Catalog 97 (December 2021)

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Extraordinary Pens – MacKinnon Fluid Pencil

This is an 1880 MacKinnon “Fluid Pencil” eyedropper-fill stylographic pen in Black Chased Hard Rubber with (2) gold-filled repousse bands and repousse cap. Douglas MacKinnon is recognized as the inventor of the stylographic fountain pen (more here, thanks to George Kavalenko). The rear knob is turned slightly to allow air into the barrel and avoid vapor lock when the pen is in use. 1879 Patent date on gripping section. May never have held ink. Near mint+ …

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Parker T-1 Three Piece Set in Titanium

Take a look at this 1970 three piece set by Parker. This is the Parker T-1 cartridge/converter-filling set in Titanium. The trim is gold filled. This was a short lived model, as Parker discovered that it cost them more to make than their selling price of the pen! They eventually used up the caps and barrels for the Parker 75, which didn’t require the complicated titanium integrated gripping section and nib unit. This set includes the …

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Montblanc Model 52 Pencil

A 1929 Model 42 Double-ended, 8-sided Pencil from Montblanc! The pencil mechanisms are twist activated. One end is blue, the other red. Very rare!! Both sides have the MONT//\\BLANC factory imprint. Knurled center joint. Near mint. Item 51 in Catalog #79

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Not So Vintage: Aurora Optima Demonstrator

Not so vintage at all, nor is it a fountain pen! Believe it or not, Catalog #73 has this attractive sketch pen; a Limited Edition #328 in clear acrylic. If you are going to use a pencil, it should really be a pencil! This is a new-old-stock pencil, mint in its original box with papers, leather pouch, and outer box. I love this pencil! A demonstrator pencil is more interesting than one may think, especially …

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