Scripto Pussycat Ball Pen Counter Display

A unique item in Catalog #79 – the Scripto Pussycat Ball Pen Counter Display! This is item 255 in Catalog #79. A piece from 1966: twelve (12) Scripto “Pussycat Pens” button-activated Ball Pens in plastic with Chrome Trim. This is a point of purchase counter-top display containing 12 Scripto “Pussycat Pens” from 1966 or 1967 in various color combinations, all mint-in-the-box. Scripto was no doubt hooking onto the popularity of the “Pussycat” theme made so popular and …

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Extraordinary Pens – Montblanc 2 Safety ED

A 1920 Montblanc 2 Safety eyedropper-filler in black hard rubber, with a white snowcap finial. What makes this example even rarer is the Montblanc “14 Carat 2″ nib with the die stamped “J” above the imprint. The “J” designates a very flexible calligraphy nib, this one in medium right oblique (shaped like left foot), flexible. Crisp cap imprint. Some barrel imprint wear (fully readable), otherwise near mint! Perfect for celebrating Montblanc’s 110th anniversary! Item #192 …

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Waterman Duo 7 Glass Cartridge Filler

This 1953 Waterman Duo 7 Glass-Cartridge-filler is a black model with Gold-filled cap in alternating pinstripe and plain panels. What is particularly interesting about this nib is it writes on both sides of the nib: medium/broad (normal), fine (upside-down)! Great for those who use their nibs for reverse writing. 18K “Keyhole” vent. New-old-stock and mint with original chalk mark on barrel, showing the price at 7900 Francs. (2) glass cartridge included, one clean the other …

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Catalog #79 Opens To Public Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that Catalog #79 for June 2016, already open to subscribers, opens up tomorrow, May 31 for the public! Come browse extraordinary pens, special writers, Montblanc, Pelikan, and much more. Check back on our site to access the Catalog as soon as it’s open. Get ready to browse!

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Wahl Eversharp Fifth Avenue

This 1943 Wahl Eversharp Fifth Avenue Lever-Filler $64 pen in burgundy is a rare version of the pen, with 6$4 factory imprinted on the 14k cap. Martin L. Strauss bought the shaky Wahl Co. in 1939 and by the early 1940’s, with their sponsorship of the radio show “Take it or Leave It,” both the phrase The $64 Question and the Eversharp Company were on the map. Strauss sold tens of millions of dollars of $64 …

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Waterman Lady Patricia Sheraton

This 1929 Waterman Lady Patricia lever-filler is a small, lovely little pen. The Sterling Silver “Sheraton” pattern is pinstriped, and is among the hardest patterns to find. Indicia engraved “MMH.” This pen has a medium/fine nib with a tad of flex. These pens are wonderful writers, especially for those with smaller hands. This pen is completely free of dents or dings in the finish, thus it is near mint + condition.   Item #241 in …

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Catalog #79 Coming Soon!

Catalog #79 for June 2016 opens May 24, 2016 for paid subscribers and May 31 for the public. If you would like first access to the Catalogs, you can subscribe to a hard copy or digital only copy of the Catalogs. Extraordinary, hard to find, and special pens go fast. If you have something on your list that will complete your collection, keep an eye out! Subscribe here! In the meantime, you can browse the …

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Waterman Glass-Cartridge Filler

Catalog #78 shares a 1953 Waterman #3 size Glass-Cartridge-filler fountain pen in black. The gold-filled cap has alternating pinstripe and plain panels, although the top half of this cap is smooth. The nib is an 18KT gold extra-fine. This pen is new-old-stock, mintwith original chalk mark on barrel (I can only make out the first line, which says “Plume,” the French word for “Pen.”) Of course, a glass cartridge is included. One is clean and unused, the other …

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Extraordinary Pens – Parker 61 Heirloom

This 1955 Parker 61 Heirloom First Edition capillary-filler in Burgundy is a very rare model. The pen has a two-tone GF “Rainbow” cap with “First Edition” plaque mounted below the clip. It has the barrel engraving: “To Ray Spaulding 61 First Edition” followed by Kenneth Parker’s signature. These were given by Kenneth Parker to special people to celebrate the launch of the pen. Ray Spaulding was Parker’s Director of Product Development and the pen comes with his business card and an original …

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Pelikan M200 Citroenpers

This 2002 Pelikan M200 Limited Edition piston-filler in Mandarin Yellow also goes by the Citroenpers, as they were produced by special order from Citroenpers Publishers in Holland, as a gift to the first 1200 buyers of their 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Art Book – pen comes with the Art Book! New-old-stock, mint with inner box. It’s been about five years since I’ve had one of these to offer! Item #87 in Catalog #78. No longer available, but you …

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