Vintage Pens Soennecken Safety

Soennecken pens, no longer in production today, was founded by Freidrich Soennecken in 1875. While they sold a vast array of office products, they are most famous for the pen (his main invention is the “round writing” style of calligraphy and the pen nib associated with it), ring binder, and the two-hole punch. He was the first German company to sell fountain pens (they are in his 1890 products catalog). As a result of the …

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Extraordinary Pens – Soennecken Rheingold 915

This 1933 Soennecken Rheingold 915 is a button-filler in black, with gold-filled trim. This is a top-of-the-line model. The cap top has the “Starburst S” logo in it. The black sleeve surrounding the button on the bottom of the pen screws into the barrel so the user can depress the white button and fill the pen. When in the “down” position, the sleeve prevents the user from accidentally pushing the button. This specimen has a …

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