Handwritten Post – A Companion

I’m not sure if I just tell myself this because it’s how I justify the amount of pens I have, but there is a lot of truth to this. Leave it to Andreas Ambrou to say something so spectacular about such great instruments! How do you feel about your pens? Are they just instruments? Are they companions? Both?  

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Handwritten Post – Connecting Via Writing

Master Penman Jake Weidmann’s thoughts on handwriting, which I agree with, although I probably could not have put it so eloquently…

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One Person’s Dream Nib…

I love this quote. I saw it while reading a fountain pen book and thought it was great, and very true. I don’t know what my dream nib is, because I like too many – sometimes I like really broad, crisp nibs, and sometimes I like fine, flexible nibs. I want them all! Do you have a dream nib?

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