Catalog 94 (December 2020)

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Sheaffer 4 Self Filling Vintage Pen

This is a 1908 4 “Self Filling” LF in Black Chased Hard Rubber. Rare, early model. Medium, triple-flexible nib. A little trim wear noticeable with a loop, otherwise in wonderful near mint condition with a very rare nib! A stellar specimen for those seeking a flexible writer. Item #243 in Catalog #84.

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Sheaffer PFM IV Snorkel Touchdown Vintage Pen

This is a 1959 Sheaffer PFM IV Snorkel/Touchdown-fill Set in Burgundy. Polished Chrome caps with GFT. Fine nib. Near mint+ with no signs of ink or use. In Sheaffer box (a pre-PFM box made for a Balance set, but still a very nice box). Item #252 in Catalog #84.

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Vintage Pen Sheaffer Targa Black Matte

This special vintage pen is a Sheaffer 1980 Targa #1003 cartridge/converter-fill in Black Matte, including the cap top (later versions had a gold-plated cap-top). The trim is gold-plated, and the pen features an inlaid 14K nib (medium). New-old-stock. A little wear to the finish where the cap is posted onto the barrel, otherwise near mint in box with papers and cartridges. Converter included. Item #196 in Catalog #83

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Vintage Pen Catalog – Sale Reminder!

We just wanted to share a reminder that the remaining items in the following vintage pen Catalogs are 10% off! Click one of the following: Catalog #73 | Catalog #74 | Catalog #75 | Catalog #76 Or go to: There are some wonderful vintage pens to be had, including a Wahl Eversharp Oversize Deco Band (in #75/item #243), a stunning Montblanc in one of Montblanc’s rarest celluloids (in #74/item #2), an extraordinary Waterman sleeve-filler in sterling …

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Handwritten Post – Black

I came across a bottle of Sheaffer Skrip Black, in the older style inkwell glass bottle. I love these bottles, and the black ink inside is pretty nice, too. I’m always looking for a true black – one without shading – just a true, solid black. Do you have a favorite black? Please share it so I can check it out!

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Featured Pens – Sheaffer 500 Balance Set

If the previous Sheaffer was not the right color for you, this 1937 500 Feather-Touch lever-filler Balance set is so stunning. The brown striped material is so rich and warm, complete with gold-filled trim and a visualated section. The fountain pen has a two-toned, fine nib. This is a new-old-stock, mint in original box. This beautiful set is still available for $150 in Catalog #72. (Catalog #72 is 10% off all remaining items right now!)

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Featured Pens – Sheaffer Feather-Touch

This 1936 #5 Feather-Touch lever-filler Balance set is the beautiful ebonized pearl. The trim is gold-filled, which warmly complements the material of the cap and barrel. The nib is a two-toned, fine. This set is new-old-stock, mint in the original box. The Feather-Touch nibs were usually two-toned, like this one. Sheaffer claims the plating on the slit-wall could improve ink flow. (See Richard Binder’s glossary for more information.) This set is sold, but keep an …

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Handwritten Post: Sheaffer Skrip King’s Gold

I have read conservative recommendations on the life span of an ink: one year. Wow. I have definitely used inks longer than one year, and own inks that are much older than one year old! If it doesn’t smell really weird, and if is clean (doesn’t have chunks or slime in it), it’s very likely perfectly okay. I like Sheaffer Skrip King’s Gold – it’s a legible yellow that shades nicely when used with a flex …

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Desk Sets

Not all vintage pens were made to be carried in a pocket or purse.  Desk pens are long, tapered pens normally held in a base, nib down, and of course are designed to sit on a desk. Many companies made desk sets and designs range from the very simple to extremely ornate. The base is heavy to keep the desk set in place. Below are some Conklin, Waterman, and Parker desk sets.  Other manufacturers include Esterbrook, Sheaffer, …

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