Pelikan 100N Magnum Emege

This is a 1935 Pelikan 100N Magnum Emege PIF in Tortoise with Red Hard Rubber cap, inner cap and turning knob, and gold trim. Pelikan’s only oversize vintage pen, explaining its high demand among Pelikan collectors. The inner-cap imprinted “Emege,” representing Pelikan’s licensed Portugese distributor, who so signed all the Pelikans he sold, so he didn’t need to repair under warrantee any pens he did not sell. Fine nib. Visualated barrel. Item #21 in Catalog #81.

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Pelikan Originals of their Time Limited Edition

This 1931 Originals of Their Time LE #0598/1931 PIF with 18K White gold-filled cap & binde in alternating Barley, Pinstriped and Plain panels. Amber visualated barrel. 18K fine nib. New-old-stock. Mint in original box with papers and outer box! Item #65 in Catalog #80

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Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan 112 from 1933

This 1933 Pelikan 112 Piston-filler in 14K has a pinstriped and wavy line panels design. The barrel is visualated in amber celluloid. This is one of the rarest of the early Pelikans! The cap is adorned with applied 14K fancy repousse “KK” initials. How did I come into possession of this pen? I acquired the pen out of Poland and was told of a very interesting provenance. The pen was used by Baron Leopold Kronenberg, member …

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Pelikan 100 Fine Flex Nib

I was writing quotes with pens that I already have but I get asked about flex nibs all the time, and having bought a few of my favorite vintage flex pens from Go Pens here, I thought I’d highlight some gorgeous pens with flex nibs for those of you who might want to snap one up. If I don’t first. I have copied Gary and Myrna’s red box system to highlight the pen in question …

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Handwritten Post – A Civilized Wardrobe

A friend of mine left this comment on one of my pictures awhile back, and I thought it was perfect. Indeed, fountain pens look as good in a pocket as a proper bow tie! To me, anyway.  

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Pelikan M200 Citroenpers

This 2002 Pelikan M200 Limited Edition piston-filler in Mandarin Yellow also goes by the Citroenpers, as they were produced by special order from Citroenpers Publishers in Holland, as a gift to the first 1200 buyers of their 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Art Book – pen comes with the Art Book! New-old-stock, mint with inner box. It’s been about five years since I’ve had one of these to offer! Item #87 in Catalog #78. No longer available, but you …

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Vintage Pen Catalog – Sale Reminder!

We just wanted to share a reminder that the remaining items in the following vintage pen Catalogs are 10% off! Click one of the following: Catalog #73 | Catalog #74 | Catalog #75 | Catalog #76 Or go to: There are some wonderful vintage pens to be had, including a Wahl Eversharp Oversize Deco Band (in #75/item #243), a stunning Montblanc in one of Montblanc’s rarest celluloids (in #74/item #2), an extraordinary Waterman sleeve-filler in sterling …

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Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan M620

In 2005, Pelikan released the M620 City Series: Piazza Navona Famous Places Special Edition. This piston-filling fountain pen is quite pretty, in semi-transparent amber with bronze elements. It has gold-plated trim,  including the bands on the cap, barrel, and upper lip of the gripping section. New-old-stock. Mint. One available with a two-toned 14C, fine nib. Item #52 in Catalog #76

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Pelikan Souverän M1000

The beautiful, large Pelikan Souverän M1000 piston-filling fountain pen – the flagship of the Souverän series. The 18KT gold nib is a fine, but because it is such a large nib and a German-made nib, you can expect the fine to run on the broader side. This pen is new-old-stock, and is mint in its original box (box is incorrectly labeled as Green). Item #111 in Catalog #77

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Handwritten Post – Jade

Pelikan, as you know, makes more than just great pens. The Pelikan Edelstein range is named after gem stones, and in this case, Jade. This is just a representation of the gemstone, which can apparently vary in color. Being a natural material, that’s not surprising. I like this one a lot.

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