Parker Red Giant in Cardinal Hard Rubber Vintage Pen

This is a 1901 Parker Red Giant eyedropper-fill in Cardinal Hard Rubber. The first I have ever seen without any cap cracks and with all parts intact! Described by Parker in 1908 as follows: “It’s so big and startling we will guarantee a broad smile from You when You see it. It is made entirely of maroon rubber, fitted with a No. 10 pen, and the price will be $10. We will be ready to fill orders about February 10.” The pen, primarily its cap, proved to be very fragile, and very few exist today without cap damage. In 1914 the “Black Giant” was introduced. Despite the fragility of the Red Hard Rubber, while Parker discontinued all other red pens in 1915, they continued to produce the Red Giant until 1918. The Black Giant continued until 1920. Cap with two-line imprint “The Red Giant” (some wear but fully readable) and the “Parker VV Pat. Feb. 12, 07″ clip, named for its inventor, Levi D. Van Valkenberg. Barrel with three line imprint:

      George S. Parker [LUCKY] Fountain Pen
Janesville WIS. [CURVE] U.S.A.
PAT JAN.9. 94 [BANNER] JUN 29..98. JAN 33.05. JUN.5.05

The entire left side of the imprint and the Lucky Curve Banner are weak and pretty much unreadable. Large No. 12 nib (medium, semi-flexible). If you are considering buying this fantastic pen, and don’t, you are certain to have remorse!

Check out our Catalog to view this item’s availability! Item #4 in Catalog #86.

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Parker Red Giant in Cardinal Hard Rubber Vintage Pen

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