Parker Lucky Curve – Stop Those Leaks

This very interesting ad shows off the Parker Lucky Curve fountain pen, designed with a feed tube that was curved to touch the barrel wall. Where other fountain pens didn’t have this, when they were placed nib up in a pocket, there was a space with air, and the pooled ink at the bottom. If all the ink wasn’t drained from the feed before the body heated up the air space, the air would expand, pushing the ink through the feed and out of the tip. We’ve all had this happen – open a pen and there’s ink in the cap – and we get ink smeared all over our fingers.


Ad for Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pens, from the October, 1911 issue of COSMOPOLITAN.
Source: Mariangela Buch
Image Restoration: magscanner
Image Source:

The design of the curved feed of the Lucky Curve results in contact between the feed and the inside of the barrel wall, creating a suction that wicks the ink out of the feed before the body heats up the air. No more leaks!

The best part? The pens ranged from $1.50 to $2.50, backed with a guarantee to refund you if you weren’t happy.

Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pens -1910A

Published in the September, 1910 issue of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. Source: Mariangela Buch Restoration by: Mariangela Buch


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