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Catalog #74 (March 2015) - Opens for subscribers on Tueday February 24 and for the public on Monday, March 2.
Catalog #73 December 2014)
Catalog #72 (September 2014)
Catalog #71 (June 2014) - 10% Off Sale
Catalog #70 (March 2014) - 10% Off Sale
Catalog #69 (December 2013) - 10% Off Sale

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Extraordinary Vintage Pens - Catalog #71 (June 2014)

A. A. Waterman 1905 #3 Twist-fill in Black Hard Rubber with gold-filled overlay in “Filigree” pattern. Indicia engraved in Old English Script “AF.” Extra-smooth, extra-fine nib. Near mint.
D. J. Kennedy 1992 Famed artist and Sculptor, who also produced pens by private order and for Nieman Marcus. This one hand signed and hand engraved by the artist (on the extension of the gripping section which is under the barrel sleeve) as follows (it is very difficult to read, so please forgive me if I have some of the words incorrect): “No. 52 Special Grade Author’s Pen Perfectable Pen Co Chisten Jewel D J Kennedy Maker 10-12 20 September 1992.” Sterling silver and brass. Eversharp nib (double-broad). Bulb-fill. Near mint. Here’s a link to an article, “The art of DJ Kennedy”: “Chisten Jewel” (if I have the first word correct” would be the name Kennedy gave to the pen. Has been filled, otherwise mint. Would have retailed for $1,000 or more.
Montblanc 1935 122 Meisterstuck “Chased” button-fill in Black Chased Hard Rubber. Alternating panels of pinstripe & wave chasing. Extremely rare! GFT. Two-toned, broad, oblique nib (shaped like left foot). Slightest cap posting wear near the bottom of the barrel (all the chasing is present), otherwise near mint.
Montblanc 1936 234 ½ PL PIF in Platinum (perhaps Montblanc’s most beautiful celluloid). GFT. Medium nib. Near mint. Buy with matching pencil below at $2250.
Montblanc 1936 72G PL PIX repeater-pencil in Platinum. GFT. Near mint. Buy with matching pen above at $2250.
Montblanc 1939 138 Meisterstuck PIF in Black. GFT. Long visualated barrel window with excellent vertical lines (a little wear, but all showing and complete). Wartime alloy double-broad, oblique nib (shaped like left foot). Near mint
Montblanc 1955 149 Meisterstuck PIF in Black Celluloid (prior to the injection molded “precious resin” models). GFT, with outer cap bands in Sterling Silver. Visualated barrel with perfect vertical lines..3-tone, medium/broad nib. Near mint.
Parker 1944 51 Vacumatic-fill Set in Nassau Green (very rare). 1/10 16K gold-filled “Signet” cap (alternating pinstriped and plain panels and “arrow” band). Medium/broad nib. New-old-stock. Mint in original box. Close-up photo of pen in box.
Parker 1944 Twist-activated pencil for above set.
Parker 1941 51 Vacumatic-fill in Black. Smooth Sterling Silver cap – rare 1st year cap with the “Sterling Silver Made in USA” imprint at the top of the cap, rather than at the cap lip. Aluminum jewels and GF clip. Correct early speedline, aluminum filler. Fine nib. Barrel imprint at the bottom of the barrel (some wear, but fully readable). Some wear to the cap noticeable with a 10x loop, otherwise near mint.
Parker 1950 Parker 51 Presidential Deluxe Aerometric-fill set in 14K solid gold. Very rare! Near mint in original individual brown velvet pouches and Parker “Drawer Box,” by far the rarest of the Presidential boxes. Clean plyglass and no signs of ink. Medium nib. New-old-stock. Mint. [See Page 48 of “Parker 51" by Shepherd.] Close-up photo of pen in box.
Parker 1950 Cap-activated pencil for above set.
Parker 1951 51 Aerometric-fill in Black.14K solid gold “Horizontally Banded” cap. Extremely rare! New-old-stock. Mint with clear plyglass, in original box. Fine nib. [See pages 45 and 90 of “Parker 51" by Shepherd.] Close-up photo of pen in box.
Pelikan 1933 100 PIF in Tortoise with Red cap, cap top and turning knob. Rare in the 100N, and significantly rarer in the earlier model 100. Amber celluloid barrel. GFT. Medium/fine, extra-flexible nib. Slight band brassing, otherwise near mint.
Pelikan 1937 101N PIF in Lizard. GFT. Amber celluloid barrel. Double-broad, flexible, italic nib. Near mint+
Tibaldi 1935 Model 0111 “Doctor” eyedropper-fill in Wave-chased rolled-gold (gold-filled) overlay on Black Hard rubber. One of the rarest of the Tibaldi pens, with only two known to exist. “Tibaldi Extra 14CT 7" fine, flexible nib. A few scuffs near the very bottom of the overlay, otherwise near mint+ in original box. You’ll never find another! Close-up photo of pen in box.
Waterman 1927 (05)42 Continental Safety eyedropper-fill in 2-color yellow and white 18K Rolled Gold (gold-filled). Incredibly rare and beautiful high repousse overlay, so special it was chosen for the cover of Dansi, Jacopini & Verduci’s 2001 book, Waterman Safety, The Art of Overlay in Italy. The cap and barrel both highly adorned with Cherubs (Putti), diamond shapes, vines and roses. Medium/fine, flexible, italic nib. Near mint+ in original box. Close-up photo of pen in box.
Waterman 1925 58 LF in Red Ripple. GFT. Gorgeous pattern, color and condition! A large and rare pen. Fine, flexible nib. New-old-stock. Mint.
Waterman 1925 58 LF in Woodgrain. GFT. The perfect companion to the pen above. Fine nib. A tad of brassing to the high edge of the band and the clip edges, otherwise near mint+.
Waterman 1921 7 “Pink” LF in Red Ripple. This has become one of the “holy grails” of pendom, because of its wonderful nib. Waterman color-coded their nibs to highlight the selection they were offering, pink representing their fine, triple-flexible nib! Near mint+


