Vintage Fountain Pens

The Waterman Signagraph

The Signagraph machine is a unique and intriguing item. It was meant as an early office labor saving device because it allowed a user to sign from five, ten, or twenty checks at a time. The machine follows the motion of the hand of the user and all the other pens write as one. The Signagraph had eyedropper of lever-fill pens that were mounted into a wooden carrying case. There were some Signagraphs in which …

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Vintage Pen Protective Shipping/Storage Tube

If you sell, lend, or borrow pens, a safe way to ship them to and from owners is using our protective shipping tubes. Several several features make them a better choice over, say, a chunk of PVC pipe! Twist lock action holds vintage pen securely in position in the tube. Perfectly transparent so vintage pen can be easily seen. Infinitely variable length extension to 8 3/4″ through twistlock mechanism. Hexagon end prevents rolling. Durable and reusable. Sturdy; …

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Waterman Ink-Vue Demonstrators

I recently posted about our Catalog #70 sale (10% off remaining items), which includes three Waterman Ink-Vue demonstrator fountain pens.  There are a variety of filling mechanisms available on fountain pens and these Ink-Vue demonstrators are designed to show off Waterman’s vacuum-fill mechanism, their answer at the time to Parker’s Vacumatic-fill pens.  The Ink-Vue employs a lever near the bottom of the pen which is unfolded and then pumped.  Each stroke depresses a press-bar which in turn evacuates air from a diaphragm (aka …

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Happy Fountain Pen Day!

As avid fountain pen lovers, we want to wish you a warm and inky Fountain Pen Day! We hope you are able to celebrate this fine day with a smooth nib and a nice bottle of your preferred ink! Warm regards, Gary & Myrna

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Slotted Display Trays

By now, we have all amassed a tidy collection of the perfect pens, or we’re well on the way to having the perfect collection of pens. To be able to view them and store them easily, we have the perfect slotted display trays. Ideal for all modern pens, vintage fountain pens, and any other vintage pen! These display trays are 12 1/8″ x 16 3/8″ each, each with 24 slots. Several colors are available, including black, …

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1920’s Waterman Trolley Car Sign

“Learning to Write With a Waterman” cardboard poster was displayed on trolley cars. In 1926 the image was reproduced on tin for use by retailers in their stores and window displays. 19″ x 13″.

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1913 French Vintage Waterman Poster

“Plume Ideal Waterman” poster by Cappiello. Clown with two faces, one happy and one unhappy.  The side with the happy face is holding a then modern Waterman Self Filling Fountain Pen, while the side with the unhappy face is tossing his quill dip pen.  Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942), born in Livorno, Italy, was one of the most important artists in the European Vintage poster movement.  Cappiello moved to Paris early in his career to sell his …

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Waterman Counter Top Pen Display

Here is a wonderful vintage Waterman countertop display the company provided to their dealers.  It holds 8 pens.  The theory was that pens displayed on the counter would be more likely to sell than pens under the counter, since they were in better view.

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GoPens on Facebook

Hello again! I hope you have had a chance to check out the new blog here on GoPens. Gary and Myrna are currently expanding the GoPens community to try and help more vintage pens find their perfect homes. You can now find GoPens on Facebook, so if you’re a Facebooker, please head on over and give GoPens a like! What is your favorite vintage pen? Is there a vintage pen you’re looking for? Leave a …

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Catalog #70 – 10% Off Sale

We are pleased to announce a sale of 10% off of any item remaining in Catalog #70. There are about 70 items remaining – hopefully one will be just what you’re looking for. Please be sure to also check out the remaining pens in the other active Catalogs – Catalog #72, Catalog #71, Catalog #69, and Catalog #68 – that pen you’ve always wanted and needed may be lurking in there. Happy browsing, Gary and Myrna

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