Parker L2 1/2 writes wet and smooth — I can’t believe Parker made triple-flexible nibs like this! The lapis Parker Duofold Jr. has a very flexible as stated and writes beautifully. The green and black MB Monte Rosas are both smooth writers that do not disappoint for daily “ballpoint” work in the office. The Wahl Cream & Black GS truly has an incredible and special nib – one clear step above triple flex! This nib is the holy grail sought after by yours truly. CF 3/06

Thanks for the Tiffany ball pen and Norma & Autopoint pencils. Got them quick and they are great! VH 3/06

The Sheaffer’s Lifetime Balance Senior pen arrived safe and sound today. BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, SUPERB, etc. In fact these words cannot describe such an incredible and incredibly well conserved and restored pen. I put it together with other pens you have provided me: it seems they were manufactured yesterday. Once again, a job very well done; I am very happy, as usual. Thanks to Myrna and you. JP 3/06 Just wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with the Vacumatic I ordered last week. Having become rather jaded by the phrase “near mint,” it’s great to deal with someone who knows when that description applies. Best regards, SP 3/06

I received the Waterman Thorobred yesterday. It is very beautiful and in extremely good condition. Many thanks, MN 3/06

Pen just arrived (Conklin Nozac in Black & Gold “Brick”). It’s jaw droppingly nice. …Now I just need to find one in green. 😉 DC 12/05

This great Gray PFM set has been received today. As excellent as expected! Thank you so much. PT 11/05

Thanks for the beautiful Parker 51 and matching pencil set. They arrived in excellent condition and the pen writes wonderfully. It puts down a thin fine line that I need for filling out forms for work. As you had mentioned, the Liquid Lead pencil would have to be relegated to desk work since it doesn’t retract, so it’ll most likely be on display in the pen case anyway with a few other old pencils in my collection. Great doing business with you. RM 10/05

The plum 51 Aero set arrived today. Wonderful, early set that represents early aerometric production (raised band Lustraloy cap, long arrow clip, and aluminum filler unit) and in plum to boot! No doubt that 1948 was an interesting year for ’51 collectors given the existence of vac-filler pens with either the blue diamond clip or the so-called transitional arrow clip and Aero filler models with the transitional arrow clips. Best Regards, RF 9/05

The Aurora 88 arrived last night. It is in great shape and writing well. Thanks! RT 9/05

The Parker T-1 has been received: really great pen! Many thanks. LK 9/05

Just to let you know that I received the Parker 51 Demi Coco. It’s a beauty. I’m in love, I can’t stop looking at it. Thank you. AS 9/05

(You are) “Like a Dealer From Another Planet!” The 1942 Parker 51 set and crystal Vacuum Filler arrived this morning: as usual, they are in exquisite condition. For me, your catalog and service are always the better warranty. Thank you very much, JS 8/05

The (all metal) Wahl set arrived today, and it is outstanding, as has been every pen I have gotten from you. Thanks! RW 8/05 The Montblanc 128PL Platinum is SPECTACULAR. I am sorry I couldn’t come up with a better expression but the English language is limited. If I don’t buy another pen this year, the pain I will go through will be worth every moment. Thank you! AH 8/05

I received the red and bronze Waterman 92V this morning. Wow! It’s another beauty, even prettier than the photo. Can’t wait to ink it up. Thanks for the great service. EM 8/05 I received my pens today (Parker 51s). They arrived safe are in great shape, better than described… Thanks, I will be ordering more in the near future. DW 8/05

The (vintage) Aurora 88 came this morning, thank you very much, a worthy addition to my collection! CP 8/05

As always, thank you. Over the past few years, you’ve become one of my main sources of German vintage pens–high quality pens, fair prices and great customer service. MV 8/05 Just a quick note to let you know that last week I received the 3 pens, they truly are gorgeous (Waterman 58 Woodgrain, Anonymous Woodgrain, Conklin Endura). Thank you very much and I look forward to your next catalogue. Kind regards, LT 7/05

