Handwritten Post – Cacography

Cacography – we have all been there. Sometimes, I’m still there. Show us your cacography on our Facebook page!

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Vintage Pen Catalog – Sale Reminder!

We just wanted to share a reminder that the remaining items in the following vintage pen Catalogs are 10% off! Click one of the following: Catalog #73 | Catalog #74 | Catalog #75 | Catalog #76 Or go to: There are some wonderful vintage pens to be had, including a Wahl Eversharp Oversize Deco Band (in #75/item #243), a stunning Montblanc in one of Montblanc’s rarest celluloids (in #74/item #2), an extraordinary Waterman sleeve-filler in sterling …

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc Masterpiece

This 1950 Montblanc 642-G Masterpiece piston-filler is in the beautiful green striped with a gold-filled cap in the “Alternating Pinstripe and Plain Panels” pattern. Two-toned, medium, flexible nib. There is some fading of the turning knob, otherwise near mint. The gold-filled cap complements the golden tones in the green striped barrel perfectly. It’s a very attractive combination. Item #129 in Catalog #76

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Handwritten Post – Iron-Gall Changes

Depending on the color, iron-gall ink may change when it dries. Montblanc’s Midnight Blue iron-gall ink changes from a dark blue to a solid, somewhat matte, blue-black color. It smells quite rusty, too.

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc Desk Set

A lovely 1954 Montblanc 204 Desk Set in black – perfect for your desk, and a very classic, timeless look. The front and back are rounded; sides slant slightly inward. Base has “DUWAG” Logo (“DUWAG AG” – large German rail car company) lightly engraved between the star and the trumpet. The nib is ideal for a desk pen – a 14K ”Wing” nib in fine, which is useful for quick notes, and fast drying. Pen #19 …

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Handwritten Post – What’s Your Turquoise

There’s such a range of turquoise inks, and I’m not sure if they’re all accurate in their naming system. I don’t really care, because they’re pretty. They also look very different when used with different nibs. What’s your favorite turquoise?

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Handwritten Post – Royal Blue

What’s a little royal blue? What’s your favorite royal blue? I used to think this was a boring color to put in my pens, and then it started to grow on me. I kept using it because many of them were easy to wash out, as many were washable, and I thought, maybe these aren’t so boring after all. Now, I have at least two bottles on hand at all times. Go figure! Pictured: Montblanc …

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Handwritten Post – Not All Broads Are The Same

Oblique, stub, round… broad nibs are not always just giant nibs that can’t be written with! I suppose that depends on your handwriting, but oblique double broad nibs, or stubby double broads can be a lot of fun to write with and can make your handwriting look very interesting and fun. The amount of tipping that is often found on broader nibs often makes them very suitable for nib modification, should you wish to have …

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Montblanc Red Mottled Hard Rubber Baby

From Catalog #76, though no longer available, this 1920s Montblanc Model 0 Baby Safety eyedropper-filled vintage pen must be shared! It was available in the extremely rare red mottled hard rubber, with the correct and crisp imprint of Montblanc 0 14ct nib in fine, flexible. This model was new-old-stock, mint in original box. The box was signed on top with ”Montblanc baby”, and although the box has seen many years, it was only a little …

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Montblanc Model 124E ”Rose”

From Catalog #76, we had a 1936 Montblanc Model 124E ”Rose” in black hard rubber. Listed for $10,000, this is a holy grail for Montblanc collectors. The nib on this specimen is a two-toned KF (Kugel-Fine) nib. What is a Kugel nib? This is Montblanc’s ball-point nib with flexibility – beautiful and enjoyable. The pen’s condition is near mint+, except for slight signs of ink in the cap. Below is the original 1936 Montblanc catalog …

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