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Handwritten Post – Catless Writers

I realize my handwriting in this is atrocious. My apologies. Please don’t be angry. This is a modern Aurora, and looks far different than the older-style Auroras that are still available. Cats are inconvenient when you’re trying to write or type, but that’s half the fun of having them. It’s cute until they start biting your fountain pens, anyway. I keep hearing Aurora made some great pens, so I’ll have to scope them out.

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Handwritten Post – Why Hate When You Can Write

  Modern nibs can offer some line variation, too. I know, this is a blinding, bright pen, but it has a fun nib. That’s an extra-fine that offers some line variation, in case you want a little but don’t want a full flex nib. (Why you wouldn’t want both is beyond me!). I think this is a great quote, a superb, fun pen, and a lovely nib. I also think writing things down, and writing to …

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Handwritten Post – Comfort in Stationery

This wasn’t written with a vintage pen, in fact, it was written with a very modern pen by a modern manufacturer. Do you take notes when you read classic books? Do you also have plenty of stationery? I don’t have plenty of stationery anymore. Okay,  I do compared to people who don’t care for stationery, but in the pen-loving world, I don’t have that much. I do, however, write down my favorite quotes as I …

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Handwritten Post – Fountain Pen Rules

It sounds a bit crazy to have rules with fountain pens. They’re not really rules. They’re just things I like to remember, and things I suggest to people who ask me what they should do as they venture down the rabbit hole. Although not putting India ink in your fountain pen should be a rule. Do you have any fountain pen rules, or things you like to stick to?

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Handwritten Post – The Random Scrawl of Ballpoints

I admit, I still like a lot of ballpoints, and I carry several with me most of the time. Dr. Roe is right though: the feeling of writing with a smooth, well-ground flexible gold nib is unreal. The sensation of a nib gliding across paper is magical. I love it. Sheer pleasure? Yep.

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Handwritten Post – A Companion

I’m not sure if I just tell myself this because it’s how I justify the amount of pens I have, but there is a lot of truth to this. Leave it to Andreas Ambrou to say something so spectacular about such great instruments! How do you feel about your pens? Are they just instruments? Are they companions? Both?  

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Handwritten Post – The Write Angle

I enjoy using a variety of nibs, depending on the ink I feel like using, or on what I feel like writing. Round nibs tend to be smoother and easier to use, but a crisp italic can offer some spectacular line variation and very expressive writing.

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Handwritten Post – Pen Collecting

I saw this quote and it made me think about what this could mean for me as a pen user. I’m not a collector. I definitely use all my pens, even the limited edition/expensive ones (call me crazy, but I can’t afford to collect). Also, this is one of my absolute favorite vintage flex nibs. It’s soft, and it flows so well. Hard to beat, and impossible not to love. Do you collect or do …

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Handwritten Post – Not All Broads Are The Same

Oblique, stub, round… broad nibs are not always just giant nibs that can’t be written with! I suppose that depends on your handwriting, but oblique double broad nibs, or stubby double broads can be a lot of fun to write with and can make your handwriting look very interesting and fun. The amount of tipping that is often found on broader nibs often makes them very suitable for nib modification, should you wish to have …

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Handwritten Post – Connecting Via Writing

Master Penman Jake Weidmann’s thoughts on handwriting, which I agree with, although I probably could not have put it so eloquently…

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