Purchases & Consignments

Our buyers often ask, “Where do you get your pens.” Well, the answer is many come from folks like you who have pens to sell. Contact us for an easy way to sell your pens – we’re always in the market. One pen or an entire collection.


We try to be very fair, paying 50% to 65% of fair retail market price. Condition is, of course, very important in determining the market price.


We can put your vintage pens into an upcoming Catalog. We’ll decide together on a fair selling price. The rates below don’t include nominal additional charges for any restoration required prior to sale.

Rates are as follows:

  • Sales price of item is $500 or less: 35%
  • Sales price of item is $501 through $2,000: 30%
  • Sales price of item is $2,001 or more: 25%

Final consignment prices must be agreed before publication of the Catalog. We reserve the right to turn down consignments for any reason.

[Revised August 17, 2010]