More Coin-Fillers

We have previously posted about Waterman’s Coin-Filler fountain pens. In 1908, Waterman released the self-filling pen, but by 1913, the sleeve-filler was improved and The Coin-Filler was launched under a special licence from Conklin.  Each coin had a unique key number, making them something fun and interesting to collect today – if you can find one. A great vintage pen, indeed!

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Waterman Coin-Filler

Waterman has produced several filling mechanisms in addition to the lever-fillers and eyedroppers; for example, there was also the “coin filler.” The coin filler operates with a prop: Waterman provided a special “coin” to use with these pens. In the side of the barrel is an open rectangular shaped slot under which is a press bar.  Once depressed by the special coin (or of course anything else the user might decide to use), the bladder was evacuated …

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