Extraordinary Vintage Pens Mabie Todd Jackdaw Toledo

This 1920 Mabie Todd is a “Jackdaw” Toledo lever-filler in Damascened-inlay overlay on Woodgrain Hard Rubber. Damascening is the art of hand inlaying different metals into one another, typically, 24K gold or fine silver hammered into a darkly oxidized steel background, to produce intricate patterns and designs. The English term comes from a perceived resemblance to the rich tapestry patterns of damask silk. Often called “Toledo” because much of the art comes from Toledo, Spain, a …

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Extraordinary Vintage Pens Aikin Lambert Poinsettia

This 1900 Aikin Lambert is the “Poinsettia” #2 eyedropper-fill straight-sided in repousse gold-filled “Poinsettia on hand hammered background” pattern (very rare). Aiken Lambert was a NYC based manufacturer founded in 1864. They started making pens in the late 1880s, all high quality. They supplied gold nibs to Waterman who, in 1915 acquired the company to ensure their continued supply. A wonderful example, with an unengraved barrel indicia and no brassing evident anywhere. Extra-fine, semi-flexible nib. Tiny …

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Security #5 Twist-Fill Vintage Pen

This 1928 Security #5 is Twist-fill in Red Mottled Hard Rubber. Inside the light yellow Bakelite cap-top is the check protector with it’s rotating blades used to perforate the check so it could not be altered. GFT, including the spring loaded clip. Medium, extra-flexible nib. New-old-stock. Mint. Shown with cap on top of cap removed so you can see the check protector mechanism.   Item #148 in Catalog #82

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Parker 25 Jack Knife Vintage Pen

This 1920 Parker 25 Jack Knife Safety BF in Black Smooth Hard Rubber. Before the button-fill, the 25 was sold as both as a “click-fill” pen and an eyedropper-fill “Trench Pen” with a compartment on the bottom for ink tablets. A larger, hard to find size. Fine, flexible nib (rare to find a flexible nib). Some imprint wear (almost all readable), otherwise near mint. Item #162 in Catalog #82

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Parker True Blue BF Vintage Pen

This 1928 Parker is a True Blue BF set. Designed as a lower cost market entry than the Duofold, initially named “Three Fifty” and the color called “Modernistic Blue and White,” production lasted only two years. GFT. Almost always found with heavy ambering, mint sets, such as this one, are extremely hard to find and highly desirable. Extra-fine/fine nib. A hint of ambering where the barrel is protected by the cap, otherwise near mint+ (could …

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Parker 51 Midnight Blue

The 1943 Parker 51 Vacumatic in Midnight Blue! Brushed Lustraloy (stainless steel) cap. The rarest year of manufacture, especially in the fourth quarter, such as this one. Almost all of Parker’s manufacturing capacity was being used for the war effort (bomb sights, etc.), with what few pens being made all going to the armed services for soldiers and officers. On top of all this, the pen is fitted with a double-broad “Ball” nib, designed for left …

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Waterman Past and Present Books

Waterman Past and Present – The First Six Generations by Gary Lehrer and Max Davis. Note: Only 26 copies left, then we’re sold out! Regular Hard Cover Edition, Coffee Table Size: 11″ x 8.25″. A comprehensive look at the first 60 years of Waterman Pen Company pens, advertising, and ephemera. With thousands of superb color reproductions, this is the definitive picture book for fountain pen collectors, ink bottle enthusiasts, ephemera lovers, and those interested in …

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Parker Prototype Duofold Grapes on Vine

This is a 1996 Parker Prototype Duofold Centennial cartridge/converter-fill in Black with rare Brass Overlay with “Grapes on Vine.” Charles Heidsieck Winery (UK) wanted a pen to give to their customers and asked Parker to produce several samples from which they could choose. This is one of the prototypes they did not select. GPT. 18K, fine nib. New-old-stock. Mint. While the date code on the pen is 1987, the prototype is from 1996. Converter included. Item …

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Crocker Blow-Filler

Unusual filling mechanism: #3 Blow-fill in Red Mottled Hard Rubber (very rare). Yes, the user put the pen into his mouth and blew through a hole in the bottom of the barrel to pneumatically depress the bladder. Then, with the nib in the ink bottle, the user released the pneumatic pressure and the ink was drawn into the bladder. Eventually, Crocker supplied a rubber syringe (bulb) which fit over the end of the pen to …

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Aurora Novum Faceted Golden Pearl

This 1933 Aurora is a Novum Faceted Large LF in Golden Pearl with Black Veins (beautiful). The largest size in which this model was made. GFT. Rare, first model, with spring loaded “Safety Clip.” Aurora Platiridio #5 fine nib. The Novum is the famous Aurora model with the lever mounted on the very bottom of the barrel. Near mint+. Item #110 in Catalog #82.

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