Omas Pagliero Plevonia Vintage Fountain Pen

This 1935 Omas Pagliero is a Plevonia button filler in Khaki Green Laminated (Parker Vacumatic look-a-like), set off with Black ends. Pagliero was founded 1917 in Settimo Torinese, Italy and made buttons and other celluloid items. Their fountain pen production started in the mid-1920s. By the 30s they produced only pens. This Plevonia was almost certainly made by Omas for Pagliero, as it is a design match in every way to other Omas pens of the period, and even has an “Omas Extra” nib (medium/fine, extra-flexible). Also, the Pagliero factory produced only mid-range pens and this is clearly a high end pen. Features gold filled trim, including the wide center “Greek Key” cap band and rollerball clip. This is the only size in which the Plevonia was manufactured. Near mint.

Item #163 in Catalog #84.

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Vintage Pen Omas Pagliero

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