Just a note to let you know that the (Sheaffer Phone) “Dialer” arrived safe and sound. I had to write to tell you how extremely pleased I am. The pen is stunningly beautiful – the taper meets the body of the pen so seamlessly that it almost seems like an integral part of an amazingly long barrel. Its condition is superb, and it will be a wonderful addition to my collection. I must also take a moment to thank you for the truly outstanding packing – the protective pen tube was a most welcome, and most thoughtful, touch. I hope we have the opportunity to do business again in the future. It’s rare to encounter such thorough professionalism nowadays; I value it highly. Very best regards, JH 7/05

The two Montblancs just arrived to Madrid this morning. Thank you very much for your excellent service and communication. Always a pleasure doing business with you. VC 6/05 The new-old-stock Parker Duofold arrived today. Beautiful! Thanks! Any advice on whether to use this pen, or simply keep it as a collector’s item? Best, JB 6/05

The Pelikan 100 arrived safely. It is excellent in every way! Thanks very much. RM 6/05

The red ripple Waterman 51V is here and wow, is it ever gorgeous! I have always been one to use the pens I buy, but this one is so perfect, I may have to think about it for a while. Thanks, EM 6/05 Thanks for the quick delivery to the UK on the Ambassador and Diamond Medal pens, which arrived today. They’re both lovely! Regards, CC 6/05

Just a short notice to let you know that I have received the Torelli “Parker 51” and the Parker Imperial pencil. They are both great and I am very satisfied with the deal. See you soon. Best regards – PL 6/05

The three Waterman #7’s I just bought from you are wonderful! Thanks! MS 5/05 I am delighted to receive the immaculate PFM MkI pen and pencil set. They are a delight and, thanks to your packaging, have survived the transatlantic trip in immaculate condition. My thanks for your kind attentions. I will be watching your site! Best wishes, MW 5/05 Thank you for putting out such great catalogs! CB 5/05

I have the highest respectful regard for your many accomplishments, Gary. Impressive web site, impressive pens, impressive communication, and apparently the very best organized operation overall. Now to find some pens which have not been sold! Kind regards, GW 5/05

I received the Swan 2060 with the #6 stub nib. You set the standard for packing. The pen is in excellent condition. I have had some less than “positive” experiences on eBay and buying from people on pen bulletin boards. The terms mint/near mint are often used a little too liberally, but your near mint description of this pen is very justified. The nib has a nice line variation. It has a little more tooth than I expected but I’m enjoying it and getting better at using it. Overall, very (very) nice and a pleasure to write with. Thanks again!! JS 4/05

I am very happy to inform you that today I received the 1927 Black & Bronze Conklin Sr. Endura. The pen is absolutely fantastic and makes my collection really much richer. Thank you very much for the pen, for the way it was packed and for your cooperation. I am sure I’ll purchase from you in the very near future other beautiful items like the one I got today. OM 4/05

EXCELLENT NEWS: my Gold Bond Stonite pen has arrived and is superb, like all the pens I have purchased from you!! Many thanks and I am waiting for the next issue…! Kind regards to you and Myrna JB 3/05

The Parker Vacuum Filler arrived today in perfect condition. As usual, very good service and a very good pen. I’m happy with the purchase as I had a feeling it would be mistake not to buy it. Also, always it’s important to have a very special pen 73 years old. An authentic pleasure to do business with you! Very best regards, JS 3/05 The Pelikan 100N arrived safely. It is a very nice pen in great condition and a lovely nib. Thank you. Regards, WM 3/05

I received the pen safe and sound. You were right about quality, extremely high quality pen. But, sincerely, I do not agree about condition. You said near mint. That’s not true, Gary. After a carefully inspection, I found no signs of use anywhere. This pen has, no doubt, the best condition I’ve ever seen on a vintage pen. Nobody could say it is a 80 years old guy. So, honestly, I would say near mint + + + condition. Once again, thank you very much for the stuff you provide us and your efficient and kind service. Congratulations to you and Myrna. JP 3/05

