Vintage Pen – Crocker Pneumatic Filler

Vintage Pen – Crocker Pneumatic Filler This 1910 Crocker has an unusual filling system! It is a #3 pneumatic-filler in smooth BHR. The filling mechanism was designed for the user to put the bottom of the barrel into their mouth and blow so the air pressure collapsed the bladder. In later years they provided a rubber syringe to use instead of your mouth. Founded 1902 in Boston, made blow-fillers and a locking lever-filled located at the …

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Crocker Hatchet-Filler Vintage Pen

This 1917 Crocker fountain pen (#263) uses the unusual “hatchet-filler” mechanism. Crocker was founded in the late 1890s by Seth Crocker, who then went on to start the Chilton Pen Company. This is a black hard rubber ring-top model with a gold-filled knurled cap top and an extra-fine/fine flexible nib. This Crocker Boston #3 is in near mint condition! (Still available!).  The Crocker is a wonderful vintage pen. The hatchet-filler came in 1913, after the “blow-filler.” …

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