Matchbooks – Bruno’s PEN and Pencil

Bruno PEN and PENCIL Matchbook Front


Bruno’s Pen and Pencil was located on “Steak Row” in New York City, at 205 East 45th Street between Lexington and 1st Avenues. Nearby were other steak restaurants, three of which were opened by former Bruno employees: The Pressbox, The Editorial and Danny’s Hideaway. Others included the Fourth Estate, Late Edition and Front Page.






Bruno PEN and PENCIL Matchbook Back

Bruno PEN and PENCIL Matchbook Back



Why called the “PEN and PENCIL?” The area was literally flooded with journalists, writers, editors, sporrts writers, advertising executives and the like. Its proximity to Madison Avenue, the NY Times, NY Journal-American and several other NY newspapers all provided daily customers.


Bruno PEN and PENCIL Matchbook Inside

Bruno PEN and PENCIL Matchbook Inside





Bruno’s Pen and PENCIL was mentioned in a Season 2 episode of Mad Men, “For those who Think Young.”

Note the endorsement by famous NY Journal-American correspondent (and “What’s My Line” celebrity) Dorothy Kilgallen.





Yogi Berra Eating at Bruno's PEN and PENCIL

Yogi Berra Eating at Bruno’s PEN and PENCIL



I was not able to find a photo of the outside of Bruno’s, but did find a photo of Yoggi Berra dining there.

Photo from East Coast Wineries July 3, 2013.



Bruno's PEN and PENCIL Press Clippings

Bruno’s PEN and PENCIL Press Clippings

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