10% Off Sale – Quarterly Vintage Pen Catalog #74

Catalog #74 Sale: We are pleased to announce a sale of 10% off of any item remaining in Catalog #74. There are about 60 items remaining – hopefully one will be just what you’re looking for.  Please be sure to also check out the remaining pens in the other active Catalogs.

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Montblanc Red Mottled Hard Rubber Baby

From Catalog #76, though no longer available, this 1920s Montblanc Model 0 Baby Safety eyedropper-filled vintage pen must be shared! It was available in the extremely rare red mottled hard rubber, with the correct and crisp imprint of Montblanc 0 14ct nib in fine, flexible. This model was new-old-stock, mint in original box. The box was signed on top with ”Montblanc baby”, and although the box has seen many years, it was only a little …

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Montblanc Model 124E ”Rose”

From Catalog #76, we had a 1936 Montblanc Model 124E ”Rose” in black hard rubber. Listed for $10,000, this is a holy grail for Montblanc collectors. The nib on this specimen is a two-toned KF (Kugel-Fine) nib. What is a Kugel nib? This is Montblanc’s ball-point nib with flexibility – beautiful and enjoyable. The pen’s condition is near mint+, except for slight signs of ink in the cap. Below is the original 1936 Montblanc catalog …

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10% off Catalog #73

If anything in Catalog #73 still remains and it has caught your eye, now is the time to have a second look. There are about 40 items in the Catalog, and all are 10% off. Have a look here. Catalog #71 and #72 are also on 10% off. Catalog #76 will open to the public at 11:00 am EST on Tuesday, September 1st. Subscribe here for early access.

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc L30

Montblanc still makes beautiful pens today, but if you want a truly stunning, unique celluloid Montblanc specimen, this 1930s L30 Meisterstück is a great one. The push-knob-fill set is in rare black and pearl celluloid in near mint condition, with matching pencil. Aside from the gorgeous celluloid, the pen is fitted with the original broad, oblique italic nib – excellent for signatures and expressive writing. While celluloid can discolor and fade, this particular pen is …

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Montblanc 149 Celluloid

Pen #19 is a 1955 Montblanc 149 piston-filler. Modern Montblancs are made of precious resin, which is indeed plastic. For those who are interested in the celluloid 149, this particular model is black celluloid with sterling silver outer cap bands. The clear celluloid windows tend to show wear and amber, but this window is still clean. The celluloid models have so much character that is hard for resin to capture!  

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A Customer’s Waterman 42 – Vintage Pens

Azizah, one of our customers, sent us these two pictures of her Waterman 42 Safety filler. She picked this 1930 vintage eyedropper in red ripple hard rubber out from our Catalog #74. Azizah loves music nibs and she told us she just couldn’t miss this opportunity. She shared these two pictures with us; one of the pen itself, the other a writing sample – the nib is no big deal, she joked. Watch for a post on …

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Catalog #74 Vintage Pens

The March 2015 Catalog #74 opens Tuesday, February 24, 2015 for subscribers, and March 2nd to the public. You can always browse the other active Catalogs #73, #72, #71, #70, #69 and #68 (10% off Catalogs 68 through 70). Click here for more information on becoming a subscriber and getting first dibs on the Catalog goodies.

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Not So Vintage: Aurora Optima Demonstrator

Not so vintage at all, nor is it a fountain pen! Believe it or not, Catalog #73 has this attractive sketch pen; a Limited Edition #328 in clear acrylic. If you are going to use a pencil, it should really be a pencil! This is a new-old-stock pencil, mint in its original box with papers, leather pouch, and outer box. I love this pencil! A demonstrator pencil is more interesting than one may think, especially …

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Waterman 1917 Roses on Vines

Check out Pen #4: Waterman didn’t only make pens with ebonite ripples and swirls. The Waterman 42 Continental Overlay is an 18K brushed gold-filled pen with a hand engraved “Roses on Vines” pattern on a barley background. It’s an eyedropper-filler perfectly complemented with a fine, extra-flexible nib. Better yet? This stunning beauty comes with its original box with just a touch of wear on the bottom of the barrel from cap posting. Having been around since 1917, it’s …

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