Marlen Prosperity XXIc Special Edition Fountain Pen

This is a 2010 Marlen “Prosperity” XXIc Special Edition BF in Black with Sterling Silver trim and overlay. Overlay design is what looks like (hand-engraved?) “Wheat Stalks.” 18K broad nib. New-old-stock. Mint in box with papers and outer box. I found no information about an XXIa and it appears the XXIb has a roller-ball clip and a faceted barrel overlay. The date is an approximation. UPDATE: SOLD. Item #42 in Catalog #85.

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Marlen Academia Matchstick Filler

This special fountain pen is a 2003 Marlen Academia Matchstick-filler. This is a limited edition number #110/430 in Blue Pearl with a Sterling Silver cap. The mouth of the sterling silver lion’s head on the barrel houses the hole for the match stick which is inserted to fill the pen. The pen comes with an inlaid enamel crest laden filler key on a yellow tassel. New-old-stock. Mint with felt pouch. List $5040! Visit the Catalog …

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