Spectacular Vintage Pens #70 (March 2014)

Moore 1900 No. 2 Safety eyedropper-fill pen in Gold-filled repousse in"Chased" pattern on Black Hard Rubber. Even the "sliding" portion of the barrel is metal covered. Early "short" cap model. Correct "American Fountain Pen" nib. Hugely rare and gorgeous! 1896 patent date. Indicia engraved "Charles R. Hotaling Albany NY." Charles was the Sergeant-at-Arms of the New York State Senate Assembly in Albany, NY. I found records of his work there as early as 1905 and as late as his 1931 re-appointment. In 1911 he was involved in a US Senate investigation of corrupt Albany politics. Fine, flexible nib. One small dent in the crown, and just a tad of distress to the posting knob on the bottom, otherwise near mint.
Waterman 1900 402 eyedropper-fill straight-holder in Sterling Silver "Chased" (snail) pattern. Indicia engraved in Old English Script: "MM." Crisp and beautiful! Fine, flexible nib. Near mint.
Anonymous 1900 #2 eyedropper-fill straight-holder in Black Hard Rubber with Sterling Silver repousse "Chased Filigree" overlay. Unsigned pen with English hallmarks. "Warranted" nib (medium). Near mint.
Anonymous 1905 #2 eyedropper-fill Taper-cap in Black Hard Rubber. The barrel covered with alternating abalone and pearl overlay. GFT. Unsigned 14K nib with early crescent vent hole (fine, extra-flex) Near mint..
Montblanc 1940 136 PIF in Black. Rare long window version with vertical lines in excellent condition. GFT. Two-toned, fine nib. Near mint+
Waterman 1917 416 PSF Lever-fill eyedropper-fill in Black Hard Rubber with a Sterling Silver "Filigree" overlay. Incredibly rare. "PSF" stands for "personal self filler." Medium/broad, italic, flexible nib. Near mint condition with crisp imprints and no oxidation.
Parker 1916 Model 33 Jack Knife Safety eyedropper-fill in Black Hard Rubber with gold-filled "Chased Filigree" barrel overlay and cap crown. Crisp cap imprint; some wear to the "33" imprint on the bottom of the barrel. Fine, extra-flexible nib. Near mint.
Sheaffer 1917 #2 LF in Sterling Silver "Night & Day" over Black Hard Rubber. Very rare in gold-filled – extremely rare in sterling silver! The hard rubber is oxidized except where protected by the cap, otherwise near mint. The silver has it's 100 year old patina.
Aurora 1929 Duplex Medium LF in Lapis (Aurora called it "Marbled Blue"). The first Aurora celluloid pen. Made in two sizes: large with a #5 nib and medium with a # 2 ½ nib. An incredibly rare pen - with a bonus: a fine triple-flexible nib! Perhaps a shade of darkening here and there, otherwise near mint+.
Parker 1930 "Zaner Bloser" Lucky Curve [really a modified Duofold Special] BF in Lapis. Zaner Bloser, the publishing and penmanship company, ordered these pens with a special "hour-glass" shape and extra-long gripping section, designed for more comfortable use. They also ran handwriting contests and awarded these pens as prizes. GFT. Medium nib. The center of the barrel with ambering, otherwise near mint. Correct Parker clip (a tad of clip ball brassing) and nib.

