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Catalog 97 (December 2021)

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Catalog 92 (April 2020)

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Jack Klasey: Beckman Park Monument Mystery Solved

The following article is reprinted from the September 21, 2019 issue of the Kankakee Illinois County Daily Journal, with permission from the author, Jack Klasey.  The links throughout the article were added by me.  I hope you enjoy it.  Gary Jack Klasey: Beckman Park monument mystery solved For more than 50 years, people visiting Kankakee’s Beckman Park have been puzzled by a dome-shaped construction on a grassy area along the north side of Cobb Boulevard. …

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Sheaffer Pen Co. 1908 – 1939

Introducing: An Entrepreneur and a Pioneer The ability of a person to beat the odds, emerging triumphant, constitutes their character. Some would call it a “trait.” But not all people have in them the wherewithal to overcome adversity and chart their way to success. When this happens, success and admiration are justly earned.  And what’s more,  seldom do we come across a person who can pass on this trait to his or her heirs. Continue …

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NIBS: Which is the Best; Solid Gold, Stainless Steel or Alloy?

Is a Solid Gold Pen Nib Worth the Extra Cost or are or Modern Alloy Nibs Just as Good? For most people, including myself, the goal is an amazing writing experience rather than simply having a beautiful pen. I’m always excited about writing a new article for our blog because it gives me the opportunity to clarify misconceptions and address common issues that fountain pen users often confront when choosing the right pen. This article …

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