I wanted to tell you that the Swan (from Catalog #34) took 100 pages of notes during a trial I just finished last Friday. I took extra ink to Court, but refills were few and far between. The words flowed and after a short period of time “getting to know you,” the pen literally danced for me. Later when I summed up I used those notes. The shadings helped me spot important thoughts, but most importantly, the pen was like an old friend. To someone who has never learned to write in ink, and then never seen words dance with a flex point, they will not understand why men still want classic pens, with a lost elegance that was once America. Your friend, SB 3/05 The pens arrived a few days ago, and they are perfect as is your custom. Thanks again for being a reliable source of vintage pens. RW 3/05

I subscribed last year and bought some pens out of the December catalog. I never really left any feedback although I’ve been meaning to. Those pens were probably the nicest bunch I’ve ever purchased all in one ‘sitting’. They were just as described if not better. All nibs were smooth, the finishes shiny, and the mechanisms in working order. It’s refreshing to not have to worry about the unusual and unfortunate nib/feed/barrel/filling mechanism disorders that happen on eBay every day…..I looked over the 10% off catalog and saw some possibilities but will likely wait for the next quarterly to arrive… Thanks again, JWH 2/05 The pen Conklin Sr. Endura in Sapphire Blue and Conway Stewart “Speedy Phil” in Blue Herringbone arrived today in good order. I am pleased with both of them, they are beautiful. Regards and best wishes. RG 12/04

I received the green Sheaffer Balance safe and sound. I have no words to describe such a great pen and its GORGEOUS condition. Once again, thank you very much for making me (and my wife) so happy. I suppose obtaining examples better than those you provide me is getting more and more difficult, but finally you manage. JM 12/04

The Conway Stewart Set arrived this afternoon in near mint condition as advertised, and in good working order. Thank you. SP 12/04

The Conway Stewart Blue Herringbone arrived today. I unpacked it right away and inked it up. It is everything I expected or anticipated it would be. You were right, an excellent choice. I’ve been looking for Conway Stewart pens, especially in the Herringbone pattern and even more so in a blue, but until this most recent offering have not seen blue pattern available anywhere! I’m happy, very happy with this purchase. Thanks, BB 11/04

I received the Edward Todd Gold-filled overlay eyedropper pen, and am very satisfied with it. Thanks! VN 10/04

The Parker Vacumatic arrived fine, but about that Waterman #7 ripple that you said had brassing on it…well that’s false advertising because I can’t find ANY brassing on it that’s worth noting! 😉 Wow! Great pens, fast service. Keep up the great work. JH 10/04

I am eager to see the next catalog and will continue to subscribe as long as you are in business — it’s the best pen investment around! DC 10/04

I received your beautiful (mint-in-the-box, blue) PFM V yesterday. Thank you very much!!! Regards, TT 10/04

The Montblanc 126 PL arrived this morning. Nice pen! AT 10/04

I must say, your shipment was a real treat. Every pen/pencil was nice. Now I see why you are so picky and rejected my offers. Customers can be assured of cream of crop stuff! CF 10/04

The Pelikan 100 and Waterman 94 arrived safely and are very, very nice. They’re exactly what I had hoped for! I look forward to my future purchases. AG 9/04

The pen arrived and it’s wonderful (Waterman 52 Red Ripple)! Thanks. EL 9/04

Thanks for the prompt service and the nice (Waterman 94 and Sheaffer Balance) pencils, much appreciated. HP 9/04

Have I mentioned that I see how much work you put into the catalogs, and that everything is first class!?! Thanks. MY 8/04

Just wanted to let you know the Parker Vacumatic Slender Maxima arrived yesterday and as usual it was a Winner! Very Happy. DU 8/04

The Osmia arrived today in perfect condition. It’s a really nice pen. Thanks for another great pen deal. EG 0/04

The two Vacumatics arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Exceptional quality with a very reasonable price! Thanks and have a good weekend. Your catalogs have the best price/quality relation that I’ve seen, and I have experience with (many) different USA and UK dealers. JS 8/04

The (Targa) pencil arrived today — speedy! — and in perfect condition. Many thanks for the great service…LS 8/04.

