Vintage Pens Esterbrook Travel Case

Continuing on the (now vintage pens!) Esterbrook trend! For the traveling sales person, Esterbrook had handy cases  with slots for various Esterbrook pens (such as the lovely pastels), along with smaller slots across the top for nib units, with corresponding numbers. There was also a nib selection chart with writtng samples tucked into the case. With so many nib units to choose from, it only made sense to carry a selection of pens and nib …

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Esterbrook Renew-Points Storage – Vintage Pens

Now in the vintage pens category, Esterbrook’s interchangeable nib system was so great because it offered users the ability to have just one or two pens, and a huge variety of nibs.  There were dozens of different nibs, each with its own number and name, that we could wonder how on earth a retailer could keep them all organized and easily available for sale.  Esterbrook developed systems for this, of course, one of which is …

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Esterbrook Point Selection Chart – Vintage Pens

Esterbrook was one of the largest fountain pen producers in the US, founded in 1858. They produced an inexpensive but remarkably high quality pen.  Walter Sheaffer used to challenge his new salesmen during their training classes about how to convince the retailer to buy Sheaffer pens rather than Esterbrook pens, when the Esterbrooks were a lower cost investment for his shop, and just as good as the Sheaffer pens for his customers. The Esterbrook Pen Company …

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