Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan Magnum Emege

Calling all Pelikan collectors! This 1935 Pelikan 100N Magnum Emege piston-filler is an absolutely beautiful pen: combining a deep red hard rubber cap, inner cap, and turning knob, with a stunning tortoiseshell barrel. It’s also an oversize vintage pen, unlike most 100 series Pelikan models available now (and then). It’s the largest pen Pelikan made in the 1930s, being longer and thicker than other 100s. What is Emege? The inner cap is imprinted with ”Emege”, to represent Pelikan’s licensed Portugese distributor, who signed all Pelikans he sold. This was done so he would only be required to repair pens he sold, under warranty.


Pelikan Magnum

This model has a fine 14KT gold nib. The pen is in nearly mint condition. The imprint around the bottom edge of the inner cap is very worn, but readable with a loop. The bottom cap band is wavy. Available in Catalog #75 for $2100.

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