Handwritten Post – Not All Broads Are The Same

Oblique, stub, round… broad nibs are not always just giant nibs that can’t be written with! I suppose that depends on your handwriting, but oblique double broad nibs, or stubby double broads can be a lot of fun to write with and can make your handwriting look very interesting and fun. The amount of tipping that is often found on broader nibs often makes them very suitable for nib modification, should you wish to have …

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Handwritten Post – The Free-Weight Pen Test

  Complete with a modern Pelikan M101N Brown Tortoiseshell! I’ve tried this test on almost all my pens and have been surprised by how many have not passed. All the restored vintage pens passed. Yay! 

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Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan Collectors, Flex Seekers

  A stunning line up of Pelikans – many with flexible nibs. If you’re searching for a nib that will offer some line variation, look no further. Catalog #75 has a few Pelikans you may want to look at. #172 is sold: a 1948 100N in the rare Grey Pearl. This pen had a broad, italic, extra-flexible nib. A marvelous nib! #173: a 1950 100N in Green Pearl. This is a NOS, mint condition Pelikan with …

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Handwritten Post – Why A Fountain Pen?

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Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan Magnum Emege

Calling all Pelikan collectors! This 1935 Pelikan 100N Magnum Emege piston-filler is an absolutely beautiful pen: combining a deep red hard rubber cap, inner cap, and turning knob, with a stunning tortoiseshell barrel. It’s also an oversize vintage pen, unlike most 100 series Pelikan models available now (and then). It’s the largest pen Pelikan made in the 1930s, being longer and thicker than other 100s. What is Emege? The inner cap is imprinted with ”Emege”, to …

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Handwritten Post: It’s Not Just Flex

Maybe you’re not interested in flexible nibs. That’s okay. I can look past that and still like you. However, vintage pens offer much more than just flex nibs! You can also fine hard nibs as well, like this Pelikan below with a hard extra-fine – it’s precise and crisp, much like the modern Pilot PO nib. The best of both worlds, of course, is having one of each.

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Handwritten Post: Some Favorites

If I really had to pick a few pens from my pen case to call my favorite, these four would be among them: a Waterman 12, a Waterman 94, a Waterman 42, and a Pelikan 400NN, all with flex nibs (to various degrees). I think they’re beautiful, interesting pens, and the nibs are out of this world.

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Handwritten Post: Vintage Pen Brands – Flexed!

I thought this post would be fun to show some flex while listing a few of the pen brands. My favorite happens to be Waterman, because my first vintage pen was a red ripple Waterman 52V with a F-BBB wet noodle flex nib. I’m still crazy about it. I later added a few Mabie Todds (Swan, Swallow, Blackbird), a Wahl-Eversharp (Skyline, Doric), Pelikan (400NN x 2), Montblanc (220, 22, 344), and in the Waterman range: 52V, …

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Medium Oblique Italic – That’s a Mouthful

Or a handful! The Pelikan Pen Company is reducing their range of nibs. Double-broads and obliques are already difficult to acquire. Pen #238 below is available in our Catalog #74 – a 1955 Pelikan 400N piston-filler with a green striped barrel and a blue cap and turning knob – very rare! The nib is a medium oblique italic; a beautiful specimen. This vintage pen is still available.

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Pelikan Lizard & Red – Vintage Pens

Pelikan has recently relaunched their 101N series in Lizard, Red Tortoise, and Brown Tortoiseshell. They look very similar to their vintage counterparts and feel quite similar in terms of the size and design. Pen #15 below is a 1937 Pelikan 101N Lizard. It has a delightful double-broad, flexible, italic nib. This specimen (no pun intended) is in near mint condition. Although you can find the modern Lizard, it won’t have a nib like this on …

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