Vintage Pens

On Point With GoPens #2

What type of maintenance does a vintage pen need? This will depend on the pen, the condition it is in, the material of the body, and the filling system. Generally what you can expect is: Flush the pen with cool water each time you empty it. Keep hard rubbers and celluloids out of direct sunlight and high heat as this could damage the material. Do not soak your pens in water. Expect that your sac will …

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Waterman Tokens

Some interesting vintage Waterman ephemera: Waterman tokens! These chips have been found in red, white, and blue. It also appears there may be a black. From 1910, they were  handed out as good luck tokens, for example, with the purchase of the Secretary model Ideal fountain pen (see advertisement below), but they have also been used as poker chips.

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Conklin Halloween

Pen #178 from our Catalog #74 is the Conklin Halloween. This 1927 pen is composed of ivory, orange, and black veined celluloid. The lever almost blends into the finish. This model is highly desirable, and it is quite beautiful, as well as rare. This Halloween is equipped with a #2 fine, flexible nib. This is a really gorgeous and unique vintage pen – the celluloid colors are not clownish at all. They may be wild …

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On Point With GoPens #1

Why buy a vintage pen instead of a modern pen? Your miles will vary when you buy a fountain pen, just as it does with almost every other item you can purchase. However, vintage pens offer features that are hard to find on modern pens. They also may require more care and upkeep than their modern counterparts. A lot of vintage pens were often made with hard rubber or celluloid, and they are usually quite beautiful. …

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Vintage Waterman Color Coded Pens

What nib do you use? Just one? Or many? Vintage Waterman pens offered “color coded pens” that were matched to specific nibs. The Black model 94, 7, and 5 had color coded disks inserted into the bottom of their barrels. The Ripple Model 5 and Model 7 (seen below) had as many as ten different color bands, visible below the top of the cap (the Model 5 had fewer “colors” than did the Model 7).  All of the …

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Medium Oblique Italic – That’s a Mouthful

Or a handful! The Pelikan Pen Company is reducing their range of nibs. Double-broads and obliques are already difficult to acquire. Pen #238 below is available in our Catalog #74 – a 1955 Pelikan 400N piston-filler with a green striped barrel and a blue cap and turning knob – very rare! The nib is a medium oblique italic; a beautiful specimen. This vintage pen is still available.

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More Coin-Fillers

We have previously posted about Waterman’s Coin-Filler fountain pens. In 1908, Waterman released the self-filling pen, but by 1913, the sleeve-filler was improved and The Coin-Filler was launched under a special licence from Conklin.  Each coin had a unique key number, making them something fun and interesting to collect today – if you can find one. A great vintage pen, indeed!

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Your First Fountain Pen

You have your first modern or vintage pen, but you have no idea what to do with it. Many of us have been there, if we didn’t have a fellow fountain pen-connoisseur to take us under their wing. Here are a few things you can do to get up and running — basic starter steps you can go through. The first thing you can do is flush your fountain pen with cool water – it …

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Waterman Vintage Pen 1884 Patent

Filed only several months after the eye dropper patent (No. 293.545), L. E. Waterman filed a patent for the Waterman fountain pen. Our gratitude again to James Hart for providing this patent image for sharing.

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Waterman Eyedropper Vintage Pen Patent

From the US National Archives, a copy of the L. E. Waterman patent from 1884 for the eye dropper pen. How interesting to see the early start of Waterman on record! Thank you to James Hart for providing this patent for sharing.

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