Extraordinary Pens – Conklin S3 Crescent-Filler

This Conklin 1905 S3 is a crescent-filler in gold-filled “Art Nouveau Filigree” overlay on Black Hard Rubber. It has a slip cap and a medium/fine, extra-flexible nib. Cap indicia lightly engraved in script, “KVP.” Correct crescent bar with no engraving. A very early and rare model. Near mint in original box. Item #1 in Catalog #81.

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Princess Demi

This is a 1950 Parker 51 Princess Demi Aerometric-fill in smooth gold-filled. The cap top and barrel bottom each have a large white glass crystal, and the cap is surrounded by 12 diamond shaped red glass crystals. So very rare! According to Zazove & Shepherd in their Parker 51 book (2004, p. 71), “The rarest Demi in existence…was designed by Don Doman and introduced in the mid west USA. Only a limited number were made and it never …

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Extraordinary Pens – Conklin Hand Engraved Vine

This 1920s Conklin is a #3 Crescent-fill in gold-filled “Hand Engraved Vine.” Conklin is known to have created some of the finest and most beautiful overlays, and this one is no exception! The lock ring is gold-filled to complete the look. This is a Clipless model fitted with a fine, semi-flexible nib. Indicia beautifully engraved, “C.H.Ludde.’ Near mint! Item #1 in Catalog #80.

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Conklin Crescent Fill Dummy

This Conklin from 1920 is a #20 Crescent-fill “Dummy” in Black Chased Hard Rubber. A mock pen, used for window displays, so a sellable pen would not get ruined by the heat, sunlight, etc. The pen is either painted black or heavily coated in clear sealant, so it would not discolor from the elements while on display. The cap can go onto the top or bottom. The nib is signed “14K Gold Plate.” The lock …

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Conklin Hand Engraved Vine

This 1920 Conklin#3 Crescent-fill in gold-filled “Hand Engraved Vine.” Take a look at that wonderful pen; one of the most beautiful and sought after Conklin patterns, and one of their few models with the barrel end metal covered. The locking ring in higher-relief engraving. Matching gold-filled lock-ring. Medium/fine, extra-flexible nib. The smallest mar to the cap indicia, otherwise near mint. Incredibly beautiful! Item 4 in Catalog #79

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Extraordinary Pens – Conklin Endura Jade Desk Set

This beautiful 1930 Conklin Endura Desk Set in Jade is a great set. The base is a 3″ x 4″ x 3/4″ geometric shape with white and black edges  and a black trumpet. The lever-filler desk pen is a matching piece, also in Jade, with a black taper. To make this set even more complete and perfect for your desk, there is a matching Conklin ”Knife” letter opener. Note the color is a little lighter than …

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Handwritten Post: Vintage Pen Brands – Flexed!

I thought this post would be fun to show some flex while listing a few of the pen brands. My favorite happens to be Waterman, because my first vintage pen was a red ripple Waterman 52V with a F-BBB wet noodle flex nib. I’m still crazy about it. I later added a few Mabie Todds (Swan, Swallow, Blackbird), a Wahl-Eversharp (Skyline, Doric), Pelikan (400NN x 2), Montblanc (220, 22, 344), and in the Waterman range: 52V, …

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Conklin Halloween

Pen #178 from our Catalog #74 is the Conklin Halloween. This 1927 pen is composed of ivory, orange, and black veined celluloid. The lever almost blends into the finish. This model is highly desirable, and it is quite beautiful, as well as rare. This Halloween is equipped with a #2 fine, flexible nib. This is a really gorgeous and unique vintage pen – the celluloid colors are not clownish at all. They may be wild …

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What is Conklin’s Self-Filling Fountain Pen?

In a recent post, we shared an ad about the Conklin Self-Filling fountain pen. It was a celebrity endorsed ad, in a somewhat comical way, where Mrs. Grover Cleveland suggests that self-filler pens would have greater sales if the filling mechanism was better known. The logic made sense  — the Self-Filler is a lot easier to use and carry with you than an eyedropper-fill pen. How did the Conklin Self-Filling fountain pen actually work? Pretty simply, and Conklin emphasized in …

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Just What I Wanted – Conklin’s Self-Filler

This is how I feel when I find the right pen. Just what I wanted. I’m sure you all feel the same way, complete with the elated expression and feeling. Now, it’s not just that gentleman in your life that will be delighted if you present him with a fountain pen, ladies have good taste, too! Celebrity-endorsed by Mrs. Grover Cleveland. Besides avid fountain pen users and connoisseurs, who endorses fountain pen usage nowadays? I …

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