Extraordinary Vintage Pens - Catalog #69 (December 2013)

Waterman 1910 42 "Continental Safety" eyedropper-fill in 18 K.R. (Rolled gold-gold-filled. Fantastic high relief overlay with bands of delicate filigree bordering bands of dancing and frolicking cherubs encircling both the cap and barrel. Figural overlays such as this are very rare! Bottom of barrel factory imprinted with both the normal Waterman logo, along with a very unusual emblem, reading "L.E.W. Co Marca di Controllo (Italian for "control mark"). Fine nib. New-old-stock. Mint in original box. Unrestored. Close-up photo with packaging.
Waterman 1910 442 ½ Safety eyedropper-fill in Sterling Silver in "Line & Dot" pattern (rare). Even rarer is the signed form fitted box which includes the "Traveler's Ink" and eyedropper! Broad, flexible, italic nib. Pen is mint. Box is a little threadbare. Close-up photo with packaging.
Waterman 1910 48 Safety eyedropper-fill in smooth Black Hard Rubber. GFT. Rare model – most are found chased and without the wide, repousse cap band. The factory Waterman imprint on the cap, since the barrel band would obscure a barrel imprint. Fine, flexible nib. Some red wax still in one vent hole and in the bottom barrel model number imprint. Near mint+ (could be new-old-stock!)
Waterman 1915 "Tree Trunk" LF in Sterling Silver (barrel) and German silver cap (don't let this bother you, they all are like this – it's the original factory configuration). One of the rarest and most unusual of the Waterman overlays! Came in both eyedropper-fill and lever-fill. Never found in any Waterman Catalog (perhaps only by special order) and less than a dozen examples are known to exist. Medium/fine nib, with slight flex. A few light dings to the cap dome, otherwise near mint.
Montblanc 1920 1 Safety eyedropper-fill in rolled-gold (gold-filled) "hand hammered" floral repousse on black hard rubber. Signed "Mont-Blanc 18 K.R." Absolutely beautiful. Extra-fine nib. Some very minor dings in the barrel knurling and in the metal just below the star, otherwise near mint+.
Van Cleef & Arpels 1925 Custom BF in 18K Solid Gold "heavy repousse "Basket-Weave" pattern. Absolutely gorgeous! Medium, 18K nib signed "PL," for Peter Lefebvre, famous jeweler and nibmaker. Van Cleef and Arpels have been creating high end jewelry in Paris since 1906. The "Tiffany" of France. New-old-stock. Mint in original box. The pen weighs 48 grams. Outstanding! Close-up photo with packaging.
Kaweco 1926 Duofold look-alike BF in 18 KR (rolled-gold/gold-filled) on Black Hard Rubber. Gorgeous overlay with yellow, white and pink gold-filled horizontal checker-board pattern with vertical three rows of geometric patterns. Floral repousse crown. Incredibly beautiful! Fine nib. Near mint. Because of tremendous competition and the looming depression by the late 1920's Kaweco was in dire financial trouble. In 1926 it introduced button-filling pens based on the very successful Parker Duofold, some with overlays. The line was short lived and examples, particularly like this one with an incredible overlay, are very rare today. By 1929, Kaweco was bankrupt. It's name and assets were purchased by Knurst, Woringen and Grube. Soon, piston-filled models replaced their button-fill pens.
Tiffany & Co. 1928 #6 LF in 14K Solid Gold. Alternating 1/4" horizontal banding and vertical fluting. Barrel signed "Tiffany" just below the gripping section. Warranted 14K medium/broad nib. Pen probably made by Hicks. New-old-stock. Mint in original signed Tiffany box. Close-up photo with packaging.
Montblanc 1935 128 PL Push knob-fill in Platinum. Perhaps Montblanc's most spectacular celluloid! GFT. 2-toned nib. Near mint+ [Two available: (1) fine nib; (1) medium nib.]
Zerollo 1935 "Twopen" double nibbed Matchstick-filler in Blue Pearl Marble. The cap top is unscrewed to access the stick used to fill the pen! GFT. These came in two sizes, this is the smaller model. Sports two separate reservoirs, one for each of the "J.D. Zerollo" nibs, to accommodate two different color inks. Turn the bottom knob to propel one nib, turn in the other direction to propel the other. Extremely rare! Both nibs are fine, flexible. New-old-stock. Absolutely mint in original Zerollo signed Art Deco box. You'll never find one in better condition! Close-up photo with packaging.

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