Received the PFM demonstrator today. Looks Great!!!! Thanks so much for everything! DM 8/04

The slotted tray inserts arrived today in excellent condition and (cut to size) fit neatly in the drawers as intended. Perfect result and pen storage problem solved elegantly and economically – many thanks! RC 8/04 I received the (1952) MB 149 this morning, it is lovely! I also like the feeling of the nib, more like a fine oblique, semi-flexible. Thanks again, and please don’t forget me when you come across a pen on my wish list. TA 8/04

I received the Pelikan 140 I ordered from you last week. It took me a few tries to become accustomed to the nib, but now it’s become my favorite. I’m even enjoying writing checks to pay bills! I going to have to expand my vintage collection as soon as possible, maybe with a Pelikan 100. Thanks again with all the help, it’s definitely a great pen. AB 7/04

I received the Sheaffer PFM II today. It is wonderful and much better than I expected! Thank you for the rapid shipment and I hope I can buy many more good pens from you (it is a pity that many pens I like in your Catalog have already sold) 🙁 PH 7/04

Just thought I’d let you know that I enjoy the pens I recently purchased from you (Sheaffer 3-25 Balance; Parker Duofold Vacumatic). They work great. I’ve had a blast just plain writing all sorts of common everyday “stuff”. It seems somehow that writing is more pleasant than it was before. Thanks. MZ 7/04 The combo arrived safely this morning. What a suburb item, similar to a Conklin Symetric! I love it! You are a magic pen dealer! Thanks again. JB 7/04

I love the pens! The Waterman Overlay is in fantastic shape and the Parker Moderne is so nice, I actually had a pen collector ask me if it was a reproduction. I can’t wait to see the first issue of my new subscription! LO 7/04

The Soennecken 222 I got from you is terrific — I like it a lot! JP 7/04

Thank you for the Montblanc Safety — it doesn’t leave my desk and is getting a lot of use! I really enjoy the way your Catalog works and the variety of pens is just great. I eagerly await your next Catalog. DC 6/04

Pens arrived safely (Conway Stewart; Mabie Todd) and they are terrific. Many thanks and see you soon! CM 6/04

Gary, thanks for the beautiful Sheaffer PFM V I purchased from you. It’s a wonderful pen! It was the first pen I’ve purchased from you, but it won’t be the last! DJ 6/04

The 3 pens from Catalog 31 arrived today in perfect condition. The blue Vacumatic Major is phenomenal and the two Soenneckens are also a treat. Thanks again for another great transaction. EG 6/04

The three beautiful pens (WASP, Skyline, Waterman #5 Red Ripple) arrived today in perfect shape. Many thanks for the quick delivery and these very satisfying writing instruments. With best wishes. ML 6/04

The Vacumatic Blue Major arrived today in perfect condition. It’s incredible — the pen is like new! Thanks again. JM 5/04 Today I received the 51 (Flighter). It really is great looking ! Many thanks for the excellent service!! LK 5/04

My two Pelikan pens arrived as promised. I’m very pleased and will recommend you to others. Thanks. PD 5/04.

The two Pelikan pencils arrived today in perfect condition. Nice packing and excellent service. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. CB 5/04 The pens arrived safely, as per usual, I am a happy young man. The two Duofolds are spectacular!!! Thank you. GS 4/04

I just got my fourth or fifth pen from Gary Lehrer at GoPens, a BCHR Parker 24. When it arrived, it turned out that the filler needed a tweak. Gary got the pen back to me in record time, and working perfectly. If you haven’t dealt with Gary through his excellent on-line catalog, you should… DC 4/04 PS: plus when you buy from him, you get one of those cool plastic shipping tubes!

