Extraordinary Vintage Pen Waterman Duo 7 Glass Cartridge

Vintage Pen Waterman Duo 7 Glass Cartridge This vintage pen is a 1953 Waterman 953 Duo 7 Glass-Cartridge-filler in Black. Gold-filled cap in alternating pinstripe and plain panels. Writes on both sides of the 18K nib: medium/broad (normal), fine (upside-down). “Keyhole” vent. New-old-stock. Mint with original chalk mark on barrel, showing the price at 7900 Francs. (2) glass cartridge included, one clean and the other with ink residue. Can be filled with a syringe. Item #56 in …

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Vintage Pen Matchbook Advertising

You have seen matchbooks before and you likely have one or two books in your home for emergency use, lighting candles, or even for that celebratory cigar. A matchbook is a small paper folder that holds up to a couple rows of matches and a striking surface. It is not unusual to find a blank matchbook cover but more often than not, the cover will be printed with a logo, artwork, or advertisements. Phillumeny: the …

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Handwritten Post – Montblanc Ad

Montblanc Germany Ads, March 1948 It is better to wait awhile and then you will have a real Montblanc.

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Esterbrook Point Selection Chart – Vintage Pens

Esterbrook was one of the largest fountain pen producers in the US, founded in 1858. They produced an inexpensive but remarkably high quality pen.  Walter Sheaffer used to challenge his new salesmen during their training classes about how to convince the retailer to buy Sheaffer pens rather than Esterbrook pens, when the Esterbrooks were a lower cost investment for his shop, and just as good as the Sheaffer pens for his customers. The Esterbrook Pen Company …

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The Vacation Necessity – Waterman Vintage Pen Ad

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Get A Point To Suit Your Own Handwriting – Waterman Vintage Pens

Apart from being one of the most popular brands in the history of vintage pens, Waterman really nailed it with their nibs – or points! I enjoy a few things about these ads: the obvious popularity of fountain pens in common magazines, the prices of the pens (and contrasting them to the prices of new and the same vintage pens today), and in particular for this ad, the wonderful description of a point. Fountain pens often come …

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Vintage Pens – The Pen For Roughing It

Waterman came up with some pretty good lines for their Ideal fountain pens – this time, that they worked both on land and sea because they didn’t get seasick! Of course, that doesn’t mean the user wouldn’t. Truly the “ideal” fountain pen!

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Postal Reservoir Pen

The Postal Reservoir Pen could only be bought through mail order – there were no retail stores that carried it. The intent was to offer an affordable pen which performs as well as any higher priced pen. You could acquire the pen through the mail (the “Post”) and, with not needing to pay for thirty days, had plenty of time to try it out. Apparently the pen in the ad below was $2.50 and was advertised to be comparable to pens of $7 or $8.75. …

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What is Conklin’s Self-Filling Fountain Pen?

In a recent post, we shared an ad about the Conklin Self-Filling fountain pen. It was a celebrity endorsed ad, in a somewhat comical way, where Mrs. Grover Cleveland suggests that self-filler pens would have greater sales if the filling mechanism was better known. The logic made sense  — the Self-Filler is a lot easier to use and carry with you than an eyedropper-fill pen. How did the Conklin Self-Filling fountain pen actually work? Pretty simply, and Conklin emphasized in …

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Just What I Wanted – Conklin’s Self-Filler

This is how I feel when I find the right pen. Just what I wanted. I’m sure you all feel the same way, complete with the elated expression and feeling. Now, it’s not just that gentleman in your life that will be delighted if you present him with a fountain pen, ladies have good taste, too! Celebrity-endorsed by Mrs. Grover Cleveland. Besides avid fountain pen users and connoisseurs, who endorses fountain pen usage nowadays? I …

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