Extraordinary Pens

Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc Masterpiece

This 1950 Montblanc 642-G Masterpiece piston-filler is in the beautiful green striped with a gold-filled cap in the “Alternating Pinstripe and Plain Panels” pattern. Two-toned, medium, flexible nib. There is some fading of the turning knob, otherwise near mint. The gold-filled cap complements the golden tones in the green striped barrel perfectly. It’s a very attractive combination. Item #129 in Catalog #76

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Extraordinary Pens – Soennecken Rheingold 915

This 1933 Soennecken Rheingold 915 is a button-filler in black, with gold-filled trim. This is a top-of-the-line model. The cap top has the “Starburst S” logo in it. The black sleeve surrounding the button on the bottom of the pen screws into the barrel so the user can depress the white button and fill the pen. When in the “down” position, the sleeve prevents the user from accidentally pushing the button. This specimen has a …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Ink-Vue

This 1939 Waterman 5116 Ink-Vue Demonstrator (rare) with Amber celluloid barrel and Black cap with gold-filled trim. The lever hinges in the middle and is then pumped several times to completely fill the barrel. The Ink-Vue demonstrators were Waterman’s answer to the Parker Vacumatic. This speciman has a few dings in the plastic, but is otherwise near mint. Two available: (1) Medium nib; (2) Medium nib with a tad of flex. Item #245 in Catalog #76

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc Desk Set

A lovely 1954 Montblanc 204 Desk Set in black – perfect for your desk, and a very classic, timeless look. The front and back are rounded; sides slant slightly inward. Base has “DUWAG” Logo (“DUWAG AG” – large German rail car company) lightly engraved between the star and the trumpet. The nib is ideal for a desk pen – a 14K ”Wing” nib in fine, which is useful for quick notes, and fast drying. Pen #19 …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Patrician

We love Waterman pens around here, as you might know! This 1929 Waterman Patrician lever-filler in black hard rubber is equipped with a medium, flexible nib. This is a new-old-stock, mint in original box specimen. Although the box shows some wear, the pen does not. This is a gorgeous set with a classic, timeless color scheme, and you can’t go wrong with this nib. This set has been sold already, but if you would like …

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Extraordinary Pens – Pilot Buddhist Scriptures Custom

Another extraordinary beauty from Catalog #77 –  a 1977 Pilot Buddhist Scriptures Custom cartrige/converter filler in Sterling Silver. The cap & barrel hand engraved with Kanji characters of the Heart Sutra, the best known of the Buddhist scriptures. Each Buddhist Scriptures pen has been blessed. The pens were taken to Buddhist temples in Japan where Priests performed a ceremony to grant good fortune. The clip has inlaid black enamel. The fine nib is also inlaid with …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 75 Rainbow

Catalog #77 is full of extraordinary pens – especially Parkers! This 1973 Parker 75 ”Rainbow” is a cartridge/converter-filler in 18K gold-fill concentric rings, and as you can see, in varying shades of gold. It was a very complicated and difficult manufacturing process that resulted in many rejects, and in turn, an excessive manufacturing cost. This gave way to a very short product life. Given this, these 75 ”Rainbow” pens are very rare today, especially to …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 51 Vacumatic

This 1945 Parker 51 Vacumatic-filler set in India Black has a 14K solid smooth gold cap, clip, and bottom tassie. The barrel imprint is deep and crisp. This is a new-old-stock, mint in original box, with a fine nib. This is a very classic, elegant set! To fill a Vacumatic-filler correctly, it takes several strokes (sometimes up to twelve), pausing briefly in between each stroke. If you remove the nib from the ink with the …

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Extraordinary Pens – Pelikan 101 Coral Red

This 1937 101 piston-filler in coral red. This is a holy grail for Pelikan collectors, as the Coral Red is one of the rarest colors. This has an amber celluloid barrel and a fine, flexible nib. Pelikan has been producing lovely pens for years, and they continue to produce the modern 101N series, if you like this model and style. They won’t be coral red, though! No longer available, but other great pens like this …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker Black Giant

This 1918 Parker “Black Giant” is an interesting pen. A lot of vintage pens tend to be on the smaller side, so this one definitely stands out. Have a look at it (Pen #10) next to the other pens! It’s a wide pen. The “Black Giant” eyedropper-filler here is in Black Hard Rubber. Parker’s first “Giant,” the “Red Giant,” introduced in 1909 at $10, failed because the cap was too brittle and Parker was losing …

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