Parker 75 Spanish Treasure

This is a 1965 75 Spanish Treasure cartridge/converter-fill in Sterling Silver. The first Limited Edition fountain pen ever produced! New-old-stock. Mint in box with felt pouch, notarized certificate of authenticity, rare doubloon coin with parchment description, nib adjustment tool, cartridges and converter. Comes in a hinged wooden box with a map of the area in which the armada sank on the top cover, and a cross section of one of the ships displayed on the inside …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Presidential

This is a Parker 1952 51 Presidential Aerometric-fill set in 14K solid gold. It has a medium/fine nib, near mint in box with perfectly clear plyglass and no signs of use. Item #5 in Catalog #81.

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker Black Giant

This is a 1918 Parker “Black Giant” eyedropper-filler in Black Hard Rubber. Parker’s first “Giant,” the “Red Giant,” introduced in 1909 at $10, failed because the cap was too brittle and Parker was losing too much money honoring their warrantees. This was less of a problem with the “Black Giant,” introduced soon afterwards. These are found clipless, with a “split” clip (open in the back), and a full washer clip (such as this model. They also …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Demonstrator Shell

This 1948 Parker 51 Vacumatic-filler Demonstrator Shell set in Nassau Green is a unique beauty. Fitted with a transparent demonstrator clear acrylic section with a perfectly clear collector. 1/10 16K “Heritage” cap (smooth with rectangles) with 14K clip and barrel tassie. Medium/fine nib. New-old-stock, and mint in original box. Item #8 in Catalog #80.

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Parker T-1 Three Piece Set in Titanium

Take a look at this 1970 three piece set by Parker. This is the Parker T-1 cartridge/converter-filling set in Titanium. The trim is gold filled. This was a short lived model, as Parker discovered that it cost them more to make than their selling price of the pen! They eventually used up the caps and barrels for the Parker 75, which didn’t require the complicated titanium integrated gripping section and nib unit. This set includes the …

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Parker Duofold International Rollerball & Pencil Set

This 1991 Parker Duofold International Roller Ball andPencil set in Green Marble. The Green Marble is a rare color, first provided for sale exclusively for Duofolds to be sold by American Express. The trim is gold plated. New-old-stock. Mint in original box with outer box and papers. Refill included. Items #106 and #107 in Catalog #77.

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Clip Art Will Trade Pen For Food Ballpoint Pen

This 1995 Clip Art “Will Trade Pen For Food” is a twist-activated ball pen. Take a look – that’s what’s on the clip which sticks out of your pocket! The barrel is adorned with subdued color shopping carts. “Clip Art” pens were short lived and are rare today. Uses Parker refills (included), so you can continue to use it should you wish. What could be more perfect for the pen collector as an extra gift or …

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Parker Vacuum Filler Junior Opaque Black

Here is a 1932 Vacuum Filler Junior (the mid size model) in opaque Black (solid black – not laminated). Parker was issued a design patent for the laminated plastic (which at first Dupont doubted they could manufacture). Introduced as the “Golden Arrow” in mid-1932, the name was changed to “Vacuum Filler” in November that same year, and again changed in mid-1933 to “Vacumatic.” Parker attributes the Vacumatic as saving the company during the lean Depression years. …

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On Point With Go Pens #57

Can italic nibs be flexible? I like the variation but I also like flex nibs. Yes they can be, and you can find several examples in our Catalogs. Catalog #79 has a stunning Parker Red Giant in Cardinal Hard Rubber, with a broad flexible italic nib!

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 61 Heirloom

This 1955 Parker 61 Heirloom First Edition capillary-filler in Burgundy is a very rare model. The pen has a two-tone GF “Rainbow” cap with “First Edition” plaque mounted below the clip. It has the barrel engraving: “To Ray Spaulding 61 First Edition” followed by Kenneth Parker’s signature. These were given by Kenneth Parker to special people to celebrate the launch of the pen. Ray Spaulding was Parker’s Director of Product Development and the pen comes with his business card and an original …

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