Vintage Fountain Pens

Don’t Forget Your Fountain Pen!

We’ve all done it. We use a fountain pen at a desk, in the office, at a coffee shop, or even a friend’s house, and something calls our attention away. We leave… without our fountain pen!  Popular Science Monthly in 1918 showcased a device by Dermot Donelane designed to remind you if you were leaving your fountain pen behind. It was a two-part system, consisting of a special fountain pen and a special case.  The case had …

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Who Invented The Fountain Pen?

This is a question that many fountain pen lovers have asked themselves at some point. Who invented these wonderful writing instruments? Many think it’s L.E Waterman, and why not? Waterman is a well-known company. It was a Romanian inventor, Petrache Poenaru, who received a patent from the French government on May 25, 1827. His fountain pen had a barrel made from a large swan quill, invented to help him save time while taking notes. It …

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Umbrella Pen

This 1929 Ad from Modern Mechanics shows the latest invention of the time: an umbrella which stores a fountain pen in its handle!  We suspect it wasn’t very popular. An umbrella is fairly easy to forget, lose, or even break, so it may not have been the most practical design. Storing an eyedropper-filled fountain pen in an umbrella would likely lead to some ink burping and leaks. More popular, however, was the collapsible umbrella shown in …

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Catalog #73 Opens To Non-Subscribers

If you are looking for some unique and beautiful pens, our Catalog #73 opens today to non-subscribers! If you want first crack at the vintage pens – often some very unique finds – such as “World’s Smallest Pen” – an eyedropper-filled fountain pen produced by Waterman in black hard rubber (often called the Doll Pen). It is just over 1.5″ long and 1/8″ in diameter, with box. Now that’s something for a collection! If you …

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GoPens in Pen World!

Myrna and I, here at, are featured in the current edition of  Pen World, Volume 28, #1.  Pen World has been publishing for more than a quarter century, bringing together the writing culture and sharing new pens, vintage pens, paper, and more.  Myrna and I talk about what we collect, how we started, and even suggest some hints as to which pens you may want to consider collecting. Let us know what you think …

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Vintage Pen Slotter Box

Did you know we offer vintage pen slotter boxes for sale on our website? They’re perfect for storage and travel – keep those pens accessible and organized. They can hold both pens or pencils, too. There are a few insert colors to choose from; light gray is the most popular, dark gray, and beige. Red, green, black, and blue are available through special order. The dividers help stop pens from rolling and protect the finishes …

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Catalog #73

The holidays are coming up fast! Need some help picking pens? The December 2014 Catalog #73 opens 11:00 am on December 2nd, for subscribers, and December 8th for non-subscribers. You can always browse the other active Catalogs #72, #71, #70, #69 and #68 (10% off Catalogs 68 through 70).  Do you like 1930’s Pelikan 100’s and 100N’s?  See the photo below. Click here for more information on becoming a subscriber and getting first dibs on the catalog goods.

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Stunning Montblanc Green Striped Fountain Pen

Catalog #70 still has some really beautiful pens available. One such specimen is #179, a Montblanc Model 642 piston filler in the rare Green Stripe. It has a Brushed Silvexa stainless steel cap with gold-filled trim. The nib is a two-toned medium nib that is fully flexible. The stripe pattern is stunning; the two-tone scheme of the nib and cap a perfect complement. The pen is in near mint condition, with some minor cap surface …

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Jif-Waterman Long Neck Ink Reservoir Bottle

A lot of the modern ink bottles in use today are reminiscent of vintage ink bottles. One in particular that gets a lot of attention are the ink bottles (and inks) produced by P.W Akkerman in The Netherlands. Jif-Waterman was a French subsidiary of Waterman who produced this long neck reservoir ink bottle we all love today. The neck reservoir is filling by tilting the bottle and the glass marble in the neck traps the …

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Waterman Lock Boxes

Following up on a recent post about the Waterman Signagraph machines: what are those lock boxes about? The lock boxes that accompanied some of the machines were designed and used for storing the fountain pens and inks that were used in the signagraphs separately from the machine itself. The purpose of the boxes was simple – it was a security measure; by having the pens locked away from the machine itself, a corporation could more likely prevent …

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