Vintage Pens Glossary Of Terms


You’ll find that most of our Vintage pens are Near Mint to Mint. This is not a coincidence – we try to find and sell the best vintage pens we can find. The following is our key to condition, and the abbreviations we use.

MMintNo signs at all of use
NMNear MintSlightest signs of use
EXExcellentImprints good, writes well, looks great
ExFExtra FineOne of the following: some brassing, some darkening, or some wear.
FnFineUsed, parts show wear
GGoodWell used, imprints may be almost gone, plating wear
FFairA parts pen



LF – Lever Filler HR – Hard Rubber              PF – Plunger Filler (ie. Sheaffer)

BCHR – Black Chased Hard Rubber            PIF – Piston Filler (ie. Montblanc)

RBHR – Red & Black Hard Rubber              PK – Push Knob Filler (Montblanc)

CF – Cartridge Filler                                   GPT – Gold Plated Trim

ED – Eyedropper Filler                               GFT – Gold Filled Trim

CPT – Chrome Plated Trim                         BF – Button Filler (ie. Parker Duofold)

NPT – Nickel Plated Trim                           CRF – Crescent Filler (ie. Conklin)