Anonymous Solid Gold Overlay

From 1920,a #4 size Anonymous button filler in Black Hard Rubber, with 9K Solid Gold overlay in Barley pattern. English hallmarks. Near mint+ in original tooled leather box signed “By Appointment Mappin & Webb Ltd. Regent Street, London, W.” Mappin & Webb started in 1775. Their London showroom opened in 1849. They received their “appointment” from Queen Victoria in 1897. They are still in business today, a major jewelry and gift store, and do still sell …

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Conklin Crescent Fill Dummy

This Conklin from 1920 is a #20 Crescent-fill “Dummy” in Black Chased Hard Rubber. A mock pen, used for window displays, so a sellable pen would not get ruined by the heat, sunlight, etc. The pen is either painted black or heavily coated in clear sealant, so it would not discolor from the elements while on display. The cap can go onto the top or bottom. The nib is signed “14K Gold Plate.” The lock …

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Waterman Prohibition Flask

One of the most interesting specimens in the vintage pen world: the Waterman Prohibition Flask! This 1920 Prohibition Flask is an extremely rare piece – that is an understatement! Made to look exactly like the Model 20 Safety pen (the largest pen in Waterman’s model line at the time). Allowed folks to carry booze without being suspected of breaking the law. Complete with perfect barrel imprints and G/F pocket clip. Wonderfully rare and collectible! New-old-stock. Mint. Item 15 …

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Conklin Hand Engraved Vine

This 1920 Conklin#3 Crescent-fill in gold-filled “Hand Engraved Vine.” Take a look at that wonderful pen; one of the most beautiful and sought after Conklin patterns, and one of their few models with the barrel end metal covered. The locking ring in higher-relief engraving. Matching gold-filled lock-ring. Medium/fine, extra-flexible nib. The smallest mar to the cap indicia, otherwise near mint. Incredibly beautiful! Item 4 in Catalog #79

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Aurora Duplex Large Celluloid Pen

This 1930 Aurora Duplex Large lever-fill in Jade with Black ends is one of the rare models, with a floral filigree design on the repousse clip, and three cap bands . The “Duplex” was Aurora’s first celluloid pen. A “Duofold” look-a-like, made in the very early years of Aurora, when their design was highly influenced by US pens. In 1927 Aurora introduced the “Duplex” in Red Hard Rubber with black ends. In 1929 the celluloid Duplex was introduced …

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Waterman Doctor’s Fountain Pen Set

Prohibition flasks… thermometer sets… Waterman had tricks up their sleeves! Not just vintage pens, but sets for working. View: Items 242 and 243 in Catalog #79 The 1941 set is a Doctor’s set. The #2 size Doctor’s lever-filling Fountain Pen – Thermometer Set in white. A very rare set, new-old-stock, and in mint condition! The fountain pen has a fine nib, but this is a great set for collectors of Watermans, and unique pen sets!

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On Point With Go Pens #57

Can italic nibs be flexible? I like the variation but I also like flex nibs. Yes they can be, and you can find several examples in our Catalogs. Catalog #79 has a stunning Parker Red Giant in Cardinal Hard Rubber, with a broad flexible italic nib!

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Scripto Pussycat Ball Pen Counter Display

A unique item in Catalog #79 – the Scripto Pussycat Ball Pen Counter Display! This is item 255 in Catalog #79. A piece from 1966: twelve (12) Scripto “Pussycat Pens” button-activated Ball Pens in plastic with Chrome Trim. This is a point of purchase counter-top display containing 12 Scripto “Pussycat Pens” from 1966 or 1967 in various color combinations, all mint-in-the-box. Scripto was no doubt hooking onto the popularity of the “Pussycat” theme made so popular and …

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc 2 Safety ED

A 1920 Montblanc 2 Safety eyedropper-filler in black hard rubber, with a white snowcap finial. What makes this example even rarer is the Montblanc “14 Carat 2″ nib with the die stamped “J” above the imprint. The “J” designates a very flexible calligraphy nib, this one in medium right oblique (shaped like left foot), flexible. Crisp cap imprint. Some barrel imprint wear (fully readable), otherwise near mint! Perfect for celebrating Montblanc’s 110th anniversary! Item #192 …

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Waterman Duo 7 Glass Cartridge Filler

This 1953 Waterman Duo 7 Glass-Cartridge-filler is a black model with Gold-filled cap in alternating pinstripe and plain panels. What is particularly interesting about this nib is it writes on both sides of the nib: medium/broad (normal), fine (upside-down)! Great for those who use their nibs for reverse writing. 18K “Keyhole” vent. New-old-stock and mint with original chalk mark on barrel, showing the price at 7900 Francs. (2) glass cartridge included, one clean the other …

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