Vintage Pens Glossary Of Terms


You’ll find that most of our Vintage pens are Near Mint to Mint. This is not a coincidence – we try to find and sell the best vintage pens we can find. The following is our key to condition, and the abbreviations we use.

M Mint No signs at all of use
NM Near Mint Slightest signs of use
EX Excellent Imprints good, writes well, looks great
ExF Extra Fine One of the following: some brassing, some darkening, or some wear.
Fn Fine Used, parts show wear
G Good Well used, imprints may be almost gone, plating wear
F Fair A parts pen



LF – Lever Filler HR – Hard Rubber              PF – Plunger Filler (ie. Sheaffer)

BCHR – Black Chased Hard Rubber            PIF – Piston Filler (ie. Montblanc)

RBHR – Red & Black Hard Rubber              PK – Push Knob Filler (Montblanc)

C/C – Cartridge/Converter Filler                   GPT – Gold Plated Trim

ED – Eyedropper Filler                                 GFT – Gold Filled Trim

CPT – Chrome Plated Trim                          BF – Button Filler (ie. Parker Duofold)

NPT – Nickel Plated Trim                             CRF – Crescent Filler (ie. Conklin)

RPT – Rhodium Plated Trim                        White Gold – Rhodium Plated Yellow Gold