Get A Point To Suit Your Own Handwriting – Waterman Vintage Pens

Apart from being one of the most popular brands in the history of vintage pens, Waterman really nailed it with their nibs – or points! I enjoy a few things about these ads: the obvious popularity of fountain pens in common magazines, the prices of the pens (and contrasting them to the prices of new and the same vintage pens today), and in particular for this ad, the wonderful description of a point. Fountain pens often come with a wide variety of nibs to suit almost any user, and the pens themselves are also unique in their designs, shapes, weights, and more. Waterman recognized this and marketed their fountain pens as such; they knew their business was to help users find the right pen and point, regardless of writing style, how the user held their pen, and considering what types of points the user preferred. The pens were also offered with a number of different filling mechanisms to suit the user, so really, it was intended to help one find the IDEAL pen!

Have you found your ideal pen?

June, 1917 issue of the WOMAN’S HOME COMPANION.
Source: Mariangela Buch
Restoration by: magscanner
Image Source:

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