The pen and pencil arrived today (Parker Challenger Green Geometric Set) — exactly what I wanted. Thanks. DK 4/04

Got the pen today (Mabie Todd Blackbird) and it is lovely… it writes and fill beautifully! Thank you for a smooth transaction. CC 3/04

I received today the beautiful Sheaffer (Sr. Balance) in Black & Pearl. What a superb color! Thanks for this new beauty! All the best. JB 3/04 The (Vacumatic Sr. Maxima) set arrived today. Thanks a lot, I like it a lot! How do I get a subscription for your next 4 Catalogs? JS 3/04

Thanks so much for the Conway Stewart Dinkie! I just love it — great colors, a wonderful writer, and just so darn tiny! JS 3/04

I got the pen (Moore Eyedropper) on Wednesday and have been writing with it ever since. REALLY, LOVE it, so beautiful and expressive! Thanks a lot and take care. DW 3/04

The Oversized Deco Band arrived and its a winner! DU 3/04

The Grey Sheaffer PFM III arrived yesterday. It’s great! Many thanks. MC 3/04 I love the Carter’s and the Waterman’s! BE 3/04

The Conklin arrived. It’s a real beauty, excellent condition… I’ll be looking for another purchase from your catalogues. DN 3/04 The PFM II arrived safe and sound. It’s a smooth writer with an attractive style and an incredible filler, one of the best pens of my. I forgot to send you feedback when the Striped Duofold (previous catalog) came home. GORGEOUS! Superb condition and exquisite service at a great price, as usual. Thanks very much again! JA 3/04

The pens you’ve sent are JUST INCREDIBLE!!!! It’s easy to be a faithful customer of Gary and Myrna! PS 3/04 You’ve done it again — the pen is gorgeous and what a sweet nib! Your pictures did not capture how beautiful and rich looking the pen is. Thanks and regards. RP 3/04

I received the Diamond Point–it’s a great pen–very classy looking and in mint shape. It writes very smoothly with just the right amount of flex. Thanks–I appreciate the quality of the pens you sell. RC 3/04

I am sending my $15 in order to become a subscriber. This last catalog convinced me – I got tired of seeing red where I wanted to see green. You continually have a great selection of vintage pens. Browsing your catalogs, I’m constantly reminded of why I started collecting. Thanks. AT 3/04

The Aurora 88 set arrived today. Great pens! Thanks very much. DL 3/04

I just got the (Waterman eyedropper) pens today, thanks very much. Both are lovely, just as pictured and described. The Model 22 Taper Cap is an especial plum for me… The two pens really boost my modest early Waterman collection… Thanks again and I hope to be plundering your catalogs again soon! DC 3/04

The pens arrived in fine condition. Very pleased as usual and many thanks. ML 3/04

The pen (Waterman Sterling Silver 452 1/2) is in my hands and I’m very pleased. I posted how pleased I am on Thanks and regards. RP 2/04

The Wahl Coral Gold Seal arrived, and is perfect. I look forward to your next list. RW 2/04

The pen (Waterman 100 Year) arrived safe and sound — a very nice writing pen which I feel lucky to have. MM 2/04

The UPS man just dropped off the Tortoise Pelikan 100N. It arrived in perfect shape. It’s a very beautiful pen and I’m really happy with it. I’m going to go ink it up and take it for a spin. Thanks again. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. EG 2/04

I received the Pelikan 101N Tortoise Shell yesterday. Thank you very much, for that was really beautiful and in excellent condition, and for your swift shipment. I’m sure I order your pens again! Sincerely, SM 2/04

Tubes and pen trays received safe & sound. The trays are going to improve my organization of some 100 pens/pencils and I will use the tubes for shipments. Thanks again. DN 1/04

Thank you for the pen and pencil. They are in fine condition. Your pens and pencils are always a pleasure to purchase. Thanks. LB 1/04

The 12″ x 16″ Slotted Display Trays arrived safely. I am very pleased with them. Many thanks. MP 12/03

The pen (Eclipse) arrived safely. As always, the pen is in the best shape I could have expected. NP 12/03

The oversize Conklin Symetrik is indeed a beauty. Also, I was very happy with the Conklin restorations. Thanks on both counts. AM 12/03

The Conway Stewart Cracked Ice arrived yesterday and it is a fine looking pen! As usual, you have the best stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. GF 12/03

I have received the LeBoeuf pens. Absolutely fantastic! Please let me know when you have more. GF 12/03

