Waterman Patrician Moss Agate

1920 Waterman Patrician lever-filler in the gorgeous and unique Moss Agate. The pride of the Waterman pen line! Waterman was late to the gate when it came to switching from rubber to plastic pens. They had invested a lot of time and money to develop colored ripple pens (olive, rose, blue-green) and wanted to recoup investment by producing in those materials. Eventually, they saw the handwriting on the wall and switched to plastic, introducing the now …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman #7 Pink

This is a 1927 Model #7 LF in Red Ripple with “Pink” color band on the cap and “Pink” imprinted nib. 7 “Pink” LF in Red Ripple! This has become one of the “holy grails” of pendom, because of its wonderful fine, triple-flexible nib. Waterman color-coded their caps and nibs for easy selection of the type of nib the user wanted. This was their answer to the Wahl Eversharp “Personal Point” pens. Item #18 in …

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Extraordinary Pens – Waterman Rose Ripple

This 1928 Waterman 994 is a lever-filler Rose Ripple. One of the rarest and most beautiful of colors! Few were made because the country was entering the depression and few high end pens were selling, the rubber turned out to be very fragile so few survived, and the same year Waterman very shortly afterwards introduced their first plastic pen, the Patrician, which was very successful. Gold-filled trim. Fine, flexible nib. Item #14 in Catalog #80

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Handwritten Post – Pros of Ink Vue Demonstrators

The pros of Ink-Vue Demonstrators, according to Waterman! Not just for sales demonstrations! No springs or pistons to break Simply filling – no parts to unscrew and lose, and just as easy to clean/empty. Greater ink capacity – fills full Visible ink supply – won’t catch you by surprise on empty Self-starting Tip-filling – cleaner to fill Perfect point

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Waterman 12 Sleeve Filler

A 1910 Waterman with an unusual filling mechanism! This Waterman is a (5)12 SF “Sleeve-filler” in 14K Solid Gold “Filigree” pattern on black hard rubber. In-between the “Pump-filler” and “Coin-filler” Waterman produced the Sleeve-filler in 1910. A sleeve on the barrel slides downward to reveal a press bar used to fill the pen. A rare and wonderful example of this early Waterman filling mechanism. Barrel indicia engraved in Old-English script “TBM.” Broad, flexible, italic nib. A …

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Waterman Prohibition Flask

One of the most interesting specimens in the vintage pen world: the Waterman Prohibition Flask! This 1920 Prohibition Flask is an extremely rare piece – that is an understatement! Made to look exactly like the Model 20 Safety pen (the largest pen in Waterman’s model line at the time). Allowed folks to carry booze without being suspected of breaking the law. Complete with perfect barrel imprints and G/F pocket clip. Wonderfully rare and collectible! New-old-stock. Mint. Item 15 …

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Waterman Doctor’s Fountain Pen Set

Prohibition flasks… thermometer sets… Waterman had tricks up their sleeves! Not just vintage pens, but sets for working. View: Items 242 and 243 in Catalog #79 The 1941 set is a Doctor’s set. The #2 size Doctor’s lever-filling Fountain Pen – Thermometer Set in white. A very rare set, new-old-stock, and in mint condition! The fountain pen has a fine nib, but this is a great set for collectors of Watermans, and unique pen sets!

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Waterman Duo 7 Glass Cartridge Filler

This 1953 Waterman Duo 7 Glass-Cartridge-filler is a black model with Gold-filled cap in alternating pinstripe and plain panels. What is particularly interesting about this nib is it writes on both sides of the nib: medium/broad (normal), fine (upside-down)! Great for those who use their nibs for reverse writing. 18K “Keyhole” vent. New-old-stock and mint with original chalk mark on barrel, showing the price at 7900 Francs. (2) glass cartridge included, one clean the other …

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Waterman Lady Patricia Sheraton

This 1929 Waterman Lady Patricia lever-filler is a small, lovely little pen. The Sterling Silver “Sheraton” pattern is pinstriped, and is among the hardest patterns to find. Indicia engraved “MMH.” This pen has a medium/fine nib with a tad of flex. These pens are wonderful writers, especially for those with smaller hands. This pen is completely free of dents or dings in the finish, thus it is near mint + condition.   Item #241 in …

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Waterman Glass-Cartridge Filler

Catalog #78 shares a 1953 Waterman #3 size Glass-Cartridge-filler fountain pen in black. The gold-filled cap has alternating pinstripe and plain panels, although the top half of this cap is smooth. The nib is an 18KT gold extra-fine. This pen is new-old-stock, mintwith original chalk mark on barrel (I can only make out the first line, which says “Plume,” the French word for “Pen.”) Of course, a glass cartridge is included. One is clean and unused, the other …

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