Matchstick Filler

Extraordinary Vintage Pen Zerollo Dunhill Two Pen

Vintage Pen Zerollo Dunhill Two Pen These extraordinary vintage pens are “Two Pen” models – they are matchstick-fillers in black smooth hard rubber. Item #17 in Catalog #84 is a 1932 Zerollo/Dunhill “Two Pen”. Dunhill had a marketing agreement with Zerollo for the English speaking market (there was also a marketing agreement in France with the “Unic” Company). Clip and both nibs each signed “Dunhill.” This pen was produced in two sizes, both of which are …

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Marlen Academia Matchstick Filler

This special fountain pen is a 2003 Marlen Academia Matchstick-filler. This is a limited edition number #110/430 in Blue Pearl with a Sterling Silver cap. The mouth of the sterling silver lion’s head on the barrel houses the hole for the match stick which is inserted to fill the pen. The pen comes with an inlaid enamel crest laden filler key on a yellow tassel. New-old-stock. Mint with felt pouch. List $5040! Visit the Catalog …

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