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Vintage Pens – Parker Vacumatic Successor

This vintage pen is a 1946 Parker VS “Vacumatic Successor” Mark I button filler in Dark Blue. Brushed Lustraloy (stainless steel) cap. An excellent pen, but it failed in the marketplace as the public now preferred a hooded nib like the Parker 51, to an open nib, like the VS. During the first year of production, a transparent feed was used, made from a then very modern “Lucite.” (It stained easily). The Mark I had …

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Vintage Pens – Parker Student Victory Prototype

These 1955 prototypes are Parker Student “Victory” cartridge/converter-fillers – one in White with brushed Lustraloy stainless steel cap, and one in Grey with the same cap. Both feature a dimpled gripping section. When the barrel is removed, it provides access to an area just below the gripping section for the student to add a paper with his or her name under a protective clear plastic sleeve. Features a spring loaded clip. These were never marketed. Alloy nib …

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Vintage Pens – Waterman #7 Yellow

This special vintage pen is a 1930 Waterman #7 “Yellow Banded” lever-filler in Red Ripple with the “Yellow ” cap band and corresponding nib. The Yellow nib is described as: medium “rounded, writes smoothly in any direction, suits southpaws” and right-handed writers as well. Waterman used a color-coding system so buyers could select their style of nib by ‘color’ – identifiable by the color-coded band on the cap and the label on the nib. It …

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Vintage Pen Sheaffer Targa Black Matte

This special vintage pen is a Sheaffer 1980 Targa #1003 cartridge/converter-fill in Black Matte, including the cap top (later versions had a gold-plated cap-top). The trim is gold-plated, and the pen features an inlaid 14K nib (medium). New-old-stock. A little wear to the finish where the cap is posted onto the barrel, otherwise near mint in box with papers and cartridges. Converter included. Item #196 in Catalog #83

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Vintage Pens CentroPen Rippet

The vintage pen here is the 1950 Centropen/Rippet Barclay 1304/809 in a #4 size Vac-fill, in 835 Coin Silver with alternating wave-chased and Barley panels. CP clip. This is a high-quality pen made in Czechoslovakia, with Czech. control marks on cap and barrel. Removing the blind cap reveals a hollow clear acrylic plunger which is pressed several times to fill the pen. The hollow plunger also actually fills with ink, allowing the user to monitor …

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Vintage Pens Soennecken Safety

Soennecken pens, no longer in production today, was founded by Freidrich Soennecken in 1875. While they sold a vast array of office products, they are most famous for the pen (his main invention is the “round writing” style of calligraphy and the pen nib associated with it), ring binder, and the two-hole punch. He was the first German company to sell fountain pens (they are in his 1890 products catalog). As a result of the …

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Extraordinary Vintage Pens Tri-Pen Manufacturing Co.

The Extraordinary Vintage Pen here is the 1930 Tri-Pen Mfg. Co.- item #17 pictured above. This is a #4 in the Black & Pearl finish. The company previously produced triangular shaped pencils, many sold imprinted as advertising specialties. Eventually, in the 1920’s, producing fountain pens and naming the model as the Triad Pen. These are very high-quality, but few survived because users did not realize the triangular-shaped caps didn’t turn. The cap lifts straight up …

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Vintage Pen Matchbook Advertising

You have seen matchbooks before and you likely have one or two books in your home for emergency use, lighting candles, or even for that celebratory cigar. A matchbook is a small paper folder that holds up to a couple rows of matches and a striking surface. It is not unusual to find a blank matchbook cover but more often than not, the cover will be printed with a logo, artwork, or advertisements. Phillumeny: the …

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Extraordinary Vintage Pens La Plume d’Or/Pullman Meteore

This is a 1932 Meteore (Pullman) #1 BF in Black Hard Rubber over a brass lining. Unsigned cap and barrel, other than “PATENT” on clip. Correct “D & D Paris 18 Cts 1” nib (Demley & Degan were the founders of La Plume d’Or, the French company which licensed the Pullman technology). This high quality, rare and famous pen, which opens and closes by pushing up & pulling down the barrel, which opens and closes the …

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On Point With Go Pens #116

Is if safe to post the cap on my vintage pen? Some vintage pens are pretty robust. It depends on the material and design of the pen. Some cap lips are very thin and delicate, and posting it can make it more prone to cracks and breaks. Other caps have reinforced cap lips with cap bands and those can handle posting a little better. If you’re unsure, it’s best to not post, or post very …

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