Vintage Stamps For Handwriting Lessons

At first glance, one probably has no clue what this could be! In the good days, when handwriting and cursive was taught in elementary schools, an individual teacher would have to grade and correct an untold number of handwritten papers of many, many students. Pictured below are various stamps, designed with the intent to assist a teacher in correcting papers.

The stamps have various corrections on them:

  • Use more pushing motion
  • Watch the down stroke
  • Too large – tone it down
  • Pay more attention to the connective curve
  • Do not lift your pen in the body of a word
  • Note the compound curve
  • Correct your slant
  • This drill requires more practice
  • Pay more attention to the upward under curve
  • Watch the position of your hand
  • Stand “EM UP”
  • Lift the pen from the’ paper in the final line of the letter while the hand is in motion thus avoiding a blunt finish
  • Be sure the hand is in motion when the pen comes in contact with the paper and that it is moving in the direction of the line to be made
  • Round ’em out’
  • Close ‘em up’
  • Be sure to count for your own practice. It will regulate your speed.

Rubber Stamps 72

A marvelous idea! Stamps would certainly save a teacher time in helping students improve their handwriting, although it’s ironic stamps would be used to leave handwriting improvement tips!
Plenty of hints here to improve my handwriting — how about yours?  Now it’s your turn; share with us the handwriting aids you know about.


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