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Slotted Display Trays

By now, we have all amassed a tidy collection of the perfect pens, or we’re well on the way to having the perfect collection of pens. To be able to view them and store them easily, we have the perfect slotted display trays. Ideal for all modern pens, vintage fountain pens, and any other vintage pen! These display trays are 12 1/8″ x 16 3/8″ each, each with 24 slots. Several colors are available, including black, …

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Waterman Counter Top Pen Display

Here is a wonderful vintage Waterman countertop display the company provided to their dealers.  It holds 8 pens.  The theory was that pens displayed on the counter would be more likely to sell than pens under the counter, since they were in better view.

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Catalog #70 – 10% Off Sale

We are pleased to announce a sale of 10% off of any item remaining in Catalog #70. There are about 70 items remaining – hopefully one will be just what you’re looking for. Please be sure to also check out the remaining pens in the other active Catalogs – Catalog #72, Catalog #71, Catalog #69, and Catalog #68 – that pen you’ve always wanted and needed may be lurking in there. Happy browsing, Gary and Myrna

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Welcome To The Blog!

Welcome to the gopens.comn blog! Hi, this is Gary and Myrna Lehrer, operators of and publishers of the Quarterly Illustrated Vintage Pen Catalog.  We’ve wanted to start a blog for several years now so we can share lots of pen related information which we just can’t fit into our Catalog, and for which there is no other place on our website.  We’ve just never had the time to do it.  But now we are …

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