I received the pen and it’s a beautiful pen–it writes smoothly with flex. RB 12/03

Got the pen…totally awesome…it looks practically brand new. I have a new favorite pen! Thanks again. SG 12/03

This is just to let you know the three pens arrived in top condition…! The pens are all very nice to write with and I am a most satisfied customer. Cheers and season’s greetings! ML 12/03

The Doric just arrived a few minutes ago… it is just beautiful…I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again for your consideration and efforts. FW 11/03

The Soennecken and the Swan arrived today. To say the least, I am very happy with the quality. I have bought vintage pens in the past described as near mint that were far from it. In short, your high standards are greatly appreciated. These are outstanding pens, and the service provided was excellent as well. I look forward to your future lists. RW 11/03

Pen came this morning. I know your description said it was near mint or better, but I am almost convinced you made this pen in your basement because it is so new looking and the trim is so GORGEOUS. I am eager to give it a scribble, and am, as always when dealing with you, very pleased. DO 11/03

I have received the beautiful pen. I am very pleased for this efficient and dependable deal. Thanks very much. JB 11/03

The pen arrived safe and sound and writes very well. Thanks very much. MM 11/03

A word to let you know that the pens arrived today. They are in great shape and very nice. Thank you. NO 10/03

I want to tell you how happy I am with the last batch of pens received. Very nice — every one of them! BR 9/03

Wahl Eversharp received. AMAZING! Thanks. KG 9/03

The Parker Parkette arrived today. Sometimes I wonder how can you find such incredible well conserved vintage pens! Thanks again for your efficiency. Best regards. JA 9/03

I should have sent you a thank you long ago. I ordered a Wahl pen with a fine-flexible nib – what a nice pen – received promptly and in good condition with a beautiful, lively writing line. A wonderful pen and wonderful service. I have recommended you to several friends. EB 9/03

I am now the proud owner of the pens you sent! Thanks a lot for recommending the smooth 14K Parker 51 Presidential Set — it’s incredible! GS 8/03

It’s easy to make nice selections from your Catalog, believe me. I always wonder how you find so much nice stuff that you can resell at reasonable prices. It reminds me of my early days in the hobby, around 1984, when every month the PFC Magazine came, and I wanted nearly everything in it. When he couldn’t seem to produce a catalog with anything worthwhile in it, everyone said that the proliferation of catalog sellers and the internet put him out of business… but somehow you seem to have found the secret – and I’m glad. I still like to hold a catalog in my hand and ponder, even if I get better photos on the web. (Often I print your color photos, and clip them to the catalog so that they’re there when I ponder…)… thanks again. HS 8/03

The slotter boxes arrived safely today. They will provide some temporary relief for my storage problems. Thanks so much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be checking out your website in the future. MZ 7/03

I received the pens, and they are in FANTASTIC condition. Thanks once again. BS 7/03

Pens received. A M A Z I N G! Okay Gary, I’m a fan! When’s the new list being published? KG 7/03

The Doric arrived in fine shape!!!! It is a pleasure to use as well as to gaze upon. If you find another, please let me know, as I can add one or two more to my “stable.” Thanks again for getting just what I asked for!!!! I look forward to our next transaction. NS 6/03

The pens have arrived. They are, as always, absolutely fabulous! GF 6/03

Just wanted to let you know that we received the Carter’s. It’s a beauty! Thanks again for the great service! SS 6/03

I just received the Pelican pen I ordered. Beautiful pen! Thank you very much. I will keep an eye on your website for other pens. RB 6/03

The pens are terrific! I’ll talk with you soon. JG 6/03

Just thought I would let you know that I received the package of pens you sent. What a wonderful package! The pens are super. The Chilton and Conklin are so clean and crisp. The Parker is a small compact pen that is fun to write with. And, the Montblanc 25 is really really nice. I’m sure I will enjoy them all. Thank you much! DO 6/03

The Diamond Point and Sheaffer pens arrived safely. Excellent pens in incredible mint condition for their 98 and 86 years respectively. What I like the best is the instructions and guarantee of the first one. Thanks again for a job well done. JA 6/03

I received the pen this evening and, if anything, you underplayed it! A true beauty, and writes like a dream! If you ever need a note for your brag book, let me know. I really appreciate your help. THANK YOU! I look forward to my new subscription and the September Catalog (#28). MB 6/03

I just signed for the package — all I can say is… WOW! The Chilton Wingflow is beautiful. The pattern is gorgeous — and you weren’t kidding when you said “New-Old-Stock!” How in the world did you find it? And with a nib like that….. AR 6/03

I always hear great things (about on Zoss and would buy 20 pens from each catalog if I could afford it. AZ 6/03

Pens arrived. They are both gorgeous! Thank you very much. JB 6/03

The nice Pelikan M200 Green Demonstrator arrived today.. A-OKAY! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Until next time … Cheers, GC 6/03

The Soennecken arrived today. It is a wonderful pen. Thank you very much. DL 5/03

The Wahl BCHR Gold Seal pen and Waterman Green & Bronze set arrived late this afternoon. They are indeed gorgeous! Thanks so much. TM 5/03

I received the Skyline a few days ago. As was the Parker Moderne set [purchased previously], it’s simply WONDERFUL!!! Did you say near mint? My God, it looks as mint as my recently bought (modern) Waterman Carène! The condition of the pen is much better than you describe in your web site. And packing as well as speed of delivery is really excellent. Two purchases and you have became my favorite dealer, someone you can trust in! Thanks again. JO 4/03

The pen arrived and it is so beautiful – much better than I expected – looks almost new! I can hardly wait to show it off at the Pen Club. I look forward to seeing you in August at the D.C. Super Pen Show. Thanks so much. DK 03/03

All orders have arrived intact — 2 Wahl Oversize Personal Points, 2 Shadowave Vacumatics, 2 Conklin Nozacs and the Conway Stewart Cracked Ice. All were in beautiful condition! Your pens are so good that I have pretty much given up on eBay and other potential sources. I think that through your catalog and other personal orders you can pretty much blast my pen budget to smithereens! Thanks again for the fantastic pens! GF 03/03

Guess what the postman finally arrived with today [1930 Montblanc 30 Push-knob filler] – it is a Beauty!!! I had no idea a pen could make me feel so…so…great! The nib is truly amazing, and I filled it with Montblanc blue ink and we are bonded, together for life – I can’t get over how a 70 year old pen can be so functional and so beautiful. Thanks again!!! You have five star ratings!! CC – 03/03

The Soennecken arrived just a short bit ago. I inked it and wow! Lambrou [Fountain Pens of the World] was right on target when he said they were probably the best German pens of their time. The pen is beautiful, and feels well made, balancing nicely in the hand. It writes like a dream–the flexible medium italic nib is unlike any other nib I’ve ever written with, very smooth with great line character. Thank you for another great pen. AO 03/03

The Parker Moderne pen and pencil arrived yesterday. WONDERFUL!!! I didn’t expect such a nice set since I thought depression pens were not as well made as others. And condition is simply excellent, really nearly mint. Thank you very much! JP 03/03

I received the Moss Agate Patrician this afternoon; it’s even nicer than described in your catalog! A happy customer. CM 03/03

The Parker Lady Duofold in Cardinal “Red” arrived safe and sound. Thank you for packing it exceptionally well (“bullet-proof” comes to mind!) and for your excellent customer service. I am enjoying using the pen. It’s hard to believe it is over 75 years old. I hope I look that good when I turn 75! MF 03/03

Your parcel arrived this morning — I am delighted with the pen & pencil and with your service and speed of delivery. CC 03/03

Many thanks for another outstanding Catalog! RH 03/03

I received the Targa today. I was very impressed with the pen’s condition and quality of its writing. I would like to get a subscription for your quarterly Catalog. SS 03/03

It’s time to renew my subscription. In the case of your Catalog, it’s a pleasure, not a chore. RW 03/03

Many thanks for selling me the Soennecken 1306. I love the way it writes, prize it like an heirloom and, twice now, have used it in my dreams. RW – 03/03

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