Vintage Pen Catalog – Sale Reminder!

We just wanted to share a reminder that the remaining items in the following vintage pen Catalogs are 10% off! Click one of the following: Catalog #73 | Catalog #74 | Catalog #75 | Catalog #76 Or go to:  www.gopens.com There are some wonderful vintage pens to be had, including a Wahl Eversharp Oversize Deco Band (in #75/item #243), a stunning Montblanc in one of Montblanc’s rarest celluloids (in #74/item #2), an extraordinary Waterman sleeve-filler in sterling …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Ink-Vue

This 1939 Waterman 5116 Ink-Vue Demonstrator (rare) with Amber celluloid barrel and Black cap with gold-filled trim. The lever hinges in the middle and is then pumped several times to completely fill the barrel. The Ink-Vue demonstrators were Waterman’s answer to the Parker Vacumatic. This speciman has a few dings in the plastic, but is otherwise near mint. Two available: (1) Medium nib; (2) Medium nib with a tad of flex. Item #245 in Catalog #76

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Art Nouveau

This 1910 Waterman (4)12 Black Hard Rubber fountain pen has a signed “Sterling” overlay in the Art Nouveau pattern. These rare, early, electroformed silver overlay Watermans, with their recessed barrel overlays, have only before been found signed “Fine Silver” or “.999 Fine Silver,” not signed “Sterling.” I thought it may be an error, but my research clearly shows that the electroforming process can be used with both Fine Silver and Sterling Silver. Right now, this is …

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Waterman 42 ½ Continental Safety Ring-Top

This 1917 Waterman 42 ½ Continental Safety ring-top vintage pen is an eyedropper-filler (easy to clean!) with an 18KT gold-filled Diamond pattern on a pinstriped background. It’s a gorgeous pen. There are two small dings in the barrel, with a discounted price to reflect this, but otherwise in near mint condition, with a form-fitted box and papers. Aside from the beautiful pen itself, the pen has an extra-fine, extra-flexible nib. Waterman made fantastic flexible nibs, so …

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What Is My Waterman?

Trying to figure out what model your vintage Waterman is? Many of them have an imprint on the end of the barrel. Depending how old and worn it is, you may be able to see it quite clearly. The numbers can tell you a lot about your pen – visit Mr. Richard Binder’s site to find out what your pen may be!

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Handwritten Post – So You Want A Flex Pen

I get asked this question a lot: what’s the best flex nib? I can’t answer that because I haven’t used that many compared to the amount that are available. What I can say is my favorite flex nibs are found on vintage Watermans. Although some modern flex pens offer some semi-flexible nibs, and they are getting better and better, I still say, if you want a nice, soft, juicy nib, go vintage!

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Patrician

We love Waterman pens around here, as you might know! This 1929 Waterman Patrician lever-filler in black hard rubber is equipped with a medium, flexible nib. This is a new-old-stock, mint in original box specimen. Although the box shows some wear, the pen does not. This is a gorgeous set with a classic, timeless color scheme, and you can’t go wrong with this nib. This set has been sold already, but if you would like …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman 52 Cardinal HR

Some people have the idea that vintage pens are boring and are usually just plain black hard rubber. Not this one! Here is a 1925 Waterman 52 lever-filler set in Cardinal Hard Rubber. What a great color! Very rare – especially in this condition! Extra-fine, flexible, italic nib. New-old-stock. Except for a slight shade difference where the barrel was covered by the cap, mint in original box. Not only is it a great color, the condition …

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Extraordinary Pens – A.A. Waterman Twist-Filler

We are often asked for an attractive pen with a flexible nib, not just a user-grade pen. This 1905 A.A. Waterman is a #3 Twist-fill Cone Cap in a Gold-filled Filigree overlay on black hard rubber. The filigree is reminiscent of the Parker 16 and may also have been done by Heath of New York. Indicia engraved in script, “AW.” The nib on this specimen is a fine, triple-flexible, and the pen is complete with original box. …

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Handwritten Post – Pen Collecting

I saw this quote and it made me think about what this could mean for me as a pen user. I’m not a collector. I definitely use all my pens, even the limited edition/expensive ones (call me crazy, but I can’t afford to collect). Also, this is one of my absolute favorite vintage flex nibs. It’s soft, and it flows so well. Hard to beat, and impossible not to love. Do you